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Editorial: Which way to sail now?

Location of recent pirate attacks in Somali and Kenyan waters  .
The recent audacious hijack of a giant supertanker from Saudi Arabia by Somali pirates off the Kenyan coast has dismayed the world, carried out in spite of the presence of more and more of the world's battleships. There has been no lack of news from the troubled area, but what does it mean for the cruising sailor?

If you were (or are) thinking of sailing between Asia and Europe right now, the obvious choice is to avoid the area altogether and sail around the coast of Africa, which carries its own difficulties. There's another way of thinking about it – with piracy so successful a venture for the Somalis, maybe they won't be worrying about pickings from a few tiny sailboats in the Gulf of Aden. Anyone want to test that theory? (or going to?)

On the issue of danger, it's worth remembering that the Caribbean Sea is much more dangerous than the Indian Ocean. While kidnapping is hardly pleasant, no deaths or injury have been recorded for cruising sailors in the Indian Ocean, while sailors have been left injured, permanently maimed or dead from pirate attacks in the Caribbean.

This week's issue is crammed with positive stories. That brainchild of the US Coastguard, AMVER is celebrating 25 years of rescues in the remote regions of our oceans, many of them of cruising sailors; A Swiss student has made amazing advances in the development of a 'self-healing' hull; and the inventor of a 'green' engine for sailing boats is honoured. Down in the South Pacific OceansWatch sailors are spreading their knowledge in the battle to save the world's coral reefs; and there are more grants announced in the USA for local sailors to clean their own waterways.

A new sixteen-year-old adventurer is on his way to sail unassisted round the world; Pete Goss, on his way down the coast of Africa with a family group, is have a wet and wild ride; the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is about to be underway again; and in practical news, there's another 'new generation' anchor on the market, this one developed for Antarctic waters, and sounding good!

So read on, enjoy, and...

Sail Happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Sixteen-year-old to Circumnavigate Solo Unassisted
BW News Roundup,
British Teenager Michael Perham, 16, set off from Portsmouth England yesterday at 11.10am to sail alone and unassisted around the world, aiming to be the youngest sailor to do so. Currently the sailor holding this record is Australian Jesse Martin who achieved the feat in 1999, aged 18. If Perham arrives back in Portsmouth on his planned date of March next year, he will be just 17.... [more]

'Green' Sailboat Dream Wins Award for Inventor
Nancy Knudsen,
He was a cruising sailor, he was an astro- and geo-physics and oceanographic design engineer, he was a natural inventor, he had energy, and, most of all, he wished for better things for our planet. As a result of this happy confluence, now Jim Harrington has won a prestigious award for his work in inventing a hydrogen assisted sailing boat.... [more]

No-one with any brains ever stayed on a yacht..
Nancy Knudsen, hour longer than necessary.' Who said that? Why it was the inimitable Clive James, who has just, in one small action, alienated most of the world's sailors, and there are plenty of US around. That wasn't the end of it. He went on to say...... [more]

New Anchor Kid on the Block - the RAYA
Nancy Knudsen,
When asked what was the very most important thing for long range cruising at a boat show this year, the answer popped out before I had time to think - 'The Anchor', I smiled without hesitation. Now there's a self styled 'New Kid on the Block'.... [more]

Storms Dampen Pete Goss's Spirit
Nancy Knudsen,
Pete Goss, that ocean hero with a quarter of a million miles under his belt and who earned the admiration of the watching world with the incredible feat of turning his downwind racer into a storm in the Southern Ocean, retracking his path, and locating and saving the life of fellow competitor Raphael Dinelli in 1996, has a bit of a problem with some storms off the coast of Africa.... [more]

Now may be the Time to Buy the Yacht!
Jack Innis, The Log/Sail-World,
Start Shopping! — Despite media reports around the world of a “credit freeze” affecting home loans, in the United States marine lenders are still making boat loans — and buyers are finding some great buys in the current market, so maybe it's the right time to consider buying, no matter where you live... [more]

Self Healing Yacht Hulls: One Student's Research
IEEE Spectrum,
'We were sailing at night when we hit the whale. We were thrown from our bunks by the collision, which shocked us all, and knocked a large split in the side of the yacht. However, with our self healing hull, only a small amount of water entered before the hole covered again, and the automatic pumps were able to deal with it easily...'... [more]

Grant Offers for NGO's to Help Clean the Waterways
The BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water is offering grant funds up to $4,000 each for sailing and other community non-profit groups in the United States to develop projects that address environmental problems on local waterways.... [more]

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers: 220 Yachts,21 Nations
Blackwattle Studios,
On 23rd November, at the end of the hurricane season, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) will again depart Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for St Lucia in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. Yachts of all sizes and 21 nations will make up the fleet of 220 yachts, everything from an Oyster 82 to a Beneteau First 31, but the median size is 14.3 metres... [more]

OceansWatch - Coral Saving in the South Pacific
Jane Pares,
While others laze away in the pristine waters of the South Pacific, there's a group of cruising sailors and divers collected into a New Zealand led organisation called OceansWatch who are working to save the coral reefs from destruction. Part of their goal is also to work with local communities to help them do the same. Jane Pares here reports on their recent Vanuatu project... [more]

AMVER Awards Ship Co's after 25 Life-saving Years

Coastguards of the world cannot reach a yacht in distress when thousands of nautical miles from land - but there is someone who just might be able to, and it's the nearest AMVER ship. Every year Sail-World reports sailing boats which have been assisted by AMVER ships, and now AMVER are celebrating 25 years of existence with some awards for the shipping companies that participate.... [more]

Super Tanker attacked in Arabian Sea
Combined Maritime Forces Public Affairs,
The very large crude tanker Sirius Star was attacked more than 450 nautical miles southeast of Mombasa, Kenya. This attack comes amid a decrease in the rate of successful pirate attacks on merchant vessels off the coast of Somalia.... [more]

Kennedy to Sail Mya Again
Lisa Mylchreest,
In spite of his operation for brain cancer earlier this year, U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy is planning a sailing trip on his 50ft schooner Mya off the coast of Florida this year.... [more]

Two Pirates from Confused Somalia Killed
BW Media round-up,
Sailors wanting to make the journey from Asia to the Mediterranean without having to round the Cape of Good Hope are watching the developments in the Gulf of Aden intensely, and much of the news is confusing at best... [more]

Nanny Cay Marina, BVI, host port 2009 ARC Europe
World Cruising Club,
Yacht rally specialists, World Cruising Club, have selected Nanny Cay Resort & Marina in Tortola, as the Caribbean host port for the start of ARC Europe 2009, the annual transatlantic cruising rally. This move brings the rally, which provides a fun and safe framework for transatlantic cruising, to the British Virgin Islands for the first time.... [more]

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