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05 Oct 2008
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2008 - 2009 Volvo Ocean Race


VO70s are fast, but kite surfers are faster - check them both out here. And get the full info on the China Club Challenge Match, China's one and only inter-Club Corinthian event.

AND check out pics on the new Flying Tiger 7.5

All on Sail-World Asia, and lots more on the website Welcome to the week!

China Club Challenge Match - wrap up
Alistair Skinner,
The China Club Challenge Match (CCCM) elimination series was held during the Chinese National Day Holiday in Xiamen. Ten teams attended the event which was the first part of the process to select a challenger to meet current holders, Hansheng.... [more]

World exclusive pics of new Flying Tiger 7.5
Alistair Skinner,
By happy coincidence during the China Club Challenge Match Hansheng Yachts launched the Flying Tiger 10's smaller sister, the FT7.5 - today it went for its first sail and being umpire for the event was lucky to have a RIB at my disposal.... [more]

China Club Challenge Match Day 4
Alistair Skinner,
Today produced the softest breeze of the regatta. In flight one the results seemed a foregone conclusion but the combination of SBYC having an off day and the Hong Kong Team finally having a full crew on board meant that it was all to come down to the wire... [more]

China Club Challenge Match day 3
Alistair Skinner,
Day Three of the China Club Challenge Match dawned with promise of more of the same. Skies that this time were bluish rather than blue. Breezes around 8-10 knots and teams raring to go. In the middle of the day the breeze went soft. Where was Xiamen's almost legendary and usually dependable sea breeze? The answer was it won the fight with the gradient breeze and piped up to sufficient levels to ca... [more]

Gulf of Aden Pirate Corridor Waypoints for Sailors
Nancy Knudsen,
February is the month when most cruising sailors set out to transit the Red Sea. At this time of year the winds in the south Red Sea are favourable, and a boat will reach the Mediterranean just in time for the European Spring. However, the challenge in 2009 will be the pirate infested Gulf of Aden. For this, a security corridor has been established, and boats are advised to travel in convoys.... [more]

Green Dragon fifth after Day 1 In-Port racing
Lucy Harwood,
Volvo Ocean Race In-Port race. For Ian Walker and his Green Drahon crew, a strong third place in race one was followed by a disappointing sixth in race two after sail handling errors today on the bay of Alicante.... [more]

Fifty knots broken again - New Speed Record
Markus Schwendtner,
Alexandre Caizergues (FRA) is the fastest sailor on earth now, with a blistering 50.57 knots run today, accompanied by several more 50s and high 49s.... [more]

Images from VOR: First In-Port Races, Alicante
Rick Tomlinson,
Top photographer Rick Tomlinson present a gallery of images from the first two In-Port Races in the Volvo Ocean Race held at Alicante, Spain... [more]

Volvo OR: Win-Win for Telefonica in first In-Port
Volvo Ocean Race Media,
After two races held in the bay of Alicante in glorious Mediterranean sunshine, leading from start to finish in race one, and winning an intense battle from Puma to take race two, Telefónica Blue finished in first place overall in front of their home crowd and now heads the leaderboard of the Volvo Ocean Race.... [more]

Volvo In-port race preview
Mark Chisnell,
The Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09 will open in Alicante, Spain, Saturday with the first of seven in-port races. The action kicks off at 13.00 local time and there have been plenty of changes to the format. This time around there will be two races each day, with a target time for each race of just 50 minutes. With four legs per race that's an average of 12.5 minutes a leg... [more]

New World Speed Record 50.26 knots
Subject to WSSRC ratification, kite surfer Sebastien Cattelan (FRA) has finally broken the magical 50 knots barrier, the holy gral of speed sailing. Accompanied by several high 49 knots runs from himself, Alexandre Caizergues and Jerome Bila (all France) he was the only sailor finally getting to 50.26 knots.... [more]

Volvo Skippers have the final word
Volvo Media,
They lined up on the stage, mostly staring at their feet. When the microphone was passed around, the eight Volvo Race skippers took turns to speak inoffensive lines to the press pack. Saturday they will sail in anger for the first time in this series - The neutral, calm personalities on a stage will morph into every extreme on the water, screaming, shouting, urging and cursing, all for four points... [more]

Gloves off at China Club Challenge Match
Al Skinner,
Marks were hit three times - in fact one team didn't realize that the race officials took the marks home, and performed a creditable attempt at towing it down the course. There were people pushed to OCS, some didn't respond to the push quickly enough, doubts of whether room was a team's right and tacks with nowhere for the give way boat to go. In other words Chinese big boat racing is coming of ag... [more]

America's Cup Hall of Fame Induction postponed
Sarah Watson,
John Biddle passed away this morning in his sleep. Mr. Biddle had been selected for induction into the America's Cup Hall of Fame for his outstanding work in documenting the 12 Meter era of America's Cup competition, and was scheduled to be inducted at a ceremony to be held October 23rd, in New York City. The induction will be postponed until a date to be determined in Spring 2009.... [more]

Green Dragon announce In Port additional crew
Lucy Harwood,
With just three days to go until the first Volvo Ocean Race In Port race on October 4th, Green Dragon have announced their additional crew in the form of America's Cup sailors David Carr and Julien Cressant.... [more]


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