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Editorial: Letting the genie out of the bottle

2008 Noumea Match Racing Cup - Mike Bullot, Hayden Whitburn, Chris Kitchen and Murray England (left) - series winners.  Event Media
Welcome to Sail-World.Com's New Zealand newsletter for 20 November 2008

Our comments in the previous Editorial regarding the development of a fleet by Royal Akarana YC have provoked an interesting response from Ken Burt, which we referred to Brett Bakewell-White of Bakewell-White Yacht_Design and Richard Macalister of Royal Akarana YC and importers Kiwi Yachting.

At the heart of the issue is how is the best way to build up a keelboat fleet, give people a group owning option and provide the club with a fleet that can be used for learn to sail, youth sailing, womens sailing, match racing and fleet racing events of the type of the National Keelboat Championships - for which RAYC received 40 entries and had to restrict numbers 20 20 crews.

For the group ownership affordability is a big factor - and the $55,000 price tag is a big attraction - for single, joint or corporate ownership - evidenced by the fact that RAYC have been able to sell 9.5 of the 11 boats, and starting with an initial take up from just two owners.

Never listen to what your crew tells you!  Erik Simonson:h2oshots.com
Those who have taken the ownership package are those who were on the sidelines of sailing - and getting them back into the sport has been a big tick for the club and the sport generally.

Of course, one size does not fit all - and the two tickboxes for Royal Akarana were affordability and the opportunity to compete internationally, in an established international class.

Brett Bakewell-White has arguably the most experience of designing a yacht that is tailor-made for a club fleet development. The Westhaven design firm has five fleets under their belt. The use of a specially designed boat means that the needs of the club members, owners and users can be optimised, without affecting performance.

So far Bakewell-White have been involved in the development of club fleets in Western Australia, Korea, and Thailand amongst others. Their yachts have all been of a new, modern design and developed to provide the best possible use for their owners.

The earlier Bakewell-White 36 swings over the water showing her easily driven lines  Bakewell-White Yacht Design

Some fleets are privately owned, along the New Zealand model, others are funded by a government or other grant, and low cost is not such a significant factor. Others are a mix of the two, with a mix of privately and publicly funded yachts.

One point on which Bakewell-White is very clear is that the management of the fleet is critical to their success, with some operating everyday of the year, except for Christmas Day.

That factor in turn brings in questions of maintenance and maximising up-time for the fleet, which tends to tilt the scales towards towards the designed solution, so that maintenance can be minimised.

Build New Zealand is another issue, and there are pros and cons either way. Cost seems to be the driving issue for some - and certainly a sailaway yacht for $55k is very attractive for Kiwis, albeit the yacht is imported.

Anyway, read what the experts have to say.

The deck of PUMA Ocean Racing, covered in water, on leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race. Image by: Rick Deppe/PUMA Ocean Racing  Volvo Ocean Race ©

Yesterday at a Media Lunch at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Louis Vuitton Pacific Series Director, Bruno Trouble unveiled more detail on the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series, which we have detailed in this edition.

Certainly the event has grown legs of its own and the organisation level and impact in Auckland will not be too dissimilar to the 2000 and 2003 America's Cups.

With 12 teams competing the event size will not be too dissimilar to the two Auckland America's Cups. The 10 countries that will be represented is very high by modern America's Cup standards.

Green Dragon suffers a broken boom in the Volvo Ocean race. Image by Guo Chuan/Green Dragon

  Volvo Ocean Race ©

While Trouble was very evasive about future events in the Louis Vuitton Series, there is no doubt that he has coined an excellent and very portable model, which will clearly be in demand as the Auckland event evolves.

For all their charm and smiles, Mr Trouble and Louis Vuitton, seem outwardly to be oblivious to the fact that once they have let this particular genie out of the bottle, it will be very hard to get it back. Certainly the series will bring Auckland to a halt for three weeks. There will be no other game in town. Other cities will want it too. How can Bruno and Louis Vuitton say 'non'?

Their problem, not Auckland's - but a nice one to have!

Can't wait!

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

PS Our apologies for the repeated image in the last newsletter, due to testing a new small laptop, able to send photos from on the water as well as being very portable and with a 10hour battery life. The tradeoff is that screen space is limited, and we missed the double use of the same image.


Trouble updates on Louis Vuitton Pacific Series
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
Bruno Trouble, Director of the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series announced further detail on the three week series which begins in Auckland on 30 January 2009. Twelve teams have been invited for the series with a further two on a waiting list.... [more]

eMailbag: The Club keelboat fleet debate
Various correspondents,
Ken Burt writes in response to out previous editorial: 'As we have said previously it was a great move to use the Platu 25's, and Royal Akarana's initiative has developed a great resource for NZ keelboat sailing which will sit well alongside the facilities and fleets offered by other keelboat clubs in New Zealand.' We also have responses from Brett Bakewell-White and Richard Macalister... [more]

New ISAF Council Members announced
The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has announced the new members of the ISAF Council, the final decision-making body of ISAF.... [more]

Kiwis win Noumea Match Racing Cup
Hayden Whitburn,
On the 8th of November the Match Racing Team of Mike Bullot, Chris Kitchen, Hayden Whitburn and Murray England travelled to Noumea to compete in the 2008 Noumea Match Racing Cup. The event was sailed in Elliott 5.9's which we were relatively inexperienced in but were lucky enough to have the use of one in Auckland before the event thanks to Chris Macindoe.... [more]

Boom, bust and battling on for Volvo fleet
Cameron Kelleher,
The Volvo Ocean Race fleet is counting the cost of the last 24 hours of boom and bust as the southern ocean continues its hostile takeover of events on board. Ericsson 3's Media Crew Member, Gustav Morin. 'Last night, in complete darkness, we had a quite dramatic broach. We were sailing in steady 30 knots and rough seas when a big squall came in.'... [more]

Rules Corner: Is an Orca an Obstruction?
Kevin Whitehead,
Starling Match Racing at Wakatere on the weekend had a few more strategic considerations than usual. The photo shows former World Optimist Champion, Chris Steele and former Optimist National Champion, Logan Dunning-Beck, eyeing up the option of using the basking Orca in the foreground as part of their starting strategy.... [more]

Loving the Southern Ocean and other VOR Boat Blogs
Volvo Ocean Race competitors,
Boat Blogs on Day 5, Leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race. Onboard Team Russia Nivk bubb is enjoying the experience, Telefonica Blue is busy with its sail repairs, telefonica Black enjoyed sailing with Telefonica Blue for a while, Green Dragon is not giving up, Ericsson 3 is it by a huge gust and on Telefonica Blue everything is going wrong. Now read on ............ [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - On a Wing and a Prayer
Event media,
The Volvo gets interesting – The way F1 gets interesting in a heavy downpour. As the boats career down the southern alley the cracks are beginning to appear – literally in the case of Puma. The flying shoe has suffered another hard landing that has cracked the central structure and could prove terminal for any hopes of finishing this leg in race mode... [more]

Puma launches off wave and suffers serious damage
VOR media/Ken Read - Puma skipper,
At 0430 GMT this morning, Puma flew off yet another nice little wave and came down to another loud crack. This time not from the bow section, but in the main section of the boat. Just behind the keel frame. So we are busted. Again. This time a bit more serious.... [more]

The Doldrums for Vendee fleet
Vendee Globe media and competitors,
The Vendée Globe leaders now negotiating the uncertainties of the Doldrums, some 440 miles north of The Equator, with the leading, compact group of five less than 50 miles apart after 10 days of racing... [more]

A boost for high school sailing in the U.S
Rich Roberts,
The Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA) plans to broaden the base of high school sailing in the United States, starting with a $25,000 grant from the California International Sailing Association (CISA) supporting a bid for private donations.... [more]

The 2008 Rolex Sydney Hobart IRC fleet
Here is the raw list of the IRC applications for entry in the IRC division of the 2008 Rolex Sydney Hobart... [more]

Wet, wild and extreme for Volvo Ocean Race fleet
Cameron Kelleher,
Day four of the second leg and it's getting wet and very wild out there as the fleet have their first real whiff of the Roaring Forties. Widespread sickness has meant involuntary diets for some crew members as the weather gods serve up a menu of 40+ knots and confused, 8-10 metre seas. The southern ocean has laid on a hostile reception.... [more]

US SAILING announces New Olympic training pipeline
US SAILING's Olympic Sailing Committee (OSC) is proud to announce a new Olympic sailing training pipeline, which will help guide talented sailors from youth programs to the U.S. Olympic Sailing Program. As part of the new pipeline, the OSC will launch two new teams in 2009: The US Sailing Team – U18 (Under 18) and US Sailing Team – U23 (Under 23).... [more]

Equipment for US 2010 ISAF Youth World Qualifier
Marni Lane - US Sailing,
US SAILING's Olympic Sailing Committee announced today the equipment for the 2010 US SAILING International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Youth World Qualifier, which will be held January 16-18, 2010 at Clearwater Yacht Club in Clearwater, Florida.... [more]

Thierry Martinez images from Sodeb'O start
Thierry Martinez images,
Thierry Martinez captured these images of Sodeb'O at the start of Thomas Coville's solo round the world race against the clock in a multihull record attempt.... [more]

Coville off on Solo Round the World Record attempt
Kate Jennings - Expression,
Thomas Coville on board the maxi-trimaran Sodeb'O crossed the start line of the solo round the world race against the clock in a multihull today, Tuesday 18 November, just minutes before 1400 hours GMT - Target is reach Petit Minou lighthouse at the entrance to Brest harbour by 15 January 2009 at 03 hours, 27 minutes and 20 seconds GMT at the latest... [more]

Green Dragon breaks a boom in treacherous seas
Volvo Ocean Race media/Lucy Harwood - Green Dragon,
Ian Walker's Green Dragon suffererd a broken boom as the fleet continued to wrestle with strong gusts and treacherous seas as the second leg of the race to India turned spiteful.... [more]

Lead swings back and forth in Vendee Globe
Vendee Globe media,
The lead swings back and forth between Jean Le Cam (VM Matériaux) and Loïck Peyron (Gitana Eighty) as the Vendée Glob vanguard slows into the stifling uncertainty of the Doldrums... [more]

Vendee Globe - Dee Caffari struggles to catch up
Caroline Ayling,
The champagne moment of Dee Caffari and Aviva's dream start to her first Vendée Globe is now fading after the solo skipper was served a reality check in her second week of racing with a bout of indecision and self doubt... [more]

Sailors' thrills and spills on dry land
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
The rules of racing are not complicated, but seem to take longer to explain each year. Whether this is can be attributed due to increasingly fuzzy mental capacities among sailors remains... unclear.... [more]

Monsoon Cup favourite to skipper AC China Team
Monsoon Cup Media,
China Team have announced that 2007 World Match Racing Champion and 2007 Monsoon Cup winner Ian Williams has signed on to be the new skipper of China Team America's Cup program for the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2009.... [more]

World Match Racing Champion leads China Team at LV
Rob Kothe/LV Media,
China Team have announced that 2007 World Match Racing Champion Ian Williams has signed on to be the new skipper of China Team America's Cup program for the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2009.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race Under Threat of Pirates
Jeni Bone,
The eight yachts taking part in the grueling round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race are poised to challenge new seas in a bid to avoid pirates off the coast of Somalia.... [more]

Day 8 onboard Roxy in the Vendée Globe
Justine Ozoux,
Day 8 onboard Roxy in the Vendée Globe - Sam Davies' daily log - Lots of manoeuvres and almost the end of fresh food - Unfortunately, the wind decided to play games today. After a couple of hours of great spinnaker running, the wind increased... [more]

SailRocket on Speed Record standby
Paul Larsen,
Vestas SailRocket will make its first WSSRC ratified attempt on the outright world speed sailing record for a 28 day period commencing on the 23 November. The radical UK designed and built boat is currently based in Walvis Bay, Namibia... [more]

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