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 09 Nov 2008

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2008 - 2009 Volvo Ocean Race

Editorial: Volvo OR News - Week 3

Skipper Torben Grael,
after Ericsson 4 wins leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race, crossing the finish line at 05.54 GMT. Image by Dave Kneale   Volvo Ocean Race ©
Welcome to the Sail-World.Com's Volvo Ocean race newsletter for the 9 November 2008.

Sail-World is publishing a weekly newsletter for the duration of the Volvo Ocean race summarising the stories and images from the week.

Ericsson 4 (Torben Grael) crossed the finish line last Sunday to take the first leg of the Volvo Ocean race and take the race lead by 1pt from PUMA Racing (Ken Read) with Ericsson 3 (Anders Lewander) in third place.

However on the point table, Green Dragon (Ian Walker) holds third place overall, with Ericsson 3 in 6th place - due to her points penalties incurred for not having a valid measurement certificate.

Ericsson 3 and Ericsson 4 out of the water, on their cradles at the end of the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race in Cape Town, South Africa. Image by Rick Tomlinson  Volvo Ocean Race ©

Now with about six days left until the start of Leg 2 to Cochin, India - a distance of 4,400nm, the shore crews are hard at work in Cape Town.

Two of the eight competitors suffered major damage, with Telefonica Black suffering a broken rudder – initially thought to have been a construction failure, but on inspection in cape Town is now believed to have failed after striking an object.

Green Dragon also hit an unidentified underwater object when sailing at 25kts, bringing the yacht to a standstill. The upshot was a damaged keel, with the sacrificial fairing doing its job and preventing major structural damage.

Ericsson 4 wins leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race, crossing the finish line at 05.54 GMT. Skippered by Brazilian Torben Grael and with a crew of international sailors. Image by Rick Tomlinson  Volvo Ocean Race ©

Of the other competitors, Ericsson 3 is having a new keel fitted to alleviate her measurement penalties for the remaining legs.

All other competitors are having routine and planned maintenance only.

There have been some crew changes for the next leg – details in this issue.

Team Russia at sunset on leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race. Image by Mark Covell/Team Russia
The Volvo Ocean Race   Volvo Ocean Race ©

Also featured is a story from Stu Bannatyne, a watch captain on Ericsson 4 and one of five New Zealanders aboard, who expects the world 24hr monohull record to be broken several times during the Volvo Ocean Race and will eventually sit at 650nm by race end.

Remember to stay tuned to for all the latest Volvo Ocean race news and images as this race unfolds.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell

Sail-World's Volvo Ocean Race Editor

Bannatyne expects several new world 24hr records
Volvo Ocean Race Media,
Ericsson 4 watch captain Stu Bannatyne expects the world 24-hour record to be broken 'a few times' over the course of the next nine legs. The New Zealander was onboard Torben Grael's boat when it obliterated the existing monohull mark of 562 nautical miles by 40 miles during the leg one to Cape Town on October 29.... [more]

Images from the Volvo OR: Cape Town stopover
Volvo Ocean Race Media,
Images from the Cape Town stopover on the 2008/09 Volvo Ocean Race... [more]

Telefonica Blue camp confident of changes
Riath Al-Samarrai,
Telefonica team shore manager Campbell Field has identified a number of ways the Blue boat can tackle their downwind performance issues. Skipper Bouwe Bekking reported that his Volvo Open 70 lacked pace compared to the fleet's top guns when running in the first leg and also revealed a tendency to pitch bow-down in strong winds.... [more]

Reflections on Leg 1, looking to Leg 2 of Volvo OR
Volvo Ocean Race media,
With the Volvo Ocean Race fleet now safely ensconced in Cape Town, the shore crews are tackling job lists while the sailors recover. The teams, certainly, are looking ahead to leg two to Cochin, India, with the race start just one week away. But it may be instructive to look back over the past three weeks as well.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race Fleet analysis - Bouwe Bekking
Bouwe Bekking,
Volvo Ocean Race fleet is now safely in Cape Town at the end of Leg 1. Bouwe Bekking analyses the fleet and the immediate tasks ahead.... [more]

Crew changes for next leg of Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race media,
Puma Ocean Racing have announced that veteran duo Jerry Kirby and Jonathan McKee will be rested for the forthcoming leg to India. Martin Stromberg has recovered from a hand injury in time to take his place onboard Ericsson 3 and Team Russia today announced that Nick Bubb (29) takes on the role of Watch Leader for Leg 2.... [more]

Images of Volvo Ocean Race Leg 1
Volvo media,
Images of Volvo Ocean Race Leg 1 - Starting from Alicante in Spain, on 4 October 2008, it will, for the first time, take in Cochin, India, Singapore and Qingdao, China before finishing in St Petersburg, Russia for the first time in the history of the race... [more]

Ericsson 3 replace non-compliant keel
Volvo media,
Ericsson 3 have replaced their non-compliant keel and will no longer be penalised to the tune of one point per in-port race, one for each scoring gate and two for every leg finish. The keel arrived in Cape Town on Sunday, one day before the team crossed the finish line in third place... [more]

Images of Volvo OR: Telefonica Black arrives
Volvo Ocean Race Media,
Images of the arrival of a damaged Telefonica Black in cape Town - the final finisher on Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race... [more]

Telefonica Black finish Leg 1 bruised and battered
Volvo Ocean Race media,
Telefonica Black, bruised and battered after a incident-filled first leg, have reached the santuary of the finish port of Cape Town. The shore team's job list will be lengthy. Apart from shredding and having to repair four sails, the boat sustained considerable damage after a crash landing five days' ago when the fleet battled 40 knot gales and heavy seas.... [more]

Green Dragon assess keel damage
Lucy Harwood. Green Dragon Racing,
The Green Dragon has been stripped, the sails, boom, bunks, kit bags, rubbish, spare supplies and mast have been removed. This morning at 1000 local time (GMT + 2), Green Dragon was craned out of the water and into her temporary home. The first job was to assess the damage to the keel. Last Thursday (30/10/08) Green Dragon was stopped in her tracks.... [more]

Bekking reveals Telefonica Blue a handful downwind
Riath Al-Samarrai,
Despite Telefonica Blue being a handful downwind, skipper Bouwe Bekking is upbeat. 'We know the next couple of legs will be relatively light and its the light air where we have done really, really well,' he said.... [more]

Delta Lloyd arrives in Cape Town
Volvo Ocean Race media,
Ireland's Ger O'Rourke's last minute Irish/Dutch entry, Team Delta Lloyd safely crossed the finish in Cape Town to night at 2303 GMT (0103 local time), to finish the leg in seventh position. Ger O'Rourke said, 'It's been a big learning curve and it's not going to come overnight. I'm looking at this as a stepping stone for 2011. We're learning how to improve every day. '... [more]

Team Russia's Kosatka sixth into Cape Town
Volvo media,
Unshaven, exhausted and five places behind the leader, Andreas Hanakamp stepped off Team Russia entry Kosatka at the end of the first leg this evening and declared: 'I loved it.'... [more]

Telefonica Blue finishes Leg 1 Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race media,
Telefonica Blue crossed the finish line in Cape Town at 11:18:37 GMT to take fifth place on leg one of the Volvo Ocean Race.... [more]

Images of the Volvo OR: PUMA Racing second Leg 1
Volvo Ocean Race Media,
US entry PUMA Racing (Ken Read) has finished second on leg 1 of the Volvo, Ocean Race... [more]

Puma second to Volvo finish in Cape Town
VOR media,
At 17:44 GMT Sunday, PUMA, skippered by America's Ken Read, a first-time skipper in this event, crossed the finish line today in Cape Town to take second place in leg one of the Volvo Ocean Race, after 22 days, five hours, 44 minutes and 50 seconds (22:05:44:50)... [more]

Volvo Ten Zulu Report - What about the rest?
Mark Chisnell,
Skipper Torben Grael and his team aboard Ericsson 4 are sipping cold beers and downing some burgers in the Race Village in Cape Town – hot showers, dry clothes and warm embraces all round after a great performance - Puma set for second - then it's anybody's guess... [more]

Ericsson 4 wins first Volvo Ocean Race Leg
VOR Media,
At 05:54 GMT or 07:54am local time, Ericsson 4, skippered by Torben Grael, drifted across the finish line off Cape Town to win Leg One of the Volvo Ocean Race.... [more]

Boat Blogs Day 22 Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race competitors,
Boat Blogs from Day 22, Leg 1 Volvo Ocean Race as the fleet approaches Cape Town. E4 carried on in stealth mode, time for reflection on Puma and on Green ragon they are rebilding spinnakers. Read on ............. [more]

Volvo Ten Zulu report - Ericsson 4 charges on
Mark Chisnell,
The stakes are being cut, trenches dug, bayonets sharpened and ammunition stacked as a wall rises around Cape Town. This is not an impregnable wall, not the thousand years of primacy of Constantinople sort of wall, more your thrown together, desperate-last-stand kind of hasty defensive position.... [more]

A wounded fleet and Day 20 Boat Blogs
Lucy Harwood and various VOR competitors,
The Volvo Ocean Race last night saw the fleet battle squalls, a volatile sea and all of this, whilst trying to keep the boat en route for Cape Town at the fastest speed possible in the pitch black. It was an eventful evening as the storm took its toll and the war of attrition began.... [more]

Volvo Ten Zulu Report for Thursday, Day 20
Mark Chisnell,
Torben Grael and the crew of Ericsson 4 swept into the history books yesterday, in their foaming, boiling, 25-knot wake the fleet lies scattered as the devil and the deep blue sea picked off the hindmost one by one РTelefónica Black lost a rudder, wiped off their bowsprit and damaged one of their daggerboards - We're almost down to the last man standing... [more]

New Record - Ericsson 4 breaks 600 mile barrier
Cameron Kelleher,
Ericsson 4 broke through the 600-mile barrier as their historic run continued with the log reaching 602.66 nautical miles at 18:54 GMT. It eclipsed the previous best 24-hour run for a racing monohull of 562.96 miles set by Sebastian Josse and the crew of ABN AMRO TWO on the second leg of the 2005-06 race from Cape Town to Melbourne. Ericsson 4 added nearly 40 miles to that figure.... [more]

Volvo Ten Zulu Report - Record goes in dash south
Mark Chisnell,
The clich√© ‘batten down the hatches' has its origins in the process of securing square rigged sailing ships for bad weather. And over the last couple of days, the crews of the Volvo Open 70s have described their own metaphoric and literal battening of hatches – albeit it with sikaflex and sailing bags, rather than pitch and pine... [more]

Big storm brewing for Volvo fleet
Volvo Ocean Race media,
In the Volvo Ocean Race, most of the fleet is posting 24-hour runs near 400 miles now, with Ericsson 3 the standout performer at 417 miles. That's allowed Anders Lewander to close back to within 50 miles of the leaders on the 0700 position report. Different models are presenting different maximum wind strengths, but certainly gale force winds (above 34 knots) are on the cards for a sustained peri... [more]

2008 - 2009 Volvo Ocean Race
The 2008-09 event will be the 10th running of this ocean marathon...
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