Coalition Warships to protect shipping...but pirate captured another French yacht...avoiding fire on your sailing boat...sailor's life lost after losing keel...and more

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Editorial: Another Keel Gone, another Lost Life

Yachting tragedy. Time To Burn capsized 11 nautical miles off the coast of New Zealand when the keel fell off early Sunday morning. One crew member died the other was rescued.  .
So another yachtsman has lost his life because the keel fell off his boat. His traumatised and grieving crewmate–and fellow owner–said they hit a 'discarded spinnaker from another yacht'....and this collision was enough to remove the keel? I don't think so.

However, the ultimate killer appears to have been the fact that the life jacket worn by the drowned seaman was too large, and obviously lacked a crutch strap. I hope this is the last time anyone will hear complaints about crutch straps on life jackets.

The inevitable enquiry by Maritime New Zealand will be held. However, cruising sailors, who often venture too far from land for an early rescue, will, at their peril, ignore the need for a robust keel design.

Finally the Coalition Task Force, already present in the Gulf of Aden for the 'War on Terror', has included safeguarding of shipping as part of their brief. That's the good news, but it wasn't in time to save the two kidnapped French crew of a yacht hijacked by Somali pirates yesterday.

In happier news, there's an amusing story (if you're not involved) about so many sea lions sleeping on Californian decks that they're sinking the boats; The round world Blue Water Rally is heading for Darwin in the far north of Australia, while the World ARC has just left that port heading for Bali.

On a practical note, my 'Product of the Week' is the 'One-Touch' winch handle – no more thumb fiddling to get the wretched thing to dislodge – and there's some valuable hints on how to make sure your yacht is as fire-proof as possible.

Read on, enjoy, and.....

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Pirates Capture another French Yacht off Somalia
AFP/Sail-World Cruising,
Pirates have seized another French yacht off Somalia's northern coast. The French foreign ministry said two French nationals were aboard the yacht that was seized in the Gulf of Aden, where hijackings of vessels have increased in recent months... [more]

Sea Tragedy:Life-Jacket,Seaboots Ultimate Killers?
Marty Sharp,,
An ill-fitting life jacket (or maybe lacking a crutch strap) and the weight of wet weather gear may have been the ultimate cause of the death of a sailor who lost his life when their yacht Time to Burn lost its keel off the coast of New Zealand.... [more]

Avoiding Fire on your Sailing Boat
Nancy Knudsen,
Report of an explosion on board a sailing catamaran moored in Pwlheli Harbour in North Wales this week raises the question of how to keep one's yacht safe from fire. The two crew were taken to hospital after the Holyhead coastguard received a 999 call. The cause of the blaze was under investigation according to the coastguard. The 8 metre catamaran was about 100 metres off shore at the time.... [more]

German Sailors Rescued from Reef
Australian Customs,
The crew of an Australian Customs vessel (ACV) StormBay have plucked three German sailor to safety from their stricken yacht in waters near the Raine Island entrance to the Great Barrier Reef, in the second rescue from the treacherous reef waters in a month... [more]

Sea Lions Sink Boat,
Sea lions without fear of humans might entrance sailors who pass through the Galapagos, and delight tourists who see them in California, but the locals are saying 'Enough is Enough', when there are so many of them they start sinking the boats they sleep on.... [more]

The Blue Water Rally Goes 'Over the Top End'
Peter Seymour,
The more than thirty yachts which left Gibraltar in October 2007 in the Blue Water Rally are currently cruising between Mackay, just south of Australia's most famous cruising grounds of the Great Barrier Reef, and Darwin, that northerly outpost of the 'Top End' of the Australian Outback. Here Organiser Peter Seymour reports on the progress:... [more]

Sail North West Passage?Now you'll need Permission
Canadian Press/Sail-World,
With the North West Passage becoming more and more accessible to vessels of all kinds, there are sure to be adventurous cruising sailors undertaking the journey more frequently in the future. However, they will have to register with the Canadian Coast Guard in order to obtain permission, which, until an announcement by the Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper this week, was optional.... [more]

New: Coalition Warships to Focus on Pirates
Des Ryan,
It's finally happened, and it's good news for cruising sailors heading for the Red Sea. Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, the multi-national force that has been patrolling the Gulf of Aden for years, will now patrol a 'maritime security patrol area' in the waters between the coasts of Somalia and Yemen with a focus on pirates and are asking cruising convoys to contact them... [more]

Cruising to Guatemala - the Wheeler Family on Mima
Mark Wheeler,
We continue the story of the Wheeler Family, Mark and Susan with their children Marshall and Amy in their yacht Mima. They are heading for Guatemala from Belize where they will remain for the next three months. Here they continue their tale of sailing as a family, with distance schooling and a journey rich with life experiences:... [more]

Product of the Week: 'One-Touch' Winch Handle
Nancy Knudsen,
Having to use two hands for removing a winch handle from a winch can pose a problem for the cruising sailor who is likely to be sailing short-handed or alone - you may need the other hand for steering, for holding on in a bucking sea, for controlling another line, in fact any number of scenarios.... [more]

India, Yemen Act to Combat Pirates,
If a proposal by the Indian Navy to its government is accepted, soon the Indian Navy could be patrolling the dangerous pirate zone in the Gulf of Aden, the critical pathway to the Red Sea for cruising sailors, and Yemen has announced extensive cooperation with other countries to end piracy.... [more]

Sailor Dead after Yacht Loses Keel
BW Media roundup,
A yacht capsize off the Tauranga Coast in New Zealand this morning, which appears to be caused by the loss of the keel, has left one sailor dead. The second crewman survived by clutching on to the upturned hull.... [more]

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