Two French sailors rescued after commandos storm sailing boat...hope fades for Blessed Be...Blessing of the Fleet in Bear attacks man in marina...sailing book reviews...and much more...

18 Sep 2008

Diary Dates


France to the Rescue!

Carre D'As, an Amel as pictured, was stormed by French Commandos to rescue French cruising sailors  .
You can almost hear the sailing world crowd roar with delight at the rescue of two French cruising sailors this week from Somalian waters.

President Sarkozy rightly relished the moment, as for the second time France has routed pirates, recapturing hostage sailors and arresting the Somalis for trial in France.

Both rescues would not have been without risk to the hostages, so France has shown significant world leadership with their courageous counter-attacks.

It has been – twice – a timely example for other countries, who usually simply pay the ransom for kidnapped mariners, thus setting the scene for further kidnappings in the troubled area. Congratulations France!

In sadder news, Sail-World Cruising offers sympathy to the families of the two crew of the Blessed Be for whom the search was called of during the week, after the sailors had been missing since 23rd August. While the family has stayed courageously positive, hopes are fading, and, unless some evidence of the fate of the Blessed Be is found in the near future it could add to the already long list of unsolved Australian sailing mysteries. What do YOU think might have happened to the Blessed Be, who was equipped with every kind of safety device, but made no emergency call?

It's bad news for cruising sailors who want to travel internationally when yachts are used for drug running. Bureaucracy is complicated enough for roving sailors, but at least most authorities at the moment do not suspect every arriving sailor of carrying drugs! This could change there are more instances like the one in this issue!

A spread of other news and articles from Australia and around the world too, the latest on rallies, boat shows and a Blessing of the Fleet in Southport, three book reviews to keep you entertained while you AREN'T sailing; and a story about the string of hapless and quirky sailors who cost much in resources, give rescuers multiple headaches, and offer the rest of us a wry laugh.

Thank your lucky stars that we only have crocodiles and sharks in our waters to worry about. At least we Australian sailors don't have to worry about being attacked by bears in our marinas! Read about it, enjoy, and....

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

2008 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - Waitlist only
Jeremy Wyatt/Sail-World,
World Cruising Club is justifiably proud of the international interest being shown in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), which is over-subscribed each year, and limited to 225 yachts. The entire ARC fleet departs from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on November 23rd on a 2,700 nm passage to Rodney Bay in St. Lucia.... [more]

Aden Mukalla Houdieda to be New Pirate Centres
Yemen News Agency,
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Djibouti, Jordan, Somalia, Comoros, France, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Madagascar, Maldives, The Seychelle Islands, South Africa, Tanzania, Eritrea, Mozambique and Yemen will sign a memorandum of understanding to combat piracy. Three monitoring centres are to be set up in Yemeni cities of Aden Mukalla Houdieda... [more]

Done it Again! French Storm Pirates, free Sailors
Henry Samuel, Telegraph/Sail-World,
They've done it again! President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced that French commandos stormed the sailing boat Carre D'As to free two French sailors who were being held by heavily-armed Somali pirates.... [more]

Captains Calamity - Not in MY Navy
Des Ryan,
There are some sailors who just can't keep out of trouble, and Stuart Hill - the Essex man who settled in the Shetland Isles of Scotland after he hit the headlines by being saved multiple times while trying to circumnavigate Britain in a rowboat - seems to be one of them. He has just been saved again.... [more]

New Commodore for RYCT
Peter Campbell,
The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania has a new Commodore, with Clive Simpson moving up to be senior Flag Officer of one of Australia's oldest yacht clubs, founded in 1880. Murray Jones is the new Vice Commodore.... [more]

Dozens of 'Green' Boats Sail for Barcelona
Nancy Knudsen,
In October several dozen boats will converge on the Spanish port of Barcelona in the name of marine conservation. Their destination is IUCN's World Conservation Congress (5-14 October 2008). Their message is one: we can and must protect our seas, oceans and coasts. The boats are not just ordinary sailing vessels. Each boat is living proof that something can be done to protect the extraordinary bl... [more]

Superyacht Shows-Monaco sold out, Abu Dhabi coming
BW Media Roundup,
When the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS), devoted exclusively to superyachts, opens next week, it will take on a distinct Arabian flavour with the Abu Dhabi as headline sponsor. MYS annually attracts a private clientele of the world's super rich from over 40 countries, under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. If you're anywhere close to Monaco, don't miss it.... [more]

Climate Change and the Australian Coastline
BW Media,
In an announcement which has implications for yachting and sailing in Australian waters, Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, this week released new research to improve understanding of how climate change might affect off-shore waves and the potential impact on our coastal zones.... [more]

Last Messages from Blessed Be
Kate Dennehy,,
New information about the last heard of messages from the Blessed Be has emerged. Drew Woodhouse, son of Graeme Woodhouse said the boat suffered a knockdown in horrendous weather conditions off the Queensland coast... [more]

Yacht used for Drug Import
In an incident which will have future ramifications for the easy travel of international cruising yachts, a British flagged yacht, the Ronin, has been intercepted off the coast of Cornwall after sailing from the Caribbean. The United Kingdom Border Agency carried out a search, seizing 100 kilograms of cocaine, understood to have been bound for London.... [more]

Hurricane Ike - First Pictures
Bw Media,
First pictures are in showing just some of the devastation that Hurricane Ike has brought with it. As Hurricane Ike crossed the coastline at the sailing and yachting centre of Galveston Texas, it pushed a mound of water in front probably 25 feet higher than the level of the ocean.... [more]

Rescuers Plead for Yachts to Carry Better Charts
Torres News/Sail-World Cruising,
'I was scratching my head as to why they would take that route, but knew once I saw their chart I understood'- Captain Paul Hemmings, Commanding Officer of Australian Customs vessel. Three German sailors, rescued in highly dangerous conditions near the Raine Island entrance to the Great Barrier Reef, had inadequate charts of the area and admitted to knowing little about Australian waters... [more]

Reviews: Seaworthiness and the Sea of Blue Light
Nancy Knudsen,
Three very different books are covered this week - the first a vital read on choosing or building a cruising boat that will be seaworthy, the second a series of rivetting and adventurous tales by cruiser and writer Peter Muilenburg, and finally, for those in UK waters - or ever likely to be - a new Guide to North Brittany and the Channel Islands... [more]

Search for Missing Yacht Blessed Be Suspended
BW Media Roundup,
The search for the 42ft yacht the Blessed Be, missing since August 23 on a journey between Noumea and the coast of Australia, has been suspended. However, relatives are asking for all to report sightings of debris along the coastline.... [more]

Blessing of the fleet at Southport Yacht Club
Bob Wonders,
Proceedings begin with entertainment by the Hinterland Community Band at 1400hrs. At 1455hrs, Father Harold Reuss conducts the Blessing of the Waters as the fleet arrives for the spectacular Sailpast... [more]

Black Bear Boards Boat in Marina to Attack Man
Sandra McCulloch, Times/Sail-World,
If you think you have complaints about your local marina, think again. They may not be so serious after all. For instance, you are probably unlikely to be attacked by a bear while boarding your boat. In a bizarre incident, a Canadian man is recovering in hospital after he was attacked by a black bear that boarded his boat in Port Renfrew Marina on Vancouver Island at 5 p.m. yesterday... [more]

Second Sail Training Vessel Sinks off France
Nancy Knudsen,
In the second sinking of a sail training vessel in UK/French waters in less than a month, Ireland's National sail-training ship and two-masted brigatine, the Asgard II, sank for unknown reasons off the French coast yesterday (Thursday 11th September). There were 20 trainees and five crew on board, but all escaped safely thanks to the French Coast Guard... [more]

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