Sailor's survival after falling from yacht...motherless baby whale update...Who's Nicking the Bells and Gongs?... and more

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Sailor's Survival - 13hrs Treading Water
Jenny Marland,,
'I surfaced, and I was looking around for my boat, and the motor was running and the sail was up, and there was the boat going off to the southeast,' Nelson recalls, 'and I thought, ah man, not gonna be a good day....' Have you ever thought of how you would react in such a situation? Read Jim Nelson's story...... [more]

Baby Whale - Still Searching for Mum
Nancy Knudsen,
'The Basin' is normally a placid anchorage in Sydney's deeply sheltered Broken Bay - small ferries putt-putting, ducks feeding, seagulls, a pelican or two. But this morning the air is tense and noisy. Sydney's motherless baby whale, which was led out to sea a couple of days ago, has sadly come back into protected waters looking for Mum, and found herself in the comparatively shallow waters of '... [more]

'Heartbreaking' - Lost Baby Whale Suckles Yacht
Timesonline/Sail-World Cruising,
'It's just heartbreaking!' says John Dengate of Australia's NSW National Parks and Wildlife. Desperate attempts are under way to save a lost baby humpback whale which tried to suckle a whale-sized yacht in Pittwater, a picturesque waterway 20 miles north of Sydney Harbour. Not able to part the little calf from the yacht, rescuers from the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service to... [more]

Who's Nicking the Bells and Gongs?
US Coastguard/Sail-World Cruising,
PORTLAND, Maine, USA - The Coast Guard and Maine Marine Patrol are investigating a growing number of missing metal sound signals from buoys along the Maine coastline, which can put sailors and other mariners in danger.... [more]

Brave Quad Quits Round-Britain Sail - only for Now
Nancy Knudsen,
Hilary Lister, 36 year old quadriplegic from Kent UK, only able to move her head, has had to finally face the reality that she will be unable to complete her attempt to sail solo around the British Isles this year, but NOT because of her disabilities... [more]

Sailing to Guatemala - via Honduras and Belize
Mark Wheeler,
The Wheeler Family, Mark and Susan with their children Marshall and Amy in their yacht Mima are heading for Guatemala from Honduras via Belize where they will remain for the next three months. Here they continue their tale of sailing as a family, with distance schooling and a journey rich with life experiences... [more]

Crew of Sail Training Yacht Rescued from North Sea
Press Association/Sail-World,
The 13 young crew of a sail training yacht had to be rescued when their boat flooded while sailing in the North Sea, 125 miles off the UK coast. The 60ft Clyde Challenger began taking on water. The crew, aged 15-25, were picked up by a passing ship after sending out a distress call... [more]

Downunder Whale Collision - and More Coming
Lucy Killip, Newsmail/Sail-World,
While professional and volunteer workers are preoccupied with saving a baby whale in Broken Bay north of Sydney, whale researchers say collisions between whales and yachts are likely to increase along the Australian coastline. Witness the account Skipper Andrew Johnson, whose yacht was holed this week...... [more]

Ice Melt Encourages Lost Arctic Ships Search
Nick Meo/Sail-World Cruising,
More than 160 years after they vanished into the northern ice on a doomed mission to find a North West Passage to Asia, an expedition will set off in search of the lost ships of Victorian explorer Sir John Franklin, the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror.... [more]

Blue Water Rally Arrives Downunder
Peter Seymour,
It's been a hectic few days here in Mackay Marina in Australia with the Blue Water Rally yachts arriving day and night. The Marina has set aside a secure pontoon as a customs and quarantine berth and 19 yachts have received their clearances there before going on to their pre-allocated berths.... [more]

Important Safety Warning from Seago
BW Media,
We have become aware that some Seago 150 and 175 Newton Lifejackets including Junior Lifejackets may have a defect which could result in serious injury.... [more]

Marinas Guide to Australia -Another Cruising Aid
Nancy Knudsen,
It's about time! There are Marina Guides to almost every other sailing-mad country in the world - why not Australia? Now, for the first time, when you are contemplating a trip, this website will tell you where the marinas are - precisely, showing you with an easy click a Google Earth hybrid map of the marina: .... [more]

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