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Editorial: The Volvo OR turns for Green Dragon

Dave Kneale: Green Dragon puts their boat to the test, offshore at the start of leg 1 of The Volvo Ocean Race.   Volvo Ocean Race ©
Welcome to Sail-World.Com's NZ newsletter for 20 October 2008

TheVolvo Ocean Race has entered an interesting phase as the eight competitors enter the Doldrums.

We have been tracking the various options during the day using Expedition and PredictWind. With each report the situation changes, but the trend is clear - that the Ian Walker skippered Green Dragon has made a big move in the race, and has snuck through into the lead.

We expect her lead to increase substantially for a while, before she also hits the light winds and her two primary competitors, PUMA Racing and Ericsson 3 will reel her in.

Even so, we expect Green Dragon to have a 10 mile lead as she round the first gate of the race off the coast of Brazil. From there she should be able to hold a held running back across the South Atlantic to the first stop over in Cape Town.

Ian Walker and navigator, Ian Moore have proved the old Round the World maxim - 'west is best' meaning that by taking the most westerly course of the fleet they have picked up stronger winds and are sailing in 7kts of breeze while their competitors are in less than 3kts.

You don't have to be too bright to be able to envisage, how quickly the gap will open.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates.

Guy Salter/Ericsson 4: Dave Endean (NZL) trimming on Ericsson 4, 12th October 2008, 45 miles from the Gibraltar straights with Ericsson 3 to leeward. 0700UTC on leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race

  Volvo Ocean Race ©

In this issue we have published, courtesy of and interview with Dyer Jones, who was race Director for the 2007 America's and Louis Vuitton Cups.

At times the interview is very candid, as in this excerpt:

'Alinghi gets great credit for winning on its first try,' Jones says. 'But that's a pitfall. The Swiss don't have any history in the event. You have to lose to learn: suffer some hard knocks, try your hardest and fail. The people negotiating the protocol had no experience in the event, even as observers. The new protocol would have been created under a corporate management structure. Some of the executives were not sailors. They'd ‘been sailing,' but as we know, there's a difference.

As of today, there are just four more sleeps left until the start of the HSBC Premier Coastal Classic. The total entry is now up to 230 yachts, which makes this a very significant on world terms.

There seems to be several perspectives on the weather for the run north.
Guy Salter/Ericsson 4: Stuart Bannatyne (NZL) trimming at sunset with Ericsson 3 to leeward in extremely light winds on Lleg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race

  Volvo Ocean Race ©

In this edition, Zoe Hawkins has been checking around her sources and provides their feedback on the weather. It would seem that there is a string likelihood of strong head winds.

We have started running numbers, for the HSBC Coastal Classic, in which is showing a different view with light to moderate westerlies prevailing for the race of just over 100nm.

As we get closer to the start we'll put up more weather prognosis's courtesy of PredictWind
PredictWind for lead in to the HSBC Coastal Classic

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Line 7 is the Official Clothing Supplier to the Coastal Classic and a Race Division sponsor, and this is a great deal if you need some new kit, or someone you know is a little wanting in this regard. Don't forget their great deal on Coastal Classic clothing.

And for something completely different don't miss Lindsay Wright's account of a delivery voyage across the Tasman. We don't have a full set of illustrations but it is a very well written, amusing and salutary account, nevertheless.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

Images from the Volvo OR: Life onboard - 2
Volvo Ocean Race,
More images from Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race as the fleet head towards the Doldrums to reach the first gate on Leg 1 off the coast of Brazil... [more]

Rolex Middle Sea fleet chases leading four yachts
Regatta News,
The leading yachts in the 29th Rolex Middle Sea Race are Rosebud (USA) and Alegre (GBR), locked together 30nm due north of Cefalu on the northern coast of Sicily. Slighter higher lies Moneypenny (USA) and RAN (GBR) has closed right up. At the Stromboli transit, the Class 4 yacht Spirit of Ad Hoc (FRA) leads overall on corrected time.... [more]

Letter from America: Dyer Jones - AmCup Director
Roger Vaughan,
Roger Vaughan, internationally published writer for print and television, talks to Dyer Jones exclusively for 'Alinghi gets great credit for winning on its first try,' Jones says. 'But that's a pitfall. The Swiss don't have any history in the event. You have to lose to learn: suffer some hard knocks, try your hardest and fail.... [more]

Andrew Campbell's real life MOB Drill
Andrew Campbell,
We were racing in Annapolis at the Eastport Yacht Club on Saturday and practicing Sunday with Stu McNay's new (to him) Melges 24. All in a given weekend, we had good tacks and bad tacks, good sets bad sets, we hooked a crab-pot so badly that we had to douse the spinnaker, go head to wind, and back down to get the darn thing off, we even saved a guy.... [more]

Images from the Volvo OR: Life onboard - 1
Volvo Ocean Race,
Images from Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race as the fleet head towards the Doldrums to reach the first gate on Leg 1 off the coast of Brazil... [more]

Flying Dutchman prepares for Nationals Nov 1-3
Richard Scarr,
Flying Dutchman's count down to National titles on Sydney Harbour and World Titles in Napier New Zealand.Woollahra sailing club is a hive of activity with 6 Flying Dutchman's busy training for The Murrays Craft Brewing Flying Dutchman National Championship 2008/09 being hosted by Sydney Flying Squadron, McDougall Street, Kirribilli on 1, 2, 3 November 2008.... [more]

Linda Elias Memorial Women's One Design Challenge
Rick Roberts,
Casey Hogan and Newport Harbor Yacht Club's Women's Sailing Team won the 2008 Linda Elias Memorial Women's One Design Challenge Sunday. Sailing on the same Catalina 37s used in the Congressional Cup match race held every year at LBYC, Hogan, who was third at the end of the day's racing Saturday, fought back on Sunday.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - Green Dragon to get big lead
Richard Gladwell,
Green Dragon (Ian Walker GBR) looks set to make a big gain on the Volvo Ocean race fleet over the next 24 hours, as she carries winds of over 7kts while the rest of the fleet experience conditions varying from 2.0kts to less the 4.0kts The next best wind reading is on the former ABN Amro One, which won the last race, but is not a noted light airs performer. She has 4.5 kts, and is 242nm away f... [more]

Trial by Tasman - a delivery tale
Lindsay Wright,
For a start, I automatically mistrust anyone who calls a boat 'it.' Using the impersonal general usage pronoun means that that person views their vessel as a mere chattel. It means that they've missed the preternatural link between boats and people; the spiritual aspect of boat husbandry that has been part of human contact with the oceans since primordial time.... [more]

Tough race predicted for HSBC Coastal Classic
Zoe Hawkins,
On the nose, close hauled, sailing uphill, beating to weather, punching into it, pounding into it, smacking the snorer, doing the dead maggot or taking the elevator – whatever you call sailing into a headwind, the long range forecast for this weekend's HSBC Premier Coastal Classic Auckland to Russell Yacht Race suggests a toughie.... [more]

In Review - Week One of the Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race media,
When Leg One of the Volvo Ocean Race started in Alicante on October 11, only the most optimistic race fans would have predicted such a tight battle one week into the event.... [more]

Trio fight for Rolex Middle Sea Race lead
Event Media,
The three frontrunners in the Rolex Middle Sea Race are probably delighted to be fast approaching Stromboli. Rosebud (USA), Moneypenny (USA) and Alegre (GBR) have been locked together for much of the race so far and it looks as though this pattern is set to continue. Behind them, the much smaller Ran (GBR) is chasing hard, with a deficit of only 4.5 nm.... [more]

US SAILING Membership Elects three Directors
Marlieke de Lange Eaton,
During a voting process that took nearly six weeks, US SAILING members voted to fill three positions on the organization's Board of Directors.... [more]

Volvo Ten Zulu report - Sunday, Day 9
Mark Chisnell,
We've had 24 hours in which the miles have been unwinding off PUMA's lead faster than an odometer in the hands of Arthur Daley. But will this be the squeeze box effect – the fleet compresses and then extends again – or will we see real changes in the leaderboard?... [more]

Eight bells - Dr Des Cooper 1927-2008
Peter Campbell,
Dr Des Cooper, a noted Hobart surgeon and ocean racing and cruising yachtsman, died at his home at Kettering yesterday after an extended illness, aged 81. Dr Cooper was Commodore of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania from 1981 to 1984, with his wife Marion becoming the first woman Commodore of the Club from 2004-2007.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - lead will tighten in 24 hours
Richard Gladwell,
As the Volvo race fleet thread their way through the Doldrums, the path ahead has narrowed considerably from the last report. The previous option for two competitors to take a dog leg to the east has now gone and all competitors are focussed on a narrow weather gate that will get them through the doldrums The 24 hour prediction sees the lead being contested by three competitors.... [more]

Racing fleet finishes Vietnam Race
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Both crews reported a good trip across from Hong Kong – Joachim Isler (Ambush) said the ride was 'cracking' (of course). Both boats reported wind speeds in excess of 30 knots at times, with FMJ owner Chris Meads delighted to be Top Gun for the trip with a top speed of 26.2 knots on the whizzometer.... [more]

Desafio triumphs on Quebramar GP42 Cup circuit
GP42 media,
Spanish team Desafío wins three legs of the international Quebramar GP42 Cup circuit and the overall title, their key being consistency. Fifteen points on the Italians on Airis, leaders in Saint Tropez and Lanzarote. Franch/Swiss on Near Miss climb on the third step of the podium while sistership Roma GP42.2 are fourth overall.... [more]

Roy E. Disney Receives US SAILING's Highest Honor
Marlieke de Lange Eaton,
Roy E. Disney Receives US SAILING's Highest Honor for Contribution to the Sport; Becomes 50th Recipient of Historic Herreshoff Trophy... [more]

Boat Blogs from Day 8 of the Volvo Ocean Race
Various Volvo Ocean Race Competitors,
Boat Blogs from Day 8, Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race. Telefonica Black has sail issues, Delta Lloyd is studing tropical storm information... Read on for more news.... [more]

Alinghi racing at Bentley Geneva Match Race
Alinghi media,
Alinghi turns its hand back to monohull match racing in the 6th edition of the Bentley Match Race, an ISAF Grade 2 event. Alinghi and Philippe Presti currently lead, both on six points.... [more]

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