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23 Oct 2008

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Seas Still Crammed with Sailing Adventure

Just go sailing, and 'leave the world behind'  .
While the majority of the population of Australia seem locked in marathon discussions about the plight of the capitalist world, our seas and oceans are still delightfully crammed with not only adventurers and their tales, but adventures YOU can enjoy as well, both large and small.

For instance, next Sunday there'll be a grand spectacle on the shores of Balmain in Sydney – fun for sailor and non-sailor alike. Did you miss Gaffers' Day? – then catch up by reading about it here...Fantastic news that the Cruising Yacht Club (notice the word 'cruising' in the name?) is organising a Cruise to Hobart early in the New Year. I forecast this will be a real winner, so don't delay in applying. Its arrival will coincide with the Wooden Boat Festival in Tassie, and then for the really enthusiastic, you can circumnavigate Tasmania in company!

As I write, teen solo Zac Sunderland is sailing west from remote Cocos Keeling, and Parson is the hero. Who is Parson? Why he is the local wood worker of Home Island in Cocos, and he has rescued Zac by not only fashioning a new tiller but also splinting Zac's broken boom ready for his westward sail to Africa. Such is the fortuitous nature of long range cruising.

In other news, there's Sir Richard Branson, just begun his attempt(with a little help) to be the fastest to sail the Atlantic; Pete Goss (hardy Englishman forever a hero for his rescue of fellow sailor in the Southern Ocean) has just departed England in an old lugger for Australia; and a couple of mad professional windsurfers tell their story of sailing the English Channel.

Off the coast of France racing boat Hugo Boss has just been rammed by a fishing boat - while stationary; Lindsay Wright tells his tale of an encounter with six whales in the Tasman, one of which holed his sturdy trimaran; and in the US Virgin Islands they are recovering from the loss of 50 boats sunk by Hurricane Omar.

On a practical note, there's new guide to Phuket just out, some excellent advice on taking your dog along when you go sailing, an amazing product that will keep the number of drilled holes in your boat to a minimum, and the Naughtical Almanac is sure to give you a laugh or three.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sail Happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

CYCA announces Cruise to Hobart in 2009
Peter Campbell,
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, with the cooperation of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, is pleased to announce details of an organised Cruise to Hobart to take place in January – February 2009. The arrival date is set to coincide with the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, as well as the White & McAllister Van Diemen's Land Circumnavigation Cruise which departs Hobart on 11 February 2009.... [more]

Balmain Sailing Club Regatta-Don't Miss it Sunday!
Tony Partridge,
If you're anywhere near Sydney next weekend, there's a sight you shouldn't miss! Historic Balmain will be celebrating its nautical heritage again this year with the Balmain Regatta, to be held at the Balmain Sailing Club on Sunday 26th October, offering great on-shore viewing. A Parade of Sail will be followed by racing, and lots of shore activities... [more]

Perfect conditions for Gaffers Day 2008
Peter Campbell,
Sydney Harbour turned on perfect sailing conditions on Sunday for Sydney Amateur Sailing Club's Gaffers Day 2008, a rally for vessels that hoist a spar (gaffers) and classic Bermudan rigged yachts.... [more]

Queensland Boaties Hit with Rego Rises
Jeni Bone,
Queensland boaties have been hit with rises of up to 80-100% for boat registration, explained away by the government as being a result of 'increased demand in boating infrastructure'.... [more]

Bellingham Marina Builder Declared 'Green'
BW Media,
One of Australia's foremost marina builders, Bellingham Marine Australia, has been awarded certification as a 'low carbon marina industries business' by the Queensland government. Minister for Tourism, Regional Development and Industry Desley Boyle congratulated the company on becoming the first marina industries company to gain certification under the initiative.... [more]

Windsurfers Cross English Channel
Guy Cribb/Sail-World Cruising,
Two professional windsurfers at the top of their field have just sailed the English Channel. Englishman Guy Cribb and Frenchman Antoine Albeau sailed together through rough seas this week. Here Guy tells the story: 'There must be easier ways to get windsurfing on the TV' I thought as I was bounced high out of the water and twisted round in mid air off the hellish chop, on the verge of a catap... [more]

Sir Richard Branson - Off to Transatlantic Record
BW Media,
One thing Sir Richard Branson has always been good at is publicity - and his new Transatlantic attempt is proving no exception. With the world watching, he willl join New Zealander and 2006 ISAF Sailor of the Year Mike Sanderson and Olympic medallist Ben Ainslie, leaving New York tomorrow on his 100 foot supermaxi Virgin Money in an attempt to break the Transatlantic sailing record.... [more]

Miracle Repairs for Zac in Cocos Keeling
Nancy Knudsen,
With the cyclone season commencing in just a few weeks, teenage adventure sailor Zac Sunderland arrived into Cocos Keeling in the Indian Ocean last week, sailing under genoa alone and with multiple breakages aboard his 36 ft boat, Intrepid. Apart from the fuel problems which have dogged him since Port Moresby, he had broken his tiller and a 'snapped' boom... [more]

Tigers flying back to Balmain
Mark Cherrington,
The name “Tigers” is almost synonymous with Balmain and on Sunday October 26 –the 156th Anniversary of the first Balmain Regatta – a new team of Tigers will be coming to Balmain Sailing Club.... [more]

Pete Goss Departs on Classic Adventure
Stuart Elford,
British sailor and adventurer Pete Goss and the intrepid crew of Spirit of Mystery have begun their epic voyage to Australia. Taking advantage of a change in the wind, they slipped lines yesterday evening(Monday 20 October), waved goodbye to the gathered crowd and set sail from Newlyn for the long journey south.... [more]

PULEESE take me with you! - Dogs and Sailing
Ann Cameron Siegal BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
Across all the oceans of the world you can find sailors who take their dogs and cats with them when they cruise, and put up with the inconviences for the love of the animals... and there ARE inconveniences. Most dogs do adjust to life on board without much fuss. However, good preparation can make life much easier when travelling with Fido, or Fluffy.... [more]

Sailors Almanac of Naughtical Terms
This Almanac of Naughtical Terms has been created over the years, and traditionally passed from hand to hand, its author lost in antiquity, but compulsory reading for those who wish to understand the real fundamentals of sailing.... [more]

Sailor tells:How the Whale Holed My Trimaran
Mark Cherrington,
In April last year, as 15 boats set sail from New Plymouth (New Zealand) to Mooloolaba (Queensland, Australia), for the 2007 Solo Transtasman race, there was one sailor missing, Lindsay Wright, whose trimaran had been holed by a whale in January. Here he tells the story of how his 31ft Newark Val trimaran Loose Goose, came to a sticky end while enroute from Auckland to New Plymouth:... [more]

What did you do on the weekend?
Jardine Media,
It's Monday morning and chances are you're huddled around the water cooler at work conducting the typical weekend post mortem. The 20 somethings discuss their night out with world weary cynicism, but oddly enough still manage to remember precisely what they took, when and with whom; the 30 somethings didn't go anywhere or do anything- they've usually got young kids; but from 40 onwards people te... [more]

Noah's Ark II not as safe as the original Cruising,
You'd think calling your sailing boat Noah's Ark should give it a head start in survival aptitude, but it didn't help the crew of the little boat called (reverently no doubt) Noah's Ark II the other day when everything seemed to go wrong at once... [more]

Trial by Tasman - a delivery tale
Lindsay Wright,
For a start, I automatically mistrust anyone who calls a boat 'it.' Using the impersonal general usage pronoun means that that person views their vessel as a mere chattel. It means that they've missed the preternatural link between boats and people; the spiritual aspect of boat husbandry that has been part of human contact with the oceans since primordial time.... [more]

Phuket Marine Guide - 6th edition launched
Ensign Media,
The sixth edition of the annual Phuket Marine Guide was launched early October by publishers Ensign Media Co. Ltd.... [more]

Product of the Week - SeaSuckers
Des Ryan,
There are as many applications on a sailing boat for this product as your imagination will allow. SeaSuckers are very powerful vacuum-cup mounts (they are NOT suction cups), to attach a series of accessories to your boat WITHOUT putting in screws or having to drill holes. You could attach winch handle holders, grab bars, drink holders, barbecues, GPS's, cameras, radios - the list goes on..... [more]

Leaping Dolphin Lands in Boat
Lisa Mylchreest,
A young dolphin in the USA's Intracoastal Waterway is today recovering from the shock of an unscheduled landing into a humans's boat when practising its leaps yesterday... [more]

Centenary of the Falls of Halladale Sinking
Warrnambool Guide/Sail-World Cruising,
Next month in Warrnambool, the centenary of one of the greatest shipwrecks of all will be celebrated. The Falls of Halladale went down in full sight of the coast after hitting a submerged reef of the coast of Peterborough. It was a foggy morning almost 100 years ago when the cargo ship struck a reef about 150 metres out to sea... [more]

A Five Star Resort Under Sail and Power
Rob Mundle,
Twenty knots upwind while relaxing in a spa bath on the foredeck of an 18-metre long yacht . . . It sounds too good to be true, but it is one of the many luxuries to be enjoyed aboard the first of the new Perry MS-59 catamaran motor-sailers when it is launched next month.... [more]

Stationary Hugo Boss Holed, Dismasted by Fishermen
Nancy Knudsen,
The AIS, about which so much has been written, does not protect against all craft. While stationary outside a French port, world class racing yacht Hugo Boss has just been holed and dismasted by a fishing vessel which was obviously not keeping a lookout.... [more]

Financial Health Check required?
Jardine Media,
With the global share market bucking like an out of control bronco, it's a good time to sit down and work out where you can save a few pennies. Call it a financial health check, or call it a re-evaluation of your credit providers, it all boils down to taking a hard look at your own financial portrait: and be honest, do you see the monetary equivalent of Dorian Gray in the mirror?... [more]

Eight bells - Dr Des Cooper 1927-2008
Peter Campbell,
Dr Des Cooper, a noted Hobart surgeon and ocean racing and cruising yachtsman, died at his home at Kettering yesterday after an extended illness, aged 81. Dr Cooper was Commodore of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania from 1981 to 1984, with his wife Marion becoming the first woman Commodore of the Club from 2004-2007.... [more]

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