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Another interest-packed edition this week with offshore racing dominating the headlines.

Industry legend Bill Barry-Cotter has confirmed his Maritimo Offshore Race Team will again take on the world with a two-boat effort in the 2009 Class I championships.

Bill returned from a meeting in Romania last week where his radical rule changes calling for minimum weights and maximum horsepower aimed at attracting more competitors to the sport were unanimously accepted.

On the home front, we catch up with the Searle brothers, Steve and Andrew, as they make final preparations to their Class I boat, ‘Acme Racing' in readiness for the Redcliffe 100, the season's opening round on September 21.

We also introduce you to the latest Barry-Cotter creation, the highly stylish Aegean 60, which was scheduled for a word release at the recent Sydney International Boat Show, but was delayed for final tuning to meet the company's high demands for perfection.

And if you're in the market for a new boat, take a look at ‘Second Chance', it could be yours for a paltry USD$15,500,000!

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Bob Wonders

Maritimo to race with two-boat entry in 2009
Class 1 News,
Bill Barry-Cotter has confirmed that Maritimo Offshore will return to racing in the Class 1 World Powerboat Championship in 2009.... [more]

Gustav causes havoc for F1 Points Leader
F1 Powerboat News,
It's hurricane season once again around North America and for U.I.M. F1 World Championship points leader Jay Price of the Qatar Team, it was another battle on the water, but not in his 2008 DAC boat. It's against mother natures biggest instigators, the full fury of a Category 2 Hurricane last week at his home on the eastern edge of Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell, Louisiana... [more]

Incat Crowther Commissioned for 37.5m Cat
Jeni Bone,
Sydney company, Incat Crowther has been commissioned to develop a new high speed catamaran motor yacht for an international businessman. The vessel will be capable of cruising at 25 knots and will have long range capabilities in excess of 3500nm.... [more]

Wynyard Quarter in Contention
Jeni Bone,
Following a report which declares the local industry booming, NZ boat builders fear their billion dollar contribution to the economy could be jeopardised by Wynyard Quarter and its plan for apartment development.... [more]

Seaweeds wage chemical war on corals
ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies,
Scientists have found a new challenge for the world's struggling coral reefs: seaweeds releasing chemical weapons that prevent the corals from recovering after a disaster.... [more]

Want to own the coolest boat on the planet?
David Lim,
New Zealand round-the-world record-holder Pete Bethune is advertising his futuristic trimaran Earthrace for sale.... [more]

Wear your Lifejacket!
NSW Maritime,
A recent statewide safety campaign by NSW Maritime identified non-compliance with lifejacket requirements as the most common offence by boaters in NSW... [more]

Inaugural Bahrain Grand Prix of the Sea now 2009
Angharad Gibbs,
Extensive discussions between the organisers of the Powerboat P1 World Championship and senior officials in the Kingdom of Bahrain have resulted in a rescheduling of the inaugural Bahrain Grand Prix of the Sea.... [more]

First Ferries Depart Austal Tasmania
The first vessels to be completed at Austal's Tasmanian shipyard have commenced their 14 day delivery voyage to Hong Kong. Built for New World First Ferry (Macau), they are scheduled to enter service in October to meet the growing tourism demand generated from the dramatic increase in Macau's tourist arrivals since the development of its gaming and mega-resort industry.... [more]

Maritimo Muster to head up Queensland coast
Geoff Middleton,
Sixteen big luxury cruisers will make an impressive sight heading north up the Queensland coast when the second annual Maritimo Muster gets underway on September 21.... [more]

Gibbs is the name, offshore is the game
Bob Wonders,
Gibbs is no slouch when it comes to offshore competition, either, with five Australian Super Cat Outboard Lite titles to his credit in his boats named ‘Hog's Breath', thanks to valuable sponsorship from the renowned restaurant chain.... [more]

Chinese racer joins 08 Phoenix TV in Spain
Powerboat P1 media,
The 08 Phoenix TV SuperSport class boat returned to the podium in Tunisia08 Phoenix TV team boss and throttleman Martin Lai will be joined by Michael Lieu. The 44 Conam Yachts crew scored another double SuperSport win and Event Director Andy Hindley has said the SuperSport class-leading 44 Conam Yachts team's race-winning pace is more a matter of consistency than outright top speed.... [more]

Students to guard the Great Barrier Reef
ARC Centre for Excellence Coral Reef Studies,
Students at Mundingburra State School became the latest guardians of the reef on Wednesday August 27. Dr Bay said that she believed children want the Great Barrier Reef protected for the future. 'Education programs like the Reef Guardian Program will place children in a good position to understand how coral reefs work and what needs to be done to protect them.'... [more]

Class 1 World Powerboat Championship 2008
The Class 1 World Powerboat Championship is an exhilarating spectacle....
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