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Latest Powerboat-World News

Another Sydney International Boat Show fades into history, and colleague, Jeni Bone takes a close-up look at what proved to be an excellent exhibition on all fronts.

In other news, we report on the boat ordered by, but never delivered to, the late (and unlamented!) Saddam Hussein and the re-scheduling of the Bahrain offshore Grand Prix of the Sea, final round of the Powerboat P1 series.

Not yet a case of ‘gentlemen, start your engines,' but the opening round of the Australian Offshore titles is looming – mark September 21 in the diary for the Redcliffe 100.

It's the beginning of a busy time for offshore racing, with the UIM, the governing body of world powerboat racing, scheduled to meet on the Gold Coast the following month.

There are a few problems afoot for Grow Boating, the industry's marketing and promotional arm, but rest assured, it will be back on track with a board meeting planned in the near future which will have it running smoothly again.

Finally, some excellent news – the Boating Industry Association of NSW is looking to the future and has unveiled an ambitious plan to attract more young people to the boating industry.

And on the future, in this case the very near future, another one for the diary, August 27 - 31 and the Brisbane International Boat Show.

Powerboat-World will be there, as always bringing you all the relevant powerboat happenings.

Bob Wonders

New date set Powerboat P1 Bahrain GP of the Sea
Angharad Gibbs,
The final race of the 2008 Powerboat P1 World Championship has been re-scheduled for three weeks later than originally planned in a joint decision taken by the host venues and Powerboat P1... [more]

Grow Boating in turmoil
Bob Wonders,
CEO, Chairman and Board members depart Grow Boating, the marine industry's marketing and promotional organisation.... [more]

SIBS: Sales and Results one week on
Jeni Bone,
From top end yachts to accessory retailers, SIBS was a case of the harder you worked, the better your results. Numbers may have been down, but sales were strong, that's the general consensus one week after SIBS, much to the relief of brands, dealers, retailers and show organizers.... [more]

Iraq Gets Saddam's Yacht - It's Official
Nancy Knudsen,
Saddam Hussein ordered it in 1981, and it was built in Helsingor, the city of Shakespeare's Hamlet, by Danish shipyard Helsingor Vaerft. But curiously Saddam never took delivery of it. It was in the second year of the Iran/Iraq War, and maybe he had other things on his mind... [more]

Blackwattle - Cruising Life for Sale
Des Ryan,
She is ready for serious ocean cruising, but her owners aren't. Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and her Skipper husband Ted Nobbs have reluctantly decided to sell Blackwattle, the Peterson 46 which has safely and comfortably borne them around the world during the last five years.... [more]

Attracting youngsters to the industry
Bob Wonders,
Urging youngsters to seriously consider work on the marine industry, BIA general manager Roy Privett described it as “an industry where work skills and lifestyle intermingle".... [more]

UIM to meet on the Gold Coast
Bob Wonders,
Bill Barry-Cotter, CEO of Maritimo and owner of the Maritimo Offshore Race Team, will sponsor and host a gala dinner for the delegates at 'a surprise venue' on November 1.... [more]

Emirates Boat Show debuts in Abu Dhabi
Jeni Bone,
The world's wealthiest city will host the inaugural Emirates Boat Show International in Abu Dhabi, 25-29 November 2008 and are inviting all interested potential exhibitors to get onboard.... [more]

Four classes to contest the Redcliffe 100
Bob Wonders,
Maritimo's Tom Barry-Cotter (driver) and Pal Virik Nielsen (throttles), reigning Australian Class 1 champions, will start favourites, with strong opposition likely to come from team mates Luke Durman and Peter ‘Muddy' McGrath aboard Simrad.... [more]

Garmin Says 'Follow the Leader' at SIBS
Jeni Bone,
Stuart Graham Marine Sales Manager at Garmin has a unique perspective on the marine industry, having worked for Oceantalk, Raymarine, Navico and now, Garmin.... [more]

Sirocco Marine Expands North
Jeni Bone,
Taking a leaf from the books of prestige brands like Mercedes Benz and Ralph Lauren, Sirocco Marine has opened new premises in the Coomera commercial precinct of Maritimo's Bill Barry-Cotter, positioning its main brand, BRIG Inflatables as a high-end consumer good.... [more]

This Week's Product Ideas - Security for your Boat
Des Ryan,
Worried about security on your boat? Here are two ideas to help prevent theft - one for securing any or all pieces of electronic gear, the other for securing your outboard so that it cannot be stolen from your transom or from the dinghy.... [more]

Rescuers Endorse Government Initiative
Ken McManus,
Coastal Patrol has applauded the release of a report into the establishment of a single Volunteer Marine Rescue Organisation in NSW. Commodore Peter Phillipson ESM, Officer Commanding of the Coastal Patrol said, 'This is a great leap forward for marine rescue in NSW and it will bring a new era of marine safety to Australia's busiest boating state.'... [more]

Australian Marine Industry targets new markets
Kate Duryea,
The Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) is targeting additional international markets over the next six months with increased exposure at major world boat shows.... [more]

Help on the way for Marine Rescue in NSW
NSW Government Media,
Minister for Ports and Waterways Joe Tripodi said the Iemma Government is committed to improving the services of the NSW volunteer marine rescue groups. 'Volunteers make a substantial contribution to maritime safety in our State,' Mr Tripodi said 'We want to help these volunteers improve boating safety and their emergency rescue response.'... [more]

Mid-Use Boat Maintenance-What to Watch for:
BoatU.S.'s newsletter Seaworthy, that helps boaters prevent damage to their vessels, recently looked into some of the more common reasons for on-the-water boat troubles that occur while the vessel is in regular use. 'Preventive maintenance will help you avoid the headaches and keep your crew comfortable and safe,' says Seaworthy Editor Bob Adriance. Here are their mid-use maintenance ideas:... [more]

Sunseeker will not contest rest of P1 season
Powerboat P1 media,
Powerboat P1 Management has been advised by Sunseeker Sales Group that the Team Sunseeker and the 11 Sunseeker Challenger boat will not be contesting the remaining three Grand Prix of the Sea events of the 2008 season.... [more]

Class 1 World Powerboat Championship 2008
The Class 1 World Powerboat Championship is an exhilarating spectacle....
For more details and news for this event, go to:


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