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Editorial: Confusion on the World Speed Record

Desafio Cabo de Hornos surfs into Table Bay - Portimao Global Ocean Race  Brian Hancock
Welcome to Sail-World.Com's NZ newsletter for 25 November 2008

Most of the news today is from overseas, where strong winds have made for some spectacular sailing.

In the Volvo Ocean Race, the eight strong fleet is close to the halfway stage on the second leg to Cochin, India with several of the leaders reported to be in sight of each other. US entry, PUMA Racing skippered by Ken Read is currently in third place on the water 23 miles behind race leaders Ericsson 3 and 4, which are side by side. Currently they are enjoying the last of the trade winds with The Doldrums looming again.

This time The Doldrums are said to be 'bigger then Spain' and will certainly provide a challenge for navigators and tacticians.

We also have the latest updates from the Vendee Globe and Portimao Global Ocean race.
Seven 18' skiff - Big 25kt cold Northerly wind on Sydney Harbour and outgoing tide made for extreme conditions. Wild rides, big crashes - Nov 18, 2008  Andrew Palfrey

From Sydney we have some spectacular images of 18ft skiffs sailing in strong winds over the weekend.

There is some confusion on the World Speed Sailing Record front, with a report in this issue that the World Speed Sailing Record Council have decided not to recognise speed sailing records set by Kiteboards as speed sailing records. This after the International Sailing Federation accepted kiteboards as part of the sport of sailing, the same as they do for windsurfing.

Jacob's Ladder (Ian Day) held one WSSRC record category at 25 kts  
The comment on the WSSRC website says, at the end of a note ratifying the record of Sebastien Cattelan at 50.26kts as being that of a Kiteboarding record only and adds: 'Note that at the November Conference 2008, ISAF clarified that a kite-powered craft cannot be recognised as the holder of The World Sailing Speed Record.'

The WSSRC decision comes after they imposed a minimum water depth limit (to prevent records being claimed off skim boards) however the latest move, if correctly reported, is odd to say the least as the history of kites in the world of speed sailing is long, and goes back to the 1970's with craft called Jacob's Ladder which was essentially a Tornado platform powered by a set of kites which could be multiplied to suit the windstrength.

This kite powered craft held the record on a 500-metre course (235 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft. class) for six years with a speed of 25 knots.

According to ISAF, the Kiteboarder is not eligible for the Outright Speed Record while the boardsailer does qualify.  Richard Gladwell

Now, it is not stated who holds the Outright Speed Record, but it is believed to be Antoine Albeau (FRA) at 49.06kts set on 5 March 2008. So the magical 50kt barrier remains unbroken if the current decision remains.

The ISAF decision is even more difficult to understand when the rules of the WSSRC state: 'A yacht shall sail by using only the wind and water to increase, maintain or decrease her speed'. Maybe ISAF doesn't consider a kiteboarder to be 'a yacht', but if that is the case why are they accepting records from kiteboards as a category at all?

Ours not to reason why....

But how can your sport be under the auspices of the International SAILING Federation, but that same sport not be eligible for Outright SPEED SAILING records ratified by that world body?

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

Day One of Malaysian Qualifiers for Monsoon Cup
Audrey Lakai Rurrum Communications,
Competitors began racing today in the 2008 Malaysian Match Racing Championships in Pulau Duyung. The Malaysian Match Racing Championships serves as one of only two qualifying regattas in the lead up to the prestigious Monsoon Cup, to be contested in here next week.... [more]

Which way is best into the Doldrums?
Lucy Harwood - Green Dragon Racing,
Green Dragon is in fifth position as the Volvo fleet approach the Doldrums. There are two possible strategies to follow as the boats line up to cross the Doldrums Ian Walker wrote in his blog today. 'To be honest, everyone looks to be heading for near enough the same area, which, I guess, is no surprise as we are all looking at the same weather files with the same software.'... [more]

YNZ Briefings for 21 November
YNZ Media,
ISAF honours; Final countdown to Excellence Awards; Independent petition presented over Seabed Charges; Rod Davis; YNZ seeks Olympic Programme Manager; NZers become new IRO's; Virtual Sailing Simulator to Christchurch; Wairoa Jubilee Regatta; School regatta in Mahurangi ; Sir Peter Blake Memorial Torbay Regatta ; Brian Griffin 1945 – 2008; Emily Duncan wins Southern Region P-Class Trials... [more]

Sodeb'O's steady easterly after thrashing in storm
Kate Jennings - Expression,
After the anarchy of Sunday afternoon where Thomas Coville was thrashing about in a very stormy zone, the Sodeb'O skipper made it back into a steady E'ly wind of around 15 knots this morning. Sodeb'O is now continuing its stampede due south and is making up its deficit.... [more]

Edward Leask new Chairman of Olympic Venue
Fast Track Sailing,
Former Olympic sailor, Edward Leask was announced as the new Chairman of the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy - the Olympic venue for 2012. He will be joined by Jeremy Pope OBE as Vice Chairman at WPNSA... [more]

Peyron's Vendee Globe lead trimmed
Little change in the order of the top 15 as the Vendee Globe as the leaders enjoy fast trade winds sailing along the Brazilian coast, some 600 miles to the east of Salvador de Bahia. Loick Peyron's lead has been trimmed very slightly, at 21.8 miles over Seb Josse (BT)... [more]

Volvo Race - Helmets and goggles are back on
Volvo event media,
The eight-strong Volvo Ocean Race fleet is cracking along now at a steady 20 knots, broad reaching in the southeast trade winds and clicking off the miles towards the finish in Cochin. The helmets and goggles are back on as the waves crash over the boat, but the motion is better and the water is warmer... [more]

Video of 18ft Skiff U Gotta Love It Seven
Andrew Palfrey,
18ft Skiff U Gotta Love It Seven provides an entertaining evening on Sydney Harbour - Video and images here... [more]

Ericsson 4 steals lead in Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race media,
The Ericsson entries continue to dominate leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race as overnight Ericsson 4 has stolen the slenderest of leads over stablemate Ericsson 3. Behind them, Ken Read's PUMA is the filling in the sandwich between Telefonica Blue to the west and Green Dragon to the north.... [more]

Kiteboards are not Sailing Boats - it's Official!
Nancy Knudsen,
'Rubbish! That's not a sailing boat!' said the Skipper with his usual diplomacy as we sailed along in the afternoon breeze doing a very brisk 7 knots on the 4th October this year. I had just told him that a kiteboarder had the day before broken the world speed record at over 50 knots. The members of the World Sailing Speed Record Council(WSSRC) must have been listening... [more]

The ascent of Mike Golding - Vendee Globe
Vendee Globe media,
Making a net gain of nearly 14 miles on the Vendee Globe leader Loïck Peyron, Mike Golding's position slightly west of the leading pack and speed helped him rise to within two miles this morning of Armel Le Cléac'h (Brit Air).... [more]

Repair time for Volvo fleet as Trade Winds set in
Cameron Kelleher,
It was hammer time for Telefonica Blue as Bouwe Bekking's pursuit of the Ericsson duo was temporarily halted this afternoon by a broken daggerboard.... [more]

Fifteen crew head Etchells World Qualifying Series
Peter Campbell,
Former New Zealand America's Cup sailor David Clarke, helming Fifteen, which he owns in partnership with Andrew Smith, has finished at the top of the International Etchells Sydney Fleet World Qualifying Series, winning four of the sailed on the Harbour since September.... [more]

18' Skiff Seven provides an entertaining evening
Andrew Palfrey,
18' Skiff U Gotta Love It Seven provides an entertaining evening on Sydney Harbour earlier this month.... [more]

Monsoon Cup on Television
World Match Racing Tour,
The week of the 1st of December sees the final event of the World Match Racing Tour, the Monsoon Cup in Malaysia where the ISAF Match Racing World Champion will be crowned. Extensive TV coverage is planned with four daily highlights shows going out on 2, 3, 4, 5 December plus 2 hours of live coverage from 2-4 pm local time (GMT +8) each day on 6 and 7 December.... [more]

Delta Dore heads to Brazil with spreader damage
Vendee Globe media,
Jeremie Beyou faces a huge challenge as he heads for Brazil with damage to two upper spreaders on Delta Dore. When lying ninth in the Vendée Globe fleet very early this morning he realized that his leeward rigging was slack and that he has suffered damage to his two upper spreaders... [more]

Volvo Race - Telefonica Blue breaks daggerboard
Event media,
Just when everything seemed to be going right for Bouwe Bekking and his men on Telefónica Blue, it all went wrong again. The boat was loving the conditions, the crew were pushing hard, and slowly, but surely, climbing back up the leaderboard, when the crew heard a big bang, and everything changed... [more]

Raja Muda 2008 - Happy Endings!
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
The last day of the Raja Muda 2008, Saturday, dawned with some patches of blue sky and plenty of promise on the met front. Race Officer Jerry Rollin was determined to run three races for Classes 1, 3 and 4 to make up for the missed race in Penang last Wednesday (good grief, was it that long ago?) And sure enough, some slick and efficient race management allowed the three races... [more]

Mark Chisnell sets the Doldrums crossing point
Mark Chisnell,
Torben Grael and Ericsson 4 stumbled into the traffic last night, grinding to a halt and forced to watch as Anders Lewander and his Ericsson 3 boys found an alternative route to the west and pushed their advantage into double digit mileage for a while. The next three days is going to be about picking and having the right sail for hitting the Doldrums sweet spot... [more]

Malaysian Qualifers ahead of Monsoon Cup
Audrey Lakai,
The Malaysian Match Racing Championship (MMRC) that doubles up as the Malaysian Qualifier for the Monsoon Cup 2008, sets sail at the venue for the Monsoon Cup, tomorrow with an exciting field of experienced and aspiring local sailors, eager to stamp their mark on the international sailing stage.... [more]

Tom Spithill wins Harken International
The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club Club Team of Tom Spithill, Nina Curtis, Ian McKillop, Sam Sexton and Josh Dawson have won the 2008 Harken International Youth Match Rcing Champonship following a dramatic day on Pittwater which saw rain, sunshine, calms and gusts up to 30+ knots.... [more]

Synchronized gybing then a slow passage to India
Cameron Kelleher,
In the Volvo Ocean Race, Ericsson 4 was neck-and-neck with E3. Anders Lewander's men, further north, trail their stablemates by just one mile. Another tight tussle ensues for third place between Green Dragon, at a Distance to Leader (DTL) of +29, Telefonica Blue (+34) and PUMA (+42).... [more]

2009 Skandia Geelong Week
Skandia Geelong Week 2009 runs from January 23rd to 26th 2009...
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2008 Monsoon Cup
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Vendee Globe 2008-2009
Vendee Globe 2008-2009 - A sailing race around the world, for singlehanders, without any stopover....
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2008-2009 Portimão Global Ocean Race
5 legs around the World - the World's first Solo-Double race....
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2008 - 2009 Volvo Ocean Race
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2008 World Match Racing Tour

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