Circumnavigating the Americas...two teens compete for youngest circumnavigator...Fine Croatia sailing...Two Captain Calamities banned...Australian Customs, the real story...and more...

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Zac  .. .
Not one teen but two -photo Julien Girardot DPPI  .. .
This week again there is a barrage of interesting and useful stories – There are hints for liveaboards during winter and the story of how a rally yacht hits a reef in the South Pacific and sinks.
Not one but two sixteen year olds are circumnavigating the world solo trying to be the youngest... and Saddam's yacht is for sale – again.

There's more... It's finally getting very hot for the pirates of Somalia... Sir Richard Branson throws in the towel... and a delightful tale on cruising in Croatia.

Scroll down through these stories, choose the ones that appeal, and click more...


Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Second Teen Vies for 'Youngest Around the World'
Nancy Knudsen,
While American teen Zac Sunderland (born November 29, 1991) tries for the title of 'Youngest sailor around the world' and follows the rolling seas across the Indian Ocean with a repaired tiller and a splinted broken boom, a second young sailor, British teen Mike Perham is about to set sail to vie for same title.... [more]

Around the Americas - the First Circumnavigation
BW Media,
Just when I thought that every sailing first had been accomplished, the first circumnavigation of the Americas is in now the planning stages! Two non-profit organizations are cooperating and now in preparation for an epic circumnavigation of North and South America. The project is aimed at building awareness for ocean preservation, and has been generously underwritten initially by The Tiff... [more]

Francis Joyon sets off on solo Route Discovery
Event media,
French solo adventurer Francis Joyon, who circled the world in just over 57 days eight months ago, and skipper of the maxi trimaran IDEC, has left Cadiz in Spain to sail the route across the Atlantic Ocean known as the 'Discovery Route', the route taken by Christopher Columbus when he first 'discovered' the Americas - and thought it was India - in 1492... [more]

Now Two UK Captain Calamity's Banned
Sarah Knapton,Telegraph/Sail-World Cruising,
How many Captain Calamity's does it take to make a good summer for rescue crews? There are now two English sailors who have actually been banned from sailing by local authorities in 2008 for being continually rescued.... [more]

Dangers for Winter's Liveaboard Sailors
US Coastguard/Sail-World Cruising,
The global recession is having some unanticipated consequences for sailors. In the USA the Coast Guards, Fire Brigades and Harbormasters are joining forces to educate liveaboard sailors about the dangers of staying aboard their boats in winter instead of seeking other shelter during the icy months... [more]

Australian Customs and the Cruising Sailor
Nancy Knudsen,
Arrival into Australia, with its insistence of compliance with Customs laws can come as a rude shock to sailors used to the laid back ways of the islands they visited in their transit across the Pacific:'What are you doing here? I know you - You bad man - I want to see you in my office in ten minutes!' 'Okay Okay I'll come. I had a problem with my engine - I had to come back' The yacht... [more]

Fine Croatia Sailing - and take your Hiking Boots
Anna Pavord, the Independent/Sail-World,
Croatia has over 1000 islands along its shores, plenty to explore in sailing holiday after sailing holiday - but the best advice is to take your hiking boots to find the real secrets of the islands.... [more]

Yacht in South Pacific Rally Lost on Reef
Nancy Knudsen,
An American-flagged yacht participating in the South Pacific's Port2Port Rally from Vanuatu and Noumea to Bundaberg in Australia has hit Kenn Reef, an atoll on a submerged continental block about 280 nm north east of Gladstone. After sounding a Mayday, the crew, James and Allen sailing on the 44 ft monohulled yacht Hot Ice, were taken off the floundered boat by fellow rally participants... [more]

Royal Perth Yacht Club - What Crisis?
While the world liquidity crisis has resulted in reports of slowdowns and mass sackings in many parts of the luxury yacht industry worldwide, there's one corner of the sailing world which hasn't seemed to notice.... [more]

Abu Dhabi Yacht Show Sold Out
Informa Yacht Group (IYG) announced today that 80% of Abu Dhabi Yacht Show's (ADYS) 7,000 square meters of exhibition space has already sold out.... [more]

Saddam's Yacht for Sale - Again!
Nancy Knudsen,
It must be one very confused superyacht by now. The secret yacht with the secret escape tunnel which was launched by Saddam Hussein in 1981, is for sale - again - this time by the Iraqi Government. No doubt current Iraqi leader Nouri al-Maliki feels he could do with the US$35 million or so they are asking for it.... [more]

Tall Ship Oliver Hazard Perry Arrives in Newport
Barby MacGowan,
The 132-foot hull of Rhode Island's future Tall Ship Oliver Hazard Perry arrived in Newport today, after being towed 892 miles from its former home in Amherstburg, Ontario. TSRI projects it will need another $3 million to complete the ship and has embarked on a fund-raising campaign that has thus far been extremely successful, allowing TSRI to purchase the hull for $339,000... [more]

Branson abandons Atlantic record attempt
VAlex Mills,
An exhausted Richard Branson, speaking via satellite phone aboard Virgin Money, two days into their attempt to break the transatlantic mono-hull speed record. Has described the - night of hell - when Virgin Money was struck by a massive wave from behind – washing one of our life rafts over board. Her badly torn mainsail cannot be repaired at sea and the record attempt has had to be abandoned.... [more]

Hotting up for Pirates in Gulf of Aden
AFP/Des Ryan,
The waters of the Gulf of Aden are finally hotting up for Somali pirates. Apart from the swift action on a couple of occasions by France in freeing their French sailors and arresting pirates, months of Talkfest have so far been the only result of the United Nations edict permitting foreign nations to pursue pirates in Somali waters. But now, hopefully, it will be different.... [more] - Contributors Guidelines
Richard Gladwell,,
Guidelines for sailors writing articles for publication on Our website encompasses all forms of sailing, including cruising. Whether its racing in yachts, skiffs or dinghies, regattas, twilights or ocean races, there is always a story waiting to be told Sail-World is happy to receive your articles. Be it profiles of people and boats, tuning, tactics, techniques, safety and seamans... [more]

The Bakers new Island Packet 485
Susan Veal,
Julian Plante from North Sails Sydney recently headed to Mackay to meet up with Brian Baker and his wife to outfit their new Spectra Gatorback sails for their Island Packet 485.... [more]

Bermuda's Massive Birthday Bash - Tall Ships' Race
Jessie Moniz The Royal Gazette,
A massive year-long Birthday Bash is planned for 2009 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the wreck of the Sea Venture, which occurred in the infancy of the tiny Bermuda settlement. The celebrations will involve a many celebrations including a book, plays, a royal visit and a tall ships race.... [more]

Australian Wooden Boat Festival - a Profile
Cheryl Barnett/Sail-World,
There's nothing in modern yacht design that can replace the exquisite grace of the best of the classic sailing boats. This must be the reason that wooden boats and wooden boat festivals are so popular round the world. Whether is the famed Mediterranean Yacht Classic Series, or the local river festival with only a dozen boats, the enthusiasm is the same... [more]

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