Ericsson 4 wins Volvo Leg 2 - More money for Team GBR - Josse Vendee Globe leader

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01 Dec 2008

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Ericsson 4 wins Volvo Leg 2 - Telefonica Blue are second - More money for Team GBR Olympic sailors - Josse Vendee Globe leader . . .

Ericsson 4 wins Volvo Ocean Race Leg 2
VOR Media,
Torben Grael from Brasil and his international crew onboard Ericsson 4 made it two wins in a row when they crossed the finish of leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race in Cochin, India at 2252 GMT (0422 local time).... [more]

New website for the Mach 2 Int Moth goes live,
The new website for the Mach 2 International Moth went live last week. Includes specification and option prices for the latest foiler Moth design... [more]

Spain's Telefónica Blue take second in Volvo Race
Event media,
Spain's Telefonica Blue led by Bouwe Bekking from the Netherlands, finished leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race in Cochin at 12:37 GMT. The seven points they collect for second place brings their total to 19 points. 'It was really fantastic to come second, but it was bloody hard,' said skipper Bouwe Bekking... [more]

Death in cold water - No Lifejackets
BW Media,
The recent US Coast Guard report on boating fatalities where life jackets were not worn reveals some disturbing facts on cold water survival. Since the Labour Day holiday in the US, the Coast Guard reports that there have been 18 boating fatalities. Not one was wearing a life jacket, and the Coast Guard is pleading for sailors and boaters to heed their warning... [more]

Seb Josse (BT) shows the way out
Event media,
For the leading bunch of the Vendee Globe, the anticyclone which has dominated racing for the past days seems to finally be behind them, with the centre of the high currently to the north-east of the front group. Seb Josse (BT) is showing the exit route, currently heading on an easterly track, with Loick Peyron (Gitana Eighty) about eight miles behind him... [more]

GBR Sailing to get more funding
Ashling O'Connor,
After the phenomenal success of the cycling, sailing and rowing teams in Beijing, their funding levels are set to be increased. Sports that missed their targets at the Games in August but can identify genuine medal contenders for 2012 are likely to have their funding levels maintained... [more]

Sailing - Things you have to do before you die!!,
I'd like to sail around Australia before I die! For every 1000 Australian sailors who've said that 999 have sailed off into the sunset without completing that dream. But it does not have to be in your case, maybe. And of course you dont have to be a local to sail around the Big Island. Would you like to help design an event to allow you to race/rally around Australia? There is a survey here..... [more]

King's Cup: 'The show will go on ...'
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Today, PKC Committee Member Khun Santi Kanchanabandhu said, 'we are absolutely delighted with the way that King's Cup competitors are coping with the transport situation - There is a real air of 'can-do' here at the moment, and we are very grateful to all our competitors and supporters who are making concerted efforts to get here. The show will go on!'... [more]

Anticipation and excitement - Volvo OR blogs
Various Volvo Ocean Race competitors,
As the Volvo Ocean Race fleet make their way steadily towards Cochin, the excitement and anticipation is building and the crews look forward to a new city. Still hard times ahead though as the boats fight to the finish line for those all important placings and points. Read on........ [more]

Josse Vendee Globe leader, Peyron back to fourth
Vendee Globe media,
Another five hours, and another roll of the dice, as the positions shuffle once more in this afternoon's schedule (1500hrs GMT). Josse is around 52 miles south of the next most southerly skipper, Armel Le Cleac'h (Brit Air, 5th), but as the fleet start to turn left it is those to the east who are showing well in the position reports — Jean Le Cam (VM Matériaux) bounces back up to second.... [more]

More Big Sales at Sail, Power & Watersports Show
Peta Stuart-Hunt,
The Sail, Power & Watersports Show at Earls Court grabbed the headlines again Friday with positive news emanating from all corners of the Show. A Bavaria 47 from Clipper Marine was sold at £177,000, following on from the earlier sale of a Bavaria 38, also on the Pool... [more]

StealthPlay by Ericsson 4 and Telefonica Blue
Volvo media,
As Ericsson 4 and Telefónica Blue, the first two boats to commence their approach to the finish of leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race in Cochin, have dusted off their stealth cards and, for the first time on this leg, the race is in StealthPlay. PUMA has also moved up, closing on Green Dragon... [more]

Volvo Race heading for Saturday Cochin finish
Volvo media,
For the first time in the history of the Volvo Ocean Race / Whitbread Round the World Race an Asian stopover will feature on the itinerary. On Saturday morning the first boat to finish leg two was projected to be Ericsson 4, due to arrive in Cochin, in the India state of Kerala, as early as this Saturday evening local time... [more]

Peyron falls back to third, BT leads Vendee Globe
Vendee Globe media,
Loick Peyron, who's been the prince of darkness in this Vendée Globe, has not performed his usual night-time manoeuvres and for the first morning in two weeks he is showing in third, rather than first, place... [more]

Ainslie runner-up in NZ Match Racing Final
Richard Gladwell and RNZYS Media,
Dean Barker has beaten Ben Ainslie in the Final of the New Zealand Match Racing Championships. In the semi-finals, Ainslie beat Rod Davis, and Barker beat Laurie Jury... [more]

Final of RC 44 season in Puerto Calero
RC 44 Class media,
The final event of the RC 44, the Gold Cup will take place in Puerto Calero, Canary Islands, Spain, on December 10-14. The season's match, fleet race and long distance champions will be crowned. The pressure is rising: there is a lot at stake... [more]

Kings Cup on track despite Bangkok airport woes
Rob Kothe,
Thailand's Phuket King's Cup, now its 22nd year, is a truly international regatta. The situation at Thailand's international hub the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Muang, Bangkok's domestic airport has thrown the travel plans for many of the participants and race organisers into disarray, but swift action from event organisers has eased the problems.... [more]

Bobbing like a cork and other Volvo OR activities
Various Volo Ocean Race competitors,
The lastest news from the boats competing in the Volvo Ocean Race, leg 2 to Cochin India. Ericsson 3 reflects on 'going fast', Ericsson 4 is 'flying along in flat water', Telefonica Black calls King Neptune, telefonica Blue is looking forward to Cochin, while on Team Russia they are writing verse. the Green Dragon fights on and on Delta Lloyd they 'are bobbing like a cork'. Now read on ...... [more]

Day Two Summary of Sail Brisbane
Suellen Hurling,
Day Two of Sail Brisbane - intense conditions with winds gusting to 29 knots for the SB3s on the Eastern course and up to 26 on both the Northern and Southern courses. The wind and sea conditions resulted in torn sails, broken masts, a cartwheeling Sabot, many 'Moreton Bay Choc Tops' but fortunately no broken bones... [more]

Josse and Peyron swap Vendee lead again
Veronique Teurlay,
Yesterday evening the BT skipper wrestled the lead off the masterful Loïck Peyron, only for Peyron to inch ahead in this morning's rankings. But it looks like Josse has learnt a few tricks from the grand master himself... [more]

Sunday finish for Volvo Race leaders
While overnight, it has been doom and gloom for most of the Volvo fleet, for Ericsson 4 and Telefónica Blue, life is looking pretty rosy. Both teams have made more gains and Telefónica Blue stole a march to move up to second place, 111 nautical miles behind Ericsson 4. Computer routing software is predicting an early Sunday morning finish for race leader Ericsson 4... [more]

2012 Olympic Sailing venue completed
ODA media,
The UK Olympic Delivery Authority has completed its construction work on the first venue for the 2012 Games it was announced today as work was completed on new enhanced sailing facilities at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy... [more]

Peyron back in Vendee Globe lead but only just
Vendee Globe media,
In the Vendee Globe, Loick Peyron (Gitana 80) and Armel l'Cleac'h (Brit Air) were able to carry on a straight course for the south-south-east, moving Peyron back up to the lead in this morning's rankings.... [more]

STOP PRESS King's Cup programme change
Phuket King's Cup,
'Sunday will be registration, measuring etc, and the Opening Ceremony will take place on schedule. Monday will be a practice race, and then the racing programme will run from Tuesday to Saturday with no lay day on Thursday.'... [more]

Millionaire Yacht Owner Killed in Mumbai
BW Media,
Cyprus born pastry seller and self made yachting millionaire Andreas Liveras was one of those shot dead in the Taj Hotel. Owner of Liveras Yachts, which owns and charters luxury yachts, Andreas had come to Mumbai to scout for business opportunities... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - Ever so slowly towards Cochin
Cameron Kelleher,
Volvo Ocean Race spirit levels are rising on board as the gloom of two days in the Doldrums begins to lift. The slow march to the exit ramp for Cochin has begun. Torben Grael's men held a 72-mile lead over the pack. With conditions likely to be fickle for much of the next 100 miles, there was intense rivalry between the pretenders to podium positions.... [more]

For Vendee fleet its foot off the accelerator
Vendee Globe media,
After the rapid speeds of the previous days, a general easing off the accelerator is taking place across the Vendee Globe fleet, with the leading group struggling to top averages of 10 knots. There's little to split the leaders in this evening's position update, with 42 miles covering the first four boats. Mike Golding (Ecover GBR) is showing as 20 miles behind by taking the more westerly route.... [more]

On the move, on water and above deck - Volvo Blogs
Various Volvo Ocean Race Competitors,
News from the Volvo Ocean Race competitors. Ericsson 4 crew are moving above deck hoping to get a little 'air', Team Russia has slowed in the varying breeze and Telefonica Blue are on the move. Read on ....... [more]

Sail Brisbane underway - Day 1 summary
Suellen Hurling,
Sail Brisbane, the first leg of the Sail Down Under Series got underway yesterday racing from the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (RQYS) at Manly. The Laser fleets raced on the northern end of the bay with Internationals leading the way. Matias Del Solar from Chili and Matt Coutts from New Zealand share the winning positions from the two races and are now equal on three points... [more]

Sales at Earls Court Boat Show raise spirits
Peta Stuart-Hunt,
The figures are stacking up well at the Sail, Power & Watersports Show at Earls Court. Things are looking relatively rosy for the marine industry exhibitors at the Sail, Power & Watersports Show with a number of sales being announced at Earls Court today. The overall mood is looking decidedly positive with sales recorded in most sectors... [more]

Hi Fi on Fire ahead of 22nd Phuket King's Cup
Rob Kothe,
Neil Pryde's Welbourne 52 Hi Fi was on fire in the Raja Muda series and will start as the Grand Prix favourite for the 2008 Phuket King's Cup. The Cup will run from this coming Monday December 1st to next Saturday December 6th.... [more]

Green Dragon exits Doldrums - Volvo Ocean Race
Lucy Harwood,
In the Volvo Ocean Race, it was a relief onboard for Ian Walker and his crew as they finally edged out the Doldrums and into more consistent conditions. By the 1000 GMT polling Green Dragon were sandwiched between the fleet, holding onto third position 57 nm behind Grael and his men on Ericsson 4.... [more]

iShares Cup teams for Arabian Extreme 40 Challenge
iShares Cup media,
The Arabian Extreme 40 Challenge will be run by OC Events, and supported by Oman Sail, as an exhibition event. Some of the world's best yachtsmen and women will be taking part, including a host of seasoned Extreme 40 competitors from the iShares Cup. British double Olympic gold medallist Shirley Robertson takes the helm of Oman Air.... [more]

Seb Josse (BT) new Vendee Globe leader
Vendee Globe media,
In the Vendee Globe, Seb Josse on BT has taken pole position from long-time pace-setter Loïck Peyron on Gitana Eighty. Josse is showing better boatspeed than Gitana Eighty to stretch out a lead of 15.3 miles. Over the past five hours Peyron's average speed has been little more than five knots, and his 24-hour distance covered has dropped to under 200 miles for the first time in six days.... [more]

Of flying fish and rainclouds - Volvo boat blogs
Various Volvo Ocean Race competitors,
In the Volvo Ocean Race Green Dragon has cleared a big raincloud, onboard Puma things are getting a bit on the nose, Delta Lloyd had an awesome day and Telefonica Blue gained a mascot, and a flying fish landed in Andreas Hanakamp's (Team Russia) boot. Enjoy today's blogs.... [more]

Ericsson 4 - the Volvo Ocean Race Escape Artist
Mark Chisnell,
Torben Grael and Ericsson 4 pulled off a Harry Houdini yesterday morning, escaping into a rain cloud and gaining 30 miles on the chasing pack. Grael has clearly done his 10,000 hours of practice – get off of my cloud.... [more]

Whats in store for the Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta
International Melges 32 Class Association,
For several months the International Melges 32 Class Association (IM32CA)has been looking forward to the 2008 Gold Cup Regatta that officially kicks-off next week, 5-7 December in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club (LYC) There is a great deal of excitement and energy surrounding this event, teams can hardly wait to race.... [more]

Vendee fleet due to hit high pressure system
Vendee Globe media,
The Vendee Globe leading bunch prepare for the high pressure zone, with just one day of sailing before they reach the heart of the anticyclone. Loïck Peyron holds onto his lead, Seb Josse (BT) is fewer than 10 miles behind in second.... [more]

Barker up, Davis down on Day 2 - NZ Match Racing
RNZYS Media,
Intensity levels were high going into day two of the New Zealand Match Racing Championships, with some tight races being fought out under the increasing pressure to make it into the semi finals. There was a mixed bag of results, with some upsetting losses and surprising wins. Overnight joint leader, Rod Davis, suffered four losses today, losing races to Ainslie, Barker Corbett, and Josh Junior.... [more]

Class 40 Assoc announce winner 2008 Championship
Merv Owen,
Winning the 2008 Class 40 Championship is Peter Harding and Miranda Merron's 40 Degrees. This follows on from there first season with their boat in 2007 when they finished second overall at the end of the Class 40 worlds.... [more]

Goombay Smash wins 2008 Rolex Farr 40 N A C
Media Pro Int'l,
Goombay Smash, the Farr 40 owned by William Douglass (New York, N.Y.), won the 2008 Rolex Farr 40 North American Championship, held November 21-23 in Miami Beach, Fla. Eight teams representing Denmark, Italy, Turkey and the U.S. competed for the title.... [more]

Portimao - Van Der Wel brothers in Cape Town
Brian Hancock,
Peter and Lenjohn Van Der Wel sailed into Table Bay to complete Leg 1 of the Portimão Global Ocean Race. Their official finish time was 16:55:24 UTC (18:55:24 local time).... [more]

Images from NZ Match Racing: Ainslie in action
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
Images from the first day of racing in the New Zealand Match Racing Championships, organised by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, with Team Origin's Ben Ainslie in action - taking three wins and one loss from the day... [more]

Vendee Globe - Golding closed up on Riou
Veronique Teurlay,
Variable winds have been reported right across the fleet, with leader Loick Peyron experiencing very irregular winds of 14-17 knots, while sixth-placed Mike Golding yesterday discovered a patch of light airs which saw Ecover 3 park up briefly... [more]

Volvo Race - Ericsson 4 jumps ahead of pack
Lizzie Ward,
The advantage, at 13:00 GMT Wednesday, belonged to Ericsson 4, who had made a massive gain thanks to a well-positioned rain shower. She disappeared as if in ‘stealth' mode earlier this morning, and when she emerged from her early bath, she had made a gain of around 45 nautical miles... [more]

Coville fails to beat Joyon's time to equator
Kate Jennings - Expression,
Sodeb'O has reached the equator in 7 days and 28 minutes or a descent of the North Atlantic at an average of over 16 knots. Francis Joyon took a few hours less – 6 days and 17 hours, that is 7 and a half fewer hours than Thomas Coville.... [more]

Volvo OR - How not to take a shower on Team Russia
Mark Covell,
From Mark Covell on Team Russia during leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race. As I write this, the sold 20-knot trade winds are becoming less and less stable. The dreaded doldrums must be just up ahead. We have already had our first onset of heavy tropical rain, warm, refreshing and forcing a sail change... [more]

OC Group pick up two further Industry Awards
OC Group Media,
At the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Business Awards for Excellence on Friday 21, .November, 2008, Mark Turner and Ellen MacArthur's OC Group won two industry awards. These awards came on the back of winning a European Sponsorship Award in the Business to Business Category for the iShares Cup the previous evening in Brussels.... [more]

Volvo OR - A Doldrums horror movie for Ericsson 3?
Mark Chisnell,
Mark Chisnell asks 'Is it going to be another Doldrums horror movie for Anders Lewander and the crew of Ericsson 3? Can the eastern promises of Team Russia be kept? Overnight, the fleet had taken up a three-pronged formation, with the centre still led by the Ericsson twins – 4 ahead of 3. Tucked in behind these two were PUMA and Green Dragon, with Delta Lloyd following.... [more]

Damage forces Delta Dore to abandon Vendee Globe
Vendee Globe media,
Jeremie Beyou, the skipper of Delta Dore, has informed the Race Directors of his decision to retire from the Vendee Globe, believing it is impossible to carry out repairs without without external help... [more]

EPIRB alert, strange happenings and more - VOR
Various Volvo Ocean Race competitors,
Ericsson 4 has 900 long and painful miles ahead says Watch Captain Brad Jackson, Telefonica Black is airing a smelly boat and Simon Fisher on Telefonica Blue says the last 18 hours has been stressful. Added to this an EPIRB on the boat went off and onboard Puma, strange happenings for Rick Deppe.... [more]

World class fleet to assemble: Acura Key West 2009
Premiere Racing Media,
IRC classes will showcase new designs and the competition will be fierce at Acura Key West 2009, presented by Nautica. The quality of the racing will again be world class, with programs hailing from overseas and across the country... [more]

Elvstrøm Sails Changes Hands
Elvstrøm Sails,
Danish sail maker Elvstrøm Sails has been sold to a group of private investors led by former CEO of the company Claus Olsen and triple Olympic medalist and America's Cup skipper, Jesper Bank.... [more]

Kiteboarders welcome but not wanted in Record Book
Richard Gladwell,
When is an Outright Sailing Speed record not an Outright Sailing Speed record? When it's set by a Kiteboarder, that's when. Or so, the World Speed Sailing Record Council would have us believe, following a vote by the Council of the International Sailing Federation.... [more]

Ainslie tops Skandia Team GBR Awards
Lindsey Bell,
British sailors capped off a historic year in style at the third annual Skandia Team GBR Awards Dinner and Presentations at the Rose Bowl, Southampton, on Friday (21 November) with triple Olympic medallist Ben Ainslie picking up the top prize of the evening.... [more]

Volvo Race - Team Russia in battle for third
Mark Chisnell,
It's a starburst this morning as the Volvo Ocean Race fleet sailed into the dark shadow of the shape shifting, morphing malcontent that is the Doldrums – it's D-Day. - The Russians (most easterly boat) doing the Buffalo Gals (go round the outside) to end all Buffalo Gals – catching PUMA and Telefonica Blue on the run in to battle for third place... [more]

Vendee Globe - Leaders reshuffle but Peyron leads
The South Atlantic saw a slight reshuffling at the front of the fleet this afternoon, with the leading five all creeping a few more miles closer to pace-setter Loïck Peyron. Also a new name in the top three, as Armel Le Cléac'h climbs into third place, from fifth yesterday... [more]

World Tour announces New Invite Policy for 2009
World Match Racing Tour,
The World Match Racing Tour has announced a new invite policy for the 2009 season that rewards skippers and teams with guaranteed entries on the series for next year.... [more]

ISAF President to attend World Yacht Racing Forum
MaxComm Communication,
ISAF President, Göran Petersson (SWE), confirmed today that he will join the World Yacht Racing Forum on December 10-11 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. He will take part in the first discussion panel of the World Yacht Racing Forum, and share his views on the growth of yacht racing with Paul Cayard, Tim Coventry and Paul Strzelecki.... [more]

Carbon crunching, high speeds and more - VOR blogs
Various Volvo Ocean Race competitors,
The highs and lows of life onboard during leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race to Cochin, India. Ericsson 4 is travelling at a very high average speed, it;s bumpy on Team Russia and on Telefonica Blue its the crunching of carbon the crew is hearing. Delta LLoyd has a problem with it's water maker ... read on.... [more]

Nico Budel arrives in Cape Town
Brian Hancock,
In a break from a long tradition of finishing races in the middle of the night, Dutch sailor Nico Budel sailed into Cape Town just as a pink sky lit the eastern horizon. The last few miles were, however, a long and painfully slow finish to the leg as the last bit of wind disappeared leaving a glassy sea and Nico's yacht, Hayai, bobbing on a leftover slop.... [more]

Gathering of 12 Metre Class Event held
Herreshoff Marine Museum,
The Herreshoff Marine Museum and America's Cup Hall of Fame was pleased to host a gathering of the 12 Metre Class on Saturday, November 22, 2008. The event, filmed by class media partner Rhode Island Public Television, launched the Golden Year of Racing for the class, celebrating the fiftieth year following the debut of the 12 metre class in the America's Cup.... [more]

Sodeb'O's steady easterly after thrashing in storm
Kate Jennings - Expression,
After the anarchy of Sunday afternoon where Thomas Coville was thrashing about in a very stormy zone, the Sodeb'O skipper made it back into a steady E'ly wind of around 15 knots this morning. Sodeb'O is now continuing its stampede due south and is making up its deficit.... [more]

Edward Leask new Chairman of Olympic Venue
Fast Track Sailing,
Former Olympic sailor, Edward Leask was announced as the new Chairman of the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy - the Olympic venue for 2012. He will be joined by Jeremy Pope OBE as Vice Chairman at WPNSA... [more]

Peyron's Vendee Globe lead trimmed
Little change in the order of the top 15 as the Vendee Globe as the leaders enjoy fast trade winds sailing along the Brazilian coast, some 600 miles to the east of Salvador de Bahia. Loick Peyron's lead has been trimmed very slightly, at 21.8 miles over Seb Josse (BT)... [more]

Volvo Race - Helmets and goggles are back on
Volvo event media,
The eight-strong Volvo Ocean Race fleet is cracking along now at a steady 20 knots, broad reaching in the southeast trade winds and clicking off the miles towards the finish in Cochin. The helmets and goggles are back on as the waves crash over the boat, but the motion is better and the water is warmer... [more]

Video of 18ft Skiff U Gotta Love It Seven
Andrew Palfrey,
18ft Skiff U Gotta Love It Seven provides an entertaining evening on Sydney Harbour - Video and images here... [more]

Food, fuel and water low on Kazimir Partners
Brian Hancock,
It has been a thrilling week for most of the sailors racing in the Portimão Global Ocean Race with four superb arrivals in Cape Town. At the 06:20 UTC poll Sunday morning Nico Budel on Hayai was 153 nautical miles from Cape Town sailing at seven knots. It looks like his tradition of night time arrivals will hold as his latest ETA is around 3 in the morning.... [more]

Ericsson 4 steals lead in Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race media,
The Ericsson entries continue to dominate leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race as overnight Ericsson 4 has stolen the slenderest of leads over stablemate Ericsson 3. Behind them, Ken Read's PUMA is the filling in the sandwich between Telefonica Blue to the west and Green Dragon to the north.... [more]

Kiteboards are not Sailing Boats - it's Official!
Nancy Knudsen,
'Rubbish! That's not a sailing boat!' said the Skipper with his usual diplomacy as we sailed along in the afternoon breeze doing a very brisk 7 knots on the 4th October this year. I had just told him that a kiteboarder had the day before broken the world speed record at over 50 knots. The members of the World Sailing Speed Record Council(WSSRC) must have been listening... [more]

2008 Rolex Sydney Hobart race
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2008 Monsoon Cup
The Monsoon Cup is Stage 9 of the 2008 World Match Racing Tour. This fourth annual event will be sailed on Pulau Duyong, in the eastern Malaysian state of Terengganu....
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Vendee Globe 2008-2009
Vendee Globe 2008-2009 - A sailing race around the world, for singlehanders, without any stopover....
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2008-2009 Portimão Global Ocean Race
5 legs around the World - the World's first Solo-Double race....
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2008 Olympics Qingdao
Welcome to Sail-World.Com's coverage of the 2008 Sailing Olympics in Qingdao, China...
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2008 - 2009 Volvo Ocean Race
The 2008-09 event will be the 10th running of this ocean marathon...
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Gear & Gadgets
Latest sailing gear and gadgets...
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Keelboat Events
Regattas, Open Meetings and Championship events for inshore keelboats - including the Dragon, Etchells, Soling, RS Elite, Daring etc...
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All the Dinghy, Multihull and small keelboat events, news, racing reports and results....
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RC 44 Championship Tour 2008

The RC 44 is a light displacement high performance One Design sailing boat. It was designed by three-time America's Cup winner Russell Coutts, together with naval architect Andrej Justin....
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