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Editorial: Pirates in the Mediterranean?

Tiara, the luxury yacht that was raided by thieves this week off Corsica  .
Topping the news this week is the alarming attack by thieves on a luxury cruising yacht off the coast of Corsica.

Let's hope it was a one-of incident, as the Med may be overcrowded, overpriced and over regulated sometimes, but it hasn't been an unsafe place for cruisers for many years – and Corsica is a wonderful island for a cruising holiday.

No-one was hurt in this attack as the French Captain, as recommeded, did not fight back; but read how a cruiser who foolishly tried to defend his boat in Guatemala did not fare so well.

However the story that touched the hearts of the world this week was that of Colin (or Collette, as they discovered), the lost baby whale that fruitlessly tried to suckle yachts in the popular cruising ground of Broken Bay just north of Sydney Harbour. Wildlife authorities, out of options, finally put her to sleep.

Lots of other news, useful, informative or just plain quirky – don't miss an inspiring story of an entrepreneur cruiser who runs her business from her boat and has just launched a Marinas Guide; ever thought you'd like to swim with whales? see the pictures of sailors who do; and Andrew Dove tries to give some expert clues on how to make your sails last longer!

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Now it's Pirates of the Mediterranean
Alex Peake, Sun/Sail-World Cruising,
PIRATES have boarded a US$36 million yacht popular with superstars and the very rich and robbed its passengers and crew of more than US$180,000 in cash. Just before midnight, the gang of four masked men pulled up alongside the 178ft Tiara in a rubber dinghy off Porto Vecchio in southern Corsica, then stormed aboard wielding handguns and rifles.... [more]

Pete Goss's Spirit of Mystery -Blessing Ceremony
Sail-World Cruising,
Renowned Cornish sailor Pete Goss held a naming ceremony this bank holiday Monday to officially name his newest boat, Spirit of Mystery. Named by Diana Berry, a direct descendent of six of the seven original crew members, the boat has received worldwide attention in recent months. The official naming ceremony took place at Newlyn Fish Festival - home to the original ‘Mystery'... [more]

Finally, an International Naval Pirate Mission
dw-world/Sail-World Cruising,
After months of talking, following the United Nations edict to allow foreign ships to pursue pirates in Somali waters, it seems likely there will be an EU headed deployment of ships sailing for Somalia in December - just in time for next year's raft of cruising yachts headed for the Red Sea. Climate dictates that yachts which want to transit the Red Sea normally begin their journey in February... [more]

Sailing with Whales - and Swimming Among Them
AFP/BW Media,
Vava'u, Tonga, in the South Pacific, is one of the few places in the world where you can both sail and swim with whales. Every year around 1400 people sail - in their own boats or by chartering - around Vava'u, and have the experience of a lifetime, swimming with the whales. Here is the account from one whale swimmer:... [more]

Sailing Marathon - What a Good Idea!
Lisa Baldacchino,Times of Malta/Sail-World,
It exposes sailing to the wider community, especially kids, and it raises money for a good cause. Malta's Viking Sailing Club(VSC) is, for the eighth successive year, running a 'Sailing Marathon'.... [more]

How Long will my Sails Last?
Andrew Dove, Area Manager for North Sails Caraibes,
The question I'm so often asked is how long will my sails last? Predicting the life of a sail is difficult as so many factors come into play from the sails owners' usage to mother nature. The single most important contributor to durability is sail cloth.... [more]

Rescued - in the Nick of Time
Carl Butler, Daily Post/Sail-World,
Rescue workers at night need often to show much ingenuity and flexibility to achieve a successful outcome, which in their terms often means the saving of lives. In Wales this week a father and his young daughter were rescued from their sinking boat after lifeboatmen and an RAF helicopter got to them in the nick of time.... [more]

Horror Attack on Cruisers in Guatemala
Capt. Pat Rains, The Log/Sail-World,
The story began just after dark on Saturday, Aug. 9, when four machete-wielding men slipped aboard Dan and Nancy Dryden's cruising sailboat as it swung at anchor in Monkey Bay, an uninhabited jungle cove a mile northeast of the Rio Dulce Bridge.... [more]

Fiona Harper - Cruising Entrepreneur
Nancy Knudsen,
For some cruising sailors who have left land-bound life behind, a relaxed cruising life of sailing from port to port, from season to season, is enough. For others, well, you can't keep a good entrepreneur down, and there are those that seem to be able to enjoy the cruising life and build a business as well - one of those is Fiona Harper, who's just launched a Marinas Guide from her yacht... [more]

Never Home until you're Home - Cat Catastrophe
Daily Dispatch/Sail-World,
You're never home until you're home. After sailing 2500 nautical miles from Mozambique, the last 500 metres proved the most dangerous for a South African boat builder from Port Alfred when his catamaran was slammed onto rocks by massive waves yesterday in the treacherous Kowie River mouth, which he had navigated many times before.... [more]

Vale Colin, Sydney's Orphaned Baby Whale
BW Media,
When it's light enough to see this morning, the baby whale which has been trying to suckle several yachts in 'the Basin', a small anchorage in Broken Bay to the north of Sydney, will be humanely put to sleep to end his suffering... [more]

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