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Editorial: Qindao? or Sailing as Usual?

While the Olympics is grabbing the world's attention, sometimes for all the wrong reasons, and most of Sail-World's racing staff are there in Qindao reporting live, the rest of the sailing world is - well - sailing on as usual.

Outside our own moored yacht Blackwattle, as the sun falls westwards, we watch the yachts return from their Wednesday races, making spectacular silhouettes as they go. Do any of the participants care how fast the rest of the world is going? I doubt it – the joy of a sound boat, finely sailed, is universal.

Lots of rivetting news this week from far and wide. The best news is of the freeing of the German cruising couple who have been released to Kenya on their way home, but the sting in the tail is that Yemen is pursuing another report of kidnapped sailors.

Much news of practical value in this edition. An innovative French group has set up a boat-swapping company – great idea, if they can get it to work smoothly. An American company has won an innovation award for dehumidifying your boat cheaply and simply; BoatU.S is offering handy maintenance check lists for your boat during use, and there are also some great security ideas for discouraging theft.

Our own lovely Blackwattle is for sale – what a champion she has been, but now it's time for her to move on, because, for the time being, her crew are staying put. Sad, but practical.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Freed Sailors Reach Kenya, but New Pirate Kidnap
BW Media,
While Yemen reports a new suspected kidnapping of an unidentified transiting yact in the Gulf of Aden, two German cruising sailors freed by Somali Pirates after after 41 days in captivity have now been airlifted to Kenya, a regional maritime official said yesterday (Sunday)... [more]

Iraq Gets Saddam's Yacht, not the King of Jordan
Nancy Knudsen,
After a long court battle, Saddam Hussein's superyacht is heading back to Iraq. Cayman island firm Sudeley, part-owned by King Abdullah of Jordan, told a French commercial court in Nice that it is the legal owner, but the Iraq Government, which has trailed the yacht around the Middle East and the Mediterranean for years, said it belonged to them... [more]

Mid-Use Boat Maintenance-What to Watch for:
BoatU.S.'s newsletter Seaworthy, that helps boaters prevent damage to their vessels, recently looked into some of the more common reasons for on-the-water boat troubles that occur while the vessel is in regular use. 'Preventive maintenance will help you avoid the headaches and keep your crew comfortable and safe,' says Seaworthy Editor Bob Adriance. Here are their mid-use maintenance ideas:... [more]

Yacht-Swapping - This Week's Great Idea
Nancy Knudsen,
You've heard of house-swapping? Maybe even done it? What about boat-swapping? You've invested serious money in your boat, but with the limited time available to most boat owners, you probably never cruise far from home. If you want a change of location, you have to abandon the boat you love and pay to use a charter boat - Enter Boat-Swapping and a new firm called 'SeeMySea'.... [more]

Innovation Award: 12volt Mould Killing 'DryBoat'
Blackwattle Studios,
Humidity is one of the greatest enemies on any boat, causing mould in the lockers and glitches in the electronics - especially when you leave the boat unattended for a while. There are solutions - handy hardware-store moisture absorbers, but they only last a certain time and have to be replaced. Then there's the large,expensive, power eating version - but a USA company has just won an innov... [more]

Pirates of the Caribbean - Mostly in Venezuela
Nancy Knudsen,
Caribbean Security has over the years become so much of a problem that way back in 1996 local cruisers formed a self-help organisation - now a website - to alert intending sailors to the do's and don'ts of visiting the region. However now the Caribbean Safety and Security Net claims that recent newspaper reports are so skewed that intending visitors do not have the correct information.... [more]

This Week's Product Ideas - Security for your Boat
Des Ryan,
Worried about security on your boat? Here are two ideas to help prevent theft - one for securing any or all pieces of electronic gear, the other for securing your outboard so that it cannot be stolen from your transom or from the dinghy.... [more]

Sail-Freight - 'Green' Wine Arrives Dublin
Henry Samuel, Telegraph/Sail-World,
The first commercial cargo of wine shipped from France by sail since the late 1800s arrived in Ireland recently aboard a British schooner, with almost zero petrol costs and carbon emissions. Some 30,000 bottles of 'green energy' wine, arrived in Dublin from France aboard the 108-year old Kathleen and May.... [more]

Not Every Sailor Makes it...
The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
Not every sailor who sets off with high hopes of a magnificent experience is cognisant of the way that the ocean remains always in control. A week of high seas, mechanical problems and fatigue proved too much for a 61-year-old man attempting to sail solo from Santa Catalina Island to Hawaii last month.... [more]

Blackwattle - Cruising Life for Sale
Des Ryan,
She is ready for serious ocean cruising, but her owners aren't. Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and her Skipper husband Ted Nobbs have reluctantly decided to sell Blackwattle, the Peterson 46 which has safely and comfortably borne them around the world during the last five years.... [more]

The Joy of Sail and the Kids that Learn
Kenton Robinson,,
Round the world, somewhere, at any time, there are kids learning to be sailors - even very BIG kids learning to be sailors. Following is a scene occurring at the Thames Yacht Club, but could be happening anywhere in the world... [more]

Bareboat Charter - Why not the Black Sea?
Rene Beekman/Sail-World Cruising,
As Eastern Europe becomes richer and better serviced, and the classic cruising coasts become ever more crowded and expensive, it will be the more adventurous sailor who takes the opportunity to sail a new destination - The Black Sea - and the local residents are enthusiastic!... [more]

It's Official - Ghost Cat Deaths 'Accidental'
Peter Michael, Courier Mail/Sail-World,
Three yachtsmen who vanished off the ghost ship Kaz II while sailing off the Australian east coast probably died by drowning or shark attack after an ill-fated man-overboard rescue attempt. The incident is likely to have happened before lunch on the first day of their 'trip of a lifetime'.... [more]

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