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Editorial - Aug 26 08

All the talk around town this week centres on the 48th Brisbane International Boat Show scheduled to open its doors at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre tomorrow (Aug 27).

Powerboat-World will be there to bring you all the news of interest.

Riviera will be there, too, with a 4700 Sport Yacht, largest vessel ever exhibited at the centre, destined to arouse interest.

Another sure to attract visitors will the ‘throwback' to halcyon days, the neat as a pin Ranger tug and we can report one has already been sold prior to the show's opening.

And with the Redcliffe 100, opening round the Australian Offshore Powerboat championships looming, we visit Mark Gilbert and his new rig, Global Racing.

Needless to say, Powerboat-World will be at Redcliffe for the excitement the ‘thunder boats' will generate ad this is where you can follow the series all the way.

Just keep scrolling down, if it's news and it's of interest to power boaters, here is where you'll find it.

Bob Wonders

Global Racing ready for Redcliffe
Bob Wonders,
A new boat, a new, though highly experienced crew pairing, and the Redcliffe 100, opening round of the Australian Offshore Powerboat championships has Mark Gilbert 'straining at the bit.'... [more]

Olympic Medal a Gust for Chinese Boating Industry
Jeni Bone,
An Olympic Bronze Medal in sailing could be a kick along to getting the Chinese interested in boating.... [more]

Sydney show still winning praise
Bob Wonders,
The recent Sydney International Boat Show has proven a winner for boat manufacturer Mustang Marine.... [more]

Travelling in style to Hamilton Island
Bob Wonders,
Media followed the racing aboard the 48' flybridge, while guests of race sponsor Audi will have to tolerate the luxury aboard the C60 Cabriolet.... [more]

Boats debut at British Motor Show
The Marine Experience's debut at the British International Motor Show sponsored by Zurich Connect has exceeded all expectations.... [more]

Riviera the 'headline act' at BIBS
Bob Wonders,
Riviera is anticipated to appear as the ‘headline act' at the Brisbane International Boat Show, with its 4700 Sport Yacht now located in the Brisbane Exhibition Centre for the 2008 Club Marine Brisbane International Boat Show (August 27 – 31).... [more]

Fiona Harper - Cruising Entrepreneur
Nancy Knudsen,
For some cruising sailors who have left land-bound life behind, a relaxed cruising life of sailing from port to port, from season to season, is enough. For others, well, you can't keep a good entrepreneur down, and there are those that seem to be able to enjoy the cruising life and build a business as well - one of those is Fiona Harper, who's just launched the very first Australian Marinas Guide... [more]

Another Whale Collision - and Likely to Increase
Lucy Killip, Newsmail/Sail-World,
While professional and volunteer workers are preoccupied with saving a baby whale in Broken Bay, whale researchers say collisions between whales and yachts are likely to increase along the Australian coastline. Witness the account Skipper Andrew Johnson, whose yacht was holed this week...... [more]

Marinas Guide Launched
Media Services,
The first online Australian Marinas Guide has just been launched as a comprehensive free resource for boaties [more]

WOW joins forces with Tetra Media
What's On Water,
Australia's newest marine website What's On Water (WOW) has joined forces with Tetra Media (,, to create the world's most comprehensive online boating resource.... [more]

F1 Superboats aiming for Gold Coast final
Bob Wonders,
Additional safety demands cause organisers to cancel round five of the F1 Superboat series.... [more]

Riviera Lays Off 121
Jeni Bone,
Citing the deterioration in global economies, Riviera has made 121 redundancies among contract and employed staff across the company's entire operation.... [more]

New speed limits for Gold Coast waters
Bob Wonders,
A new range of six-knot speed limited have been imposed on some of the Gold Coast's most popular waterways.... [more]

New fishing cards help kids get the picture
Fisheries Victoria,
Fisheries Victoria has released a great free product designed specifically for budding young anglers. The cards feature bright and colourful cartoon depictions of the eight species which have been purposely drawn for this product.... [more]

Important Safety Warning from Seago
BW Media,
We have become aware that some Seago 150 and 175 Newton Lifejackets including Junior Lifejackets may have a defect which could result in serious injury.... [more]

Wes Moxey Steps Down from post as Riviera CEO
Jeni Bone,
Wes Moxey, CEO at Riviera, has handed the baton to John Anderson, deciding the time is right – following the launch of his 'big dream', the Riviera 70 at SIBS two weeks ago and off the back of extremely successful shows which have amassed $73m in revenue.... [more]

Class 1 World Powerboat Championship 2008
The Class 1 World Powerboat Championship is an exhilarating spectacle....
For more details and news for this event, go to:


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