Olympic Sailing News Day 7

16 Aug 2008

Editorial: A day of contrasts

Tornado catamarans heading for home after a long day - 2008 Olympic Regatta - Day 7  Richard Gladwell
Welcome to Sail-World.Com's Olympic newsletter for Day 7 of the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta.

Today was the first day of Olympic competition in the Star and Tornado classes, in the 2008 Sailing Olympics.

Both were sailing on the same Course area A - closest to the Olympic regatta marina at Qingdao.

For the Tornado, arguable the most telegenic of the Olympic classes, today marked the beginning of the end. If matters take their course, this will be the last Olympic Regatta for the Tornado, or indeed multihull event.

The International Sailing Federation, last November, made the decision to sacrifice the Multihull on the altar of Olympic Event Reduction, as the sailing events drop from the current 11 to 10 events for the 2012 Olympics.

The decision alienated the ISAF from the sailing proletariat.

The US Tornado crew cross tacks with the US Star crew before racing on the first day of their competition in the 2008 Olympic Regatta  Richard Gladwell

On Course Alpha, the sight of the Olympic multihull charging down the Qingdao track, spinnaker set, hulls flying, and with the fine flume of high speed spray emanating from the leeward bow.

Trundling down the same course, at a rather more pedestrian pace, was the venerable Star class. Designed almost a hundred years ago, and a survivor of two condemnations by the ISAF at the same altar which the Tornado is now being offered.

Dropped twice, it sat out a quadrennium, before re-joining the Olympic family. On it's second attempt it was reinstated when an 11th event suddenly became available.

The New Zealand Star crew of Hamish Pepper and Carl Williams let it all go forward on their way to the finish of Race 1 of the Star class.  Richard Gladwell

Today, the classic Olympic class, claimed by its fans to hold the very best of Olympic sailors, strutted its stuff - masts leaning way forward downwind, crews positioned way forward too. Then upwind the majestic mainsails seem to live in a world of their own, with the sailors as their servants.

Main point of interest today was the performance of the Code Zero upwind spinnaker on the US Tornado entry. While story is covered in depth and from various perspectives elsewhere in this issue, suffice to say it was not a success on this day. However it may be that its time will come. Certainly Ogletree and Lovell came out of the startline today with the afterburner lit. However towards the end of the first leg others had got through and it was all over on a downwind leg, in a marginal breeze with a small spinnaker. They did not use the spinnaker to windward on the other two windward legs, and paid a hefty penalty.

John Lovell and Charlie Ogletree make a good gain off the start line in the first race of the Tornado class.  Richard Gladwell

Some action from the Jury Room tonight, with one coach having his accreditation removed for one day, for having a mobile phone on the water.

Tomorrow is the first of the medal races in the Finn and Yngling classes.

Barring a major meltdown, Britain is expected to take the first two Gold medals of this Olympics.

We'll have full coverage and photos on the Sail-World.Com website as soon as the Medal race is over, and the Medal presentation ceremonies.

Good Sailing!

Richard Gladwell
Sail-World Olympic Editor

Beijing Olympics: Sailing Table of results Day 7
TRW- ISAF biography information,
Beijing Olympics: Qingdao Sailing Table of results Day 7... [more]

Slap and dash: images from day 7 at Qingdao
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Both boats (Star and Tornado) have a speciality trick that looks good on camera – the Tornados of course get the photographers' attention by flying a hull, while the Stars ‘slap' the water with their forefoot which makes for a very satisfactory splashy shot.... [more]

Mackay Boats dominate the Olympic classes
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
In the 470 and 49er classes, there's a statistic that's missing from the results sheet of the 2008 Olympic Regatta in Qingdao It's the builder of the boats in these three classes. Maybe it is missing because it is almost a constant for the top sailors in the fleet.... [more]

Australia sailing well in Qingdao
Rob Kothe,
Australian sailors are well placed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics regatta. The 470 Mens and Womens teams are leading their classes, as are the 49er sailors.... [more]

Australian Yngling sailors in medal race
Rob Kothe,
Australian women has qualified for tomorrow's medal race in the Yngling keelboat event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics sailing regatta.... [more]

Images of Qingdao: Tornado - Race 1
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
Images from the first day of Olympic Regatta competition in the Tornado class... [more]

Ainslie in line for third Gold
Bob Fisher,
There is a degree of inevitability surrounding any major regatta of the Finn class these days. Ben Ainslie will win. The Olympic champion hasn't been beaten in a Finn regatta since Athens. Betting against him is not a profitable business and with a 12-point lead going into the medal race and the third boat 23 points in arrears, it leaves him with a minor matter to settle his third gold medal... [more]

Olympics Day 7: Finns primed for medal race
Robert Deaves,
Although the 2004 silver medalist Rafa Trujillo (ESP) won today's only race, a second place for Ben Ainslie (GBR) extended his lead at the top to 12 points and he is guaranteed at least the silver medal going into tomorrow's medal race.... [more]

Late start and just one race for all Kiwi teams
Jodie Bakewell-White,
Today all New Zealand's yachties sailed just one race in Qingdao. Our two women impressed - both Barbara Kendall and Jo Aleh returning a 2nd place in their respective races. Hamish Pepper and Carl Williams returned a 4th place in the opening race of the Star class and Tom Ashley made a huge comeback in his race five, after sitting deep in the Men's RS:X fleet, he climbed through to finish 5th... [more]

Olympic Sailing -Just a day for a daydream
Bob Fisher,
There was an air of expectancy out on Course A for the first race of the Tornado catamarans. There had been considerable speculation in the days before over the controversial gennaker that had been developed in three separate camps but only chosen by one as the tool with which to win a gold medal.... [more]

A dry ship in Qingdao
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
The ‘athlete's village' at the Olympic Sailing Centre is actually a hotel, and when this event is over it will magically turn into an Intercontinental. Yesterday's enforced ‘day off' gave the press pack a chance to check out the hotel and the souvenir shop. Hey, it's not too shabby in there!... [more]

Olympic Sailing - NOT
Rob Kothe,
400 sailors waiting on the water, but all classes postponed on Fushan Bay- Qingdao. Current wind speed is 2.4 knots from the south east. Temperature 28 degrees. Competitors in all classes went on the water today, only to have the AP over H flags of the International Code hoisted before racing started - meaning that racing was postponed and competitors should return to shore to await further instr... [more]

Paralympians tune up in Newport with 'The Clagget'
Media Pro Int'l,
Paralympic Games sailors representing the USA and Canada will take to the waters of Narragansett Bay to enhance their preparedness by competing in the 2008 C. Thomas Clagett Jr. Memorial Regatta at Sail Newport, Rhode Island's Public Sailing Center, from August 17-21. Blind sailors are joining the event for the first time... [more]

Olympic Sailing - Wind on Super Friday
Rob Kothe,
Northerly winds on Fushan Bay today for Day 7 of the 2008 Beijing Olympic sailing regatta. Already 5 gusting to 6 knots and that could build during up the morning, then there will be a transition before it flicks to the east.... [more]

PredictWind Olympic prognosis for Friday 15 August
Jon Bilger,
Jon Bilger of www.predictwind.com!PredictWind.com has provided the following forecast for Qingdao Olympic Venue: Friday 15th August... [more]

Today is huge. There is wind!
Dean Brenner Team Leader US Olympic Sailing Team,
With yesterday's lack of wind, the schedules are a little backed up, and the race committee will attempt to catch up a bit today. Every class races today.... [more]

NOR-ty Moberg gets away with a DSQ
Andy Rice www.rya.co.uk,
Norwegian Finn sailor Peer Moberg was alleged to have been a very naughty boy, allegedly. He was facing a Rule 69 protest by the Jury following allegations by the Canadian Finn sailor Chris Cook who claimed he had been subject to serious abuse and threats from the Norwegian sailor after a mark rounding incident in race 7.... [more]

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