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21 Oct 2008


Major Events

Extreme 40s


While the Middle Sea fleet wallows around in no breeze in the Med, the crews from the VinaCapital Hong Kong Vietnam Race are on their way home after a great ride south (except the back markers, who also found the Soft Stuff).

We've got Volvo Ocean Race news, iShares Cup, the NOR for the next Manila-Boracay Race, and a solar-powered circumnvigation (just to be different!)

Grab a coffee, and start the week with a good read...

Racing fleet finishes Vietnam Race
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Both crews reported a good trip across from Hong Kong – Joachim Isler (Ambush) said the ride was 'cracking' (of course). Both boats reported wind speeds in excess of 30 knots at times, with FMJ owner Chris Meads delighted to be Top Gun for the trip with a top speed of 26.2 knots on the whizzometer.... [more]

Hi Fi wins VinaCapital Vietnam Race 2008
RHKYC Event Media,
Early position reports, and a favourable Observatory forecast suggested that this was going to be one of the fastest Hong Kong to Vietnam races on record, however by midday on day two it was apparent that the wind gods were declining to cooperate, with most of the fleet getting stuck in a major 'hole'.... [more]

Hi Fi Line Honours - Vietnam Race 2008
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Neil Pryde's Hi Fi crossed the finish line of the VinaCapital Hong Kong Vietnam Race at 2006 hrs (local time) tonigh 17th October. 'We're very happy to we here,' said Pryde to the assembled Vietnamese press who had waited patiently all day for the arrival.... [more]

FfreeFire 52 leading Vietnam fleet
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Ho Ho Ho, Jeff McLellan's much-modified X-99, has a broken rudder stock and is making her way towards Sanya, Hainan, 100 nm away (1900 hrs HKT) and motoring at 4 kts in 2-3m seas. All aboard are safe and well,... [more]

Waiting and watching - Vietnam Race 2008
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Communications have been impaired by the fact that not all Vietnamese mobile phone service providers permit calls to go through to satphones, so there has been a certain amount of to-ing and fro-ing with comms links Vietnam-Hong Kong-the fleet and vice versa.... [more]

VinaCapital Hong Kong to Vietnam Race 2008
RHKYC Event Media,
On one of Hong Kong's glorious ‘autumn' days, the ten entrants in the VinaCapital Hong Kong to Vietnam Race gathered off the southeast of Lamma Island for the 1200 hrs start of the biennial 656nm Offshore Category 1 yacht race to Nha Trang in Vietnam.... [more]

Green Dragon leads, Puma follows - Volvo OR
Lucy Harwood/Various VOR Competitors,
Volvo Ocean Race - As soon as the reports came out showing the gains the Dragon had made in the west the fleet followed suit with PUMA and Ericsson 3 gybing to their position. 30 minutes later Ericsson 4 followed them. By Sunday afternoon Ian Walker and his crew were on port gybe on a straight line to the gate at Fernando de Noronha.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - Green Dragon to get big lead
Richard Gladwell,
Green Dragon (Ian Walker GBR) looks set to make a big gain on the Volvo Ocean race fleet over the next 24 hours, as she carries winds of over 7kts while the rest of the fleet experience conditions varying from 2.0kts to less the 4.0kts The next best wind reading is on the former ABN Amro One, which won the last race, but is not a noted light airs performer. She has 4.5 kts, and is 242nm away f... [more]

Sailor tells:How the Whale Holed My Trimaran
Mark Cherrington,
In April last year, as 15 boats set sail from New Plymouth (New Zealand) to Mooloolaba (Queensland, Australia), for the 2007 Solo Transtasman race, there was one sailor missing, Lindsay Wright, whose trimaran had been holed by a whale in January. Here he tells the story of how his 31ft Newark Val trimaran Loose Goose, came to a sticky end while enroute from Auckland to New Plymouth:... [more]

UK Halsey Sailmakers 24hr Charity Dinghy Race 2008
Suzy Rayment,
The UK Halsey Sailmakers 24hr Charity Dinghy Race, organised by the Hebe Haven Yacht Club, saw 29 boats and 300 sailors cover a total of 978 miles over the 24 hour period. The overall winners were the Hebe Dragons sailing a total of 68 laps, with the Imperial Poona Yacht Club coming one lap behind to take second place, and Team Gromit third with 66 laps.... [more]

Trio fight for Rolex Middle Sea Race lead
Event Media,
The three frontrunners in the Rolex Middle Sea Race are probably delighted to be fast approaching Stromboli. Rosebud (USA), Moneypenny (USA) and Alegre (GBR) have been locked together for much of the race so far and it looks as though this pattern is set to continue. Behind them, the much smaller Ran (GBR) is chasing hard, with a deficit of only 4.5 nm.... [more]

Solar powered circumnavigation planned
PlanetSolar SA,
PlanetSolar has a goal: to be the first to circumnavigate the globe in a 'solar' boat, i.e. one powered by a silent, pollution-free electrical engine, driven exclusively by solar energy... [more]

Rolex Middle Sea Race - Moneypenny early leader
Even in light wind the start of the Rolex Middle Sea Race is something special. Surprisingly given the feeble north-westerly wind that presented itself this morning, all but one start got away cleanly. Probably less surprising is that it was the 100-foot Rapture, the biggest yacht in the fleet, that fluffed her lines finding herself half a boat length over.... [more]

2008 iShares Cup season review:10 stunning moments
iShares Cup Media,
The 2008 iShares Cup was a true show-stopper, with the competing teams producing one of the most dramatic regatta circuits of all time. It's time to look back on some of the best moments from a thoroughly memorable year.... [more]

Stationary Hugo Boss Holed, Dismasted by Fishermen
Nancy Knudsen,
The AIS, about which so much has been written, does not protect against all craft. While stationary outside a French port, world class racing yacht Hugo Boss has just been holed and dismasted by a fishing vessel which was obviously not keeping a lookout.... [more]

505 Worlds Final day
Simon Reffold,
Yet another glorious sunrise greeted competitors in the 505 Worlds here in Mondello Sicily this morning. The Med was magnificent, the breakfast's sumptuous and the wind non-existent . . . again. But to cheer you up we do have images from previous days racing.... [more]

Tough couple of days onboard Green Dragon
Lucy Harwood - Green Dragon Racing,
It has been a tough couple of days onboard Green Dragon, the route through the Canary Islands proved crucial. Green Dragon's navigator Ian Moore explained the situation,'When we gybed away from the pack we felt uneasy about it .... I think that we underestimated the good shifts everyone else was getting down that coast.... [more]

Boracay Race - NOR
MYC Event Media,
Notice of Race Standard Insurance – Smart Infinity Manila to Boracay Race 2009... [more]

Puma leads VOR as Telefonica Black regrets move
Volvo Ocean Race media,
At the front of the fleet, PUMA continues to slowly stretch away from Ericsson 4. But for Telefonica Black, it's likely been a couple of days they would rather forget.... [more]

Gitana Eighty in preparation for Vendée Globe
Kate Jennings - Expression,
At the end of the week, in line with a request by the race organisers, the monohull equipped by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild will leave its home port of La Trinité-sur-Mer, Brittany, for Les Sables d'Olonne, where start of the Vendée Globe will be given on 9th November... [more]

Puma leads - Green Dragon reappears - Volvo Race
Volvo media,
At 04:00 GMT Wednesday, StealthPlay came into action for the first time. In the approach to the Canary Islands, Ian Walker and Green Dragon played their joker and decided it was time to go into hiding. They disappeared for 12 hours, reappearing on the 16:00 GMT position report this afternoon... [more]

505 Worlds in Stealthplay mode,
The 505 World Championships taking place in Italy seem to have joined the Volvo Green Dragon entry and taken the Stealthplay option - Results are not being updated and clicking links crashes the website... [more]


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