Wild Ride for Zac...furling genoas....new electric outboard motor...yacht sold for $30... and more

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The Ocean as Teacher - How to do better next time?

Photo of the week - the joy of Shipwreck survivors  .
As a passionate cruising sailor, every time I go to sea, and encounter a problem, I ask the question – what have we learnt? How could we have prepared to avoid that particular problem? What better actions or decisions could we have taken at the time? I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of miles it will take before the answer is 'nothing', but maybe that's the fascination of long range cruising....

An easier way to learn is by other people's incidents. Analysing the story of the three sailors who were rescued off the coast of Fiji this week, how could they have prepared to avoid some/any of the multiple problems they encountered? – the storm, the engine failure? The lack of an adequate life-raft speaks for itself. What better decisions could they have made at the time? Should they have diverted or should they have kept their course – and why? It's tantalisingly fascinating stuff...

An avalanche of news from all quarters of the globe this week – the product of the week is the green electric motor for your dinghy which charges overnight, Neil Langford describes his installation experience with a new AIS, and Andrew Dove talks about furling headsails. We hail a commercial fisherman who is saving $3000 per month AND helping the planet by using used cooking oil instead of diesel in his fishing boat.

There are some tempting offers – sailing the Atlantic as a crewmember on a tall ship, or lazing away a holiday on a sailing 'Greek Island Odyssey'.

Read the comically horrifying story of the German sailor who sold his yacht for $30 – accidentally; or how an abandoned 'mutiny' New Zealand yacht has sailed itself from New Zealand to Norfolk Island, more than 800 miles!

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Wild Ride for Zac Sunderland into Cocos Keeling
Karen Earnshaw, Pacific Magazine/Sail-World,
With a snapped boom, a broken tiller and continuing fuel problems, teen solo sailor Zac Sunderland, trying to become the youngest ever circumnavigator, limped into Cocos Keeling in the eastern Indian Ocean on Wednesday. The last few days before making landfall at the Australian territory, which has a population of just 600, have been tough for Zac as he ran before 25 knots winds and 10-foot seas.... [more]

Amver Does it again - Daring Rescue of Lone Sailor
Benjamin Strong,
A 23-year-old Florida man was rescued by an Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER) system participating container ship as the sailor's boat was in distress 700 miles off the coast of San Diego, California last Friday.... [more]

New, Green and Electric - It's the latest Whisper!
Market Watch, Sail-World,
It's new, it's environmentally friendly and it needs no gasoline. The Calypso 23e, powered by the Whisper XT electric outboard can cruise up to 8.5 mph, is powered by 600 pounds of military grade Odyssey advanced AGM dry-cell batteries and can be charged overnight from a standard 115 volt outlet... [more]

AIS-One Cruiser's Experience- Part 2, Installation
Neil Langford,
Neil Langford here continues his experience with acquiring and installing an AIS: I met a cruising sailor last night who said that my first AIS story was very technical - oops, I guess it is a technical subject. Not sure that I can eliminate the technicalities, but I will try to explain them. To the left is the screen as it works on the AIS (Automatic Identification System).... [more]

Sailors Shipwreck after Running for Cover
Erin Tennant, ninemsn/Sail-World Cruising,
The story here of three sailors, two Australians and a New Zealander, who made a decision to seek cover through a pass to avoid rough weather after their engine failed, show just how close disaster can be if you don't make the right decisions. While it might be counterintuitive, staying 'out there' when the seas are high can often be much safer than seeking cover:... [more]

Cooking Oil instead of Diesel - yes you can do it!
Melissa Yeager, WINK News/Sail-World,
A Florida boat captain is leading the way by example, using cooking oil in his commercial fishing boat instead of the regular diesel. His example is drawing lots of attention, even from Florida senators. From the dock, Captain Ramsey Drummond's boat looks like all the others. Once you step on board, you'll notice it smells a little like french fries.... [more]

Join a Tall Ship to Cross the Atlantic
Bw Media,
Want to put some more hours at sea under your belt? OR, never been sailing but up for the adventure? Next year you could be sailing on a tall ship across the Atlantic Ocean. Not much time off? you can choose a leg of the journey, anytime between May and the middle of August 2009.... [more]

3 Ways to Sail your own Yacht without being Rich
Kevinor Moore/Sail-World Cruising,
Kevinor Moore here offers solutions for the dreaming sailor who can't easily dole out the large sums of money usually associated with yacht ownership... [more]

Cruising World/Sailing World Nominees for '09 BOTY
Sailing World & Cruising World,
For the past quarter-century, the sailboat industry has recognized the best in sailboat building through Sailing World and Cruising World's annual Boat of the Year awards. Today at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Md., the '09 BOTY awards took center stage as the two magazines announced the latest nominees.... [more]

Furling Genoas: What you need to know
Andrew Dove, Area Manager for North Sails Caraibes,
Today, a majority of boats have furling Genoas, hence as a sailmaker I am daily asked about these. I would like to give some broad basic tips on this subject to give thought about this basic ‘work horse' that often we furl away and forget about.... [more]

'Mutiny' Yacht Found Sailing near Norfolk Island
Charles Anderson, Nelson Mail/Sail-World,
Remember the story of the three crew who mutinied against their skipper, set off an EPIRB and forced the abandonment of the yacht? If you don't remember, it's not surprising as it happened over seven months ago,(See http://www.one.sail-world.com/CruisingAus/It-was-Certainly-Mutiny,-but-was-it-Justified?/43113!Story!new). Bill Heritage's Yacht, Air Apparent, has just been found - still sailing!... [more]

The Greek Island Odyssey
Trevor Joyce,
In Mycenaean times the Ithacan ruler Odysseus was conscripted by chief honcho of the time Manelaus to fight the Trojan wars in Asia in revenge for the alleged abduction of his wife Helen by Paris, son of the Persian ruler Hector.... [more]

Discover more-Charter Boat investments-Syndicates
Bob Maxwell,
Catamaran builder Seawind has opportunities for Charter Boat investments as well as boating syndicates. Seawind has been using seminars to provide information to small audiences in an informal manner. Now the Internet is making this faster and easier, without travel and consumers can get large amounts of information on line by attending a Webinar... [more]

39th US Sailboat Show - World's Largest
Sail-World Cruising,
Sailors from around the world converged in Annapolis this weekend as the city hosts the 39th annual United States Sailboat Show, said to be the largest boatshow of its kind in the world... [more]

US$16,000 Yacht Sold for $30 - Accidentally
Des Ryan,
Someone bidding for a yacht on the internet has just scored a Bonanza! - A warning to be careful to complete the 'minimum price' section when selling gear on the internet...... [more]

Sale Price for JF Kennedy's Yacht
E.B. Furgurson III, Annapolis/Sail-World,
It's not only you and me who are feeling the pinch in the current economic climate - JF Kennedy's yacht is now advertised for sale at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, discounted a whopping $700,000 from its original price in June this year (See Sail-World http://www.one.sail-world.com/Cruising/JFKs-Classic-Yawl-is-up-for-Sale/45285!story!new with more pictures of Manitou sailing)... [more]

Boarded, Bound and Robbed - Cruising the Rio Dulce
Mark Wheeler,
Mark and Susan Wheeler left Idaho on Jan. 6 with their children to pursue a longtime dream of sailing the Caribbean on their yacht Mima. Sail-World has followed their progress, which has taken them northwards from Panama to Guatemala. Most of what they have experienced has been 'fun and exciting ... not all'. Here Mark Wheeler tells how fellow cruisers find the dangers of Guatemala's Rio Dulce... [more]

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