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Don't blame Customs when they are Heavy Handed

Treleavens in Salt Whistle Bay, West Indies  Ian & Andrea Treleaven
Long range cruising yachts world-wide may find they will be subject to tighter and tighter Customs scrutiny if yachts continue to be used for drug smuggling. Three sailors were arrested on a yacht off Ireland with half a billion Euro's worth of cocaine this week.

There are several sailing adventurers on the oceans at the moment, but none more admirable than the 74 year old who is on his eighth circumnavigation, Japanese solo Minoru Saito, at the moment off the east coast of Australia, and having just made a major repair to his hydraulic system. In the weeks to come, Sail-World will be following his progress.

There's a piece about the lovely destination of Malta and its allure for yachts, how Thai villagers are working to make life more comfortable for the cruising yachtie, and great news for those crossing the Indian Ocean where facilities are sparse – a new marina in Cochin (Kochi) in India, to break your crossing and make repairs.

Then the 2008 Piece de Resistance as far as salty stories go. Marlin Bree's story 'The Old Man and the Inland Sea' has won the 2008 Boating Writer's International Award, and you can read it in this issue. It's longer than our normal articles, but it's gripping, so allow some time!

From Crystal Blues in South East Asia comes Part 3 of their experiences with an AIS (Automatic Identification System), and Andrea and Ian Treleaven, those hardy perennial cruisers, are back in the Caribbean again, with tales you make you green with envy – (or maybe determined to go long range cruising yourself)

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail Happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

New Ovni Cruising Yacht at Paris Boat Show
Nancy Knudsen,
OVNI is Spanish or French for UFO(Unidentified Flying Object), but unless you're a Spanish or French landlubber it's better known as the name of those sleek little aluminium yachts you see flying French flags all over the cruising world. They're well designed, have a lifting keel which apparently works without giving trouble, and they sail like a superstar.... [more]

Destination of the Week: Malta
Nancy Knudsen,
Malta, that stony island with the long military history and the picturesque architecture, has always had a sailing-mad community, and flocks of visiting yachts from other parts of the Mediterranean. Now it's also becoming more and more a favourite destination for super yachts.... [more]

65ft Yacht Stormed in Irish Waters for Drug Haul
BW Media News Roundup,
It was a moment of high drama this week when armed teams stormed the 65ft yacht in the Atlantic Ocean 150 nautical miles off the south west coast of Ireland in gale force winds and seven metre waves. On board they found what they were looking for - 75 bales of Cocaine valued at over half a billion Euro.... [more]

Marina Facilities for Cochin (Kochi) in India
Hindu News/ Sail-World Cruising,
Sailors cruising the Indian Ocean (why don't more people do THAT?) or transiting the Indian Ocean on their way to other parts will be delighted to learn that there are soon to be marina facilities in the charismatic port of Kochi. The 'Marina', claimed to be the first facility in India where transiting yachts can be berthed is fast nearing completion at Bolgatty Island.... [more]

Letter from the Indies: Grenada, Caribbean Islands
Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
Ian and Andrea Treleaven, who have been entertaining Sail-World readers for years now with their tales of sailing in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, begin writing again from the start of their latest cruise aboard Cape Finisterre... [more]

Old Man and the Inland Sea - 2008 Winning Article
Marlin Bree,
"The Old Man and the Inland Sea': The story of Helmer Aakvik's courage to go out in a rising ice storm to save his young friend and his resourcefulness in surviving against great odds in the November waters of the USA's Lake Superior has won the Boating Writers International's 2008 West Marine Writer's Award. We here reprint the story in full with the kind permission of the author.... [more]

Phuket Villagers - Loving the Yachtie Visitors
Lisa Mylchreest,
Phuket in Thailand always boasted one of the cruising grounds that land-bound sailors dream about visiting - gentle breezes, azure skies, warm weather, easy swiming and diving in pristine aqua coloured water. Now, three years after the devastating tsunami which ravaged the area, the local villagers are working to retain the beauty and naturalness of their home - to the benefit of visiting yachts... [more]

AIS - One Cruiser's Experience, Part 3
Neil Langford,
Neil and Ley Langford have been cruising in South East Asia on their yacht Crystal Blues for many years now, and entertaining Sail-World readers with their adventures. Here Neil gives us Part 3 of their personal experiences with obtaining, installing and using an Automatic Identification System (AIS).... [more]

Buy Yacht, Sail Pacific, Sell in Oz = Free Trip
Ani Linton/Sail-World,
Comparison of yacht markets between the USA and Australia reveals that similar yachts are much less expensive in the USA. Entrepreneurial sailors are flying to Miami, purchasing a boat and then sailing it to Oz, enjoying a romantic and exciting holiday on the way. Sell the boat at a higher price, and you've had a free crossing - and now there's even a Transpacific Rally to make it easier... [more]

Flares Banned over Safety Fears
Luke Salkeld,Mailonline/Sail-World,
Coastguards in the United Kingdom have been banned from using flares in rescue missions after they were claimed to be a risk to health and safety. A spokesman for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency told Daily Mail that the devices, which are used to illuminate large areas of land and sea during night-time searches, could cause 'considerable injury'... [more]

Discovery Route record for Francis Joyon
Francis Joyon on maxi trimaran IDEC has set a new Discovery Route record of 9 days, 20 hours, 35 minutes. He crossed the finish line of the Discovery Route in San Salvador in the Bahamas today to 02 hours, 06 minutes Friday morning... [more]

Product of the Week: Portable Cable Ramp
BW Media,
Worried about other sailors or workmen tripping over your shore power cables? US company Furrion have come up with an excellent solution - it's a portable ramp which gives an alert that a cable is present, protects the cable and provides a ramp over it to prevent trips and falls. When you leave, just pick it up and take it with you - it's our Product of the Week.... [more]

World's Oldest Circumnavigator Disabled and Adrift
Nancy Knudsen,
74 year-old Minoru Saito, on his eighth circumnavigation after 38 days from Yokohama, has reached the coastline of Australia, and is disabled and drifting south. After motoring to clear some reefs, he has turned the engine off because a pump in his hydraulic system has failed. The autopilot is not working, the wheel is tied off, and he is adrift, taking advantage of the wind and current.... [more]

Governor proclaims Tall Ship Oliver Hazard Perry
Media Pro Int'l,
Aboard the 132-foot steel hull of Rhode Island's future Tall Ship Oliver Hazard Perry, Rhode Island Governor Donald L. Carcieri ceremoniously raised his state's flag today, after proclaiming that the vessel, during its construction and when it is sailing, will not only symbolize the state's rich maritime history but also represent the importance of the marine trades to Rhode Island... [more]

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