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Editorial: Come Sailing and leave the World behind

For long range cruisers, information has never been better about where in the world to cruise – and where not. Staying away from Somali waters is a good idea, but we also have a current warning from a French boat further south in Africa around the island of Mayotte. This complements warnings about Rio Dulce in Guadaloupe and the coastline of Venezuela. For a round-up of all these stories, click here .

With so much attention being paid to security in general and the high profile of Somali pirates, it's no wonder that sixteen-year-old Zac Sunderland was alarmed when he couldn't contact an Indonesian fishing boat. The fact that the sixteen year old has a gun on board and a bullet proof cockpit was also disturbing news. In the assumption that he has spent more of his short life learning to sail than learning to shoot, let's hope he doesn't try to use that gun against anyone, or it could make a tragic end to his circumnavigation aspirations.

Great cross section of other news from the world's oceans, so read on, enjoy, and don't forget...stop worrying and...

...just come sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Research Team Rescues Yacht in South Pacific,
When the team aboard the Nor Sky Research vessel, exploring the western Pacific Ocean's 'Rim of Fire' for high grade metals, heard the Mayday, they didn't hesitate. New Zealand yacht Caro Vita was stuck on Hakau Mamao Reef, in the northern area of the Tongatapu Island Group, and they went to the rescue... [more]

Book Review: Life on the Water, by Gary Cookson
Des Ryan,
Have you ever fantasized about living on the water? A yacht, houseboat, maybe even a barge? Then you'll just love the content in Gary Cookson's 'A Home Afloat'.... [more]

Speed Meets Tradition - What's a Sailor to Think?
BW Media,
They've been together on the racing circuit for years, and one friend is now trying to push the world sailing record record over 50 knots in Namibia. However the other friend has gone full circle and is preparing a traditional lugger to sail from England to Australia. Just what does a speed sailor think when he sees his friend embarking on such a project?... [more]

Andrew Mwangura, Piracy Info Source, Arrested
Herald Tribune/Sail-World,
Andrew Mwangura, program coordinator for the Seafarers' Assistance Program in Kenya, and source of information for the world's press during the recent build-up of piracy activity in Somali waters, has been arrested.... [more]

What Happened to Zac?
Nancy Knudsen,
Zac Sunderland is the brave 16 year old Californian who is currently on a solo world circumnavigation, with the aim of becoming the youngest circumnavigator. Last week he left Darwin, and all was well as he made his slow way across the Indian Ocean - until 'something' happened.... [more]

Sailing at 50 Knots - World Speed Record
Umit Deniz,
As I meander along in my small sailing boat, doing four knots with just the headsail up and the sun rising in a blaze of yellow, over there in Namibia in Africa someone has just sailed at a speed of over 50 knots.... [more]

Japan Reduces Search for Lost Americans
Stars and Stripes BW Media,
The Japan Coast Guard said Friday it scaled back its search for four Americans missing at sea after their yacht was lost in Typhoon Jangmi last week. Searchers took the action because they believe the 66-foot yacht Jade Princess is no longer in the waters near the Okinawa prefectural island of Ishigaki, spokesman Masakazu Okuda said... [more]

Bad Sailing and Hoaxes Cost Authorities Millions
Des Ryan,
How much of the public's money and how many lives of valiant rescuers are risked every week for nothing? In the USA this week, Coastguard crews are pleading to the public to help trace the source of hoax distress calls, while over in the Mediterranean, in waters off Malta, a very curious rescue has just taken place... [more]

Gulf of Aden Pirate Corridor Waypoints for Sailors
Nancy Knudsen,
February is the month when most cruising sailors set out to transit the Red Sea. At this time of year the winds in the south Red Sea are favourable, and a boat will reach the Mediterranean just in time for the European Spring. However, the challenge in 2009 will be the pirate infested Gulf of Aden. For this, a security corridor has been established, and boats are advised to travel in convoys.... [more]

Extra Hazards for Late Season Sailors
BW Media,
In the Nortern Hemisphere the weather is gradually getting colder, but the sailing is still great. But with colder weather come extra dangers and the Coast Guard is cautioning sailors to be mindful of the added hazards of colder air and water temperatures. October, November, and December are the months with the highest percentages of fatal maritime accidents.... [more]

Grandparents & Grandkids Sailing-What a Neat Idea!
BW Media,
It's happening next July 2009, so you have plenty of time to prepare. It's happening in the Caribbean, so you have plenty to dream about. The whole family will love you for it, and you'll have the best fun you could imagine. What is it?It's a Sailing Rally for Grandparents and their grandchildren.... [more]

First Seawind 1050 Resort in Hong Kong
Media Services,
Seawind Catamarans, Australia's largest manufacturer of cruising & charter catamarans have recently commissioned a new Seawind 1050 Resort on Hong Kong Harbour for Mr Andrew Kay who plans to run a new charter operation from Kowloon Pier, a very busy tourist area in the city.... [more]

Warning-Insecurity in Mayotte (West Indian Ocean)
Franck Ibanez,
Warning about the Island of Mayotte for cruisers: I am a citizen of France currently sailing with my family from Singapore to France via South Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and Gibraltar. I am writing to alert the cruising community of dangerous situation on the island of Mayotte. (Mayotte is located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean, between northern Madagascar and... [more]

2009 Caribbean Canter
Amy Hannon,
Dreaming of sailing in the Caribbean? Join Mariner Boating, the Australian Boating specialist, for the Caribbean Canter from 20th April - 4th May 2009.... [more]

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