While stockmarkets crash and bounce, just go sailing

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Editorial: While Stockmarkets Crash - Go Sailing!

Just go sailing  .
Out there on the world's oceans, thousands of cruising sailors are enjoying life on the 'seventh continent', unconcerned by the vagaries of the world's economy, stock market crashes or bounces or interminable conversations about 'what happens next'. They are the lucky ones.

Among them more than a few are noteworthy - 16 year old Zac Sunderland has just left Darwin in his quest to become the youngest circumnavigator in the world; and 74 year-old Minoru Saito, already the world's oldest circumnavigator, has just left Japan at the beginning of his eighth circumnavigation. Both are inspirational for their dedication and love of the sea.

In Ireland, the sailing world is grieving the loss of their National Training Ship the Asgard II, another sailor has lost his life in the North Sea through not wearing a harness, while over in the Black Sea two Belgian sailors have gone a little way to repaying the kindnesses of the many ships who come to the aid of sailors in distress. They have rescued two seamen they found drifting on a life raft. Their cargo ship had split in two and sunk.

Thinking of purchasing an Automatic Identification System (AIS) for your boat? Neil Langford on Crystal Blues, cruising in South East Asia, begins the first of a three part series about the functions and installation of his transponder version.

The Delicious Destination covered this week is the San Blas Islands in the western Caribbean, and if you are of a mind to feel envious(or not), read about the largest sailing boat in the world, the Maltese Falcon, which has just sailed into its owner's home port of San Francisco for the first time.

While the world's nations argue about how to control the pirates of Somalia, at Sail-World we would like to remind you that there are three prime pirate hotspots to avoid - or think carefully about and do your own research: anywhere in the vicinity of the Gulf of Aden, Rio Dulce in Guatemala, and the coast of Venezuela and nearby islands. Of the three, interestingly enough only Somalia has so far not had a fatal pirate incident for cruising sailors.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

2009 Caribbean Canter
Amy Hannon,
Dreaming of sailing in the Caribbean? Join Mariner Boating, the Australian Boating specialist, for the Caribbean Canter from 20th April - 4th May 2009.... [more]

Installing an AIS - One Cruiser's Experience
Neil Langford,
Lovely yacht Crystal Blues and its crew Neil and Ley Langford have been sailing in South East Asian waters for several years, blending with the landscape, meeting - and getting involved with - the local people, and having some amazing experiences. Here, Neil tells one person's experience with the installation of an AIS system on their yacht.This is the first of a three part series.... [more]

Belgian Sailors Save Two from Raft in Black Sea
BW Media,
World news about sailing often involves stories about commercial ships coming to the aid of sailors in distress. The tables were turned on Sunday when a Belgian sailing vessel in the Black Sea was able to save the lives of two men on a life raft, survivors of North Korean-registered cargo ship, the Tolstoy, which sank in rough waters on Saturday.... [more]

Destination: The San Blas Islands of the Caribbean
Nancy Knudsen,
One of the most idyllic sailing destinations on earth is the San Blas Islands, as it is both a luxuriant cruising ground, and populated by one of the most fascinating people on earth, the Kuna Indians. So why aren't more sailors there? Because it is situated between Colombia and Panama in the Caribbean, and, lacking nearby charter bases, it has always been difficult to sail to - until now... [more]

Maltese Falcon- World's Longest Yacht Sails 'Home'
BW Media Roundup,
San Francisco Bay Area residents got a glimpse at one of the most luxurious private yachts in the world as it made its way through San Francisco Bay yesterday (Saturday). While it is owned by American Tom Perkins, a legendary Silicon Valley figure, this is the first time that the yacht has entered a port in the USA.... [more]

Coastguard Alert as New England waits for Kyle
US Coastguard,
Coast Guard units in New England are pre-staging crews and equipment and warning mariners today in anticipation of Tropical Storm Kyle which is expected to arrive Sunday.... [more]

Another Man Overboard Tragedy from Sailing Boat
Kevin Dowling The Guardian/Sail-World,
Yet again a sailor has been lost by going overboard at sea and unable to regain the boat, leaving the boat to be found still sailing - this time in the North Sea. Earlier this year in a bizarre incident in the Coral Sea no less than three sailors went overboard leaving their catamaran sailing on. In the latest North Sea incident the search was called off when a body was found off the Essex coast... [more]

World's Oldest Circumnavigator is 'At it again'
Nancy Knudsen,
He's 74 years of age, he's sailed 265,000 nautical miles, he's circumnavigated the globe solo seven times, he's completed three BOC Challenges. He's been awarded the Blue Water Medal and inducted into the Newport Rhode Island Single Handed Hall of Fame. You'd think he could rest on his glory now. No. He's going to circumnavigate again, alone again, the 'wrong way' round. He's Minoru Saito.... [more]

Hero Nurses Save Sailor's Life and Vanish
LLoyd Vaughan,Somerset Gazette/Sail-World,
If anyone knows the identity of the two mystery hero nurses who ran to the assistance of a 44 year-old sailor who had been knocked unconscious by a falling mast in Watchet Marina in Somerset UK, please let us know... [more]

Yacht Sunk after Collision
This classic yacht, participating in the first day of the Regates Royales Festival in the Bay of Cannes, failed to give way in time to avoid collision with another yacht, resulting in not only collision, but loss of the mast, tragic death of the owner and subsequent sinking of the boat.... [more]

Grief for the Asgard II - Last Pictures
Michael Lavery, Herald/ Sail-World,
As the sailing world of Ireland grieves for the loss of their national sailing training vessel, the Asgard II, which Sail-World Cruising reported sunk off the coast of France in the Bay of Biscay earlier this month, a French Customs aircraft took these photos of her dramatic last moments.... [more]

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