Superyacht scares pirates...110 rally yachts impounded...Sardinia, Corsica, Polynesia...Pete Goss's new venture...and much more

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Editorial: Scaring the Pirates...

The yacht that scared the pirates away!  .
The world of the long range cruising sailor is 99% dream and 1% nightmare, and in this week's news magazine you can read much about both.

In the Gulf of Aden read how a Superyacht has actually scared away some Somali pirates, while down in the Caribbean, 200 day cruiser Mark Wheeler ruminates on the depth of value he is giving to his kids by sharing unique memorable adventures and natural experiences during their tender years.

Further south in Tonga, a rally participant talks about how they dance away the night with the locals. Over in the remote Marshall Islands, a young teen has made landfall in his bid to become the world's youngest solo circumnavigator, while in the same area, some other long-range cruisers lost their yacht, but not their lives, while trying to enter an atoll.

A World ARC rally participant has also lost his boat by striking part of the Great Barrier Reef, and some other rally participants – only about 110 of them - have ended up with their boats impounded in Indonesia. Life can certainly get interesting when you break the ties and go sailing.

Closer to home, we offer some practical advice on provisioning for that 'longer cruise'.

...and that's just the beginning, so read on, enjoy, and

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

When the Superyacht Scares the Pirates...
Capt. Ben Marshall,
When Somali pirates saw the superyacht transiting the Gulf of Aden, they thought they had found a rich target, but they were in for a surprise. Here the skipper of the 52metre fly-bridge sloop Red Dragon tells the story of the yacht's maiden voyage from New Zealand to Turkey, including the incident with the pirates...... [more]

110 Rally Yachts Impounded in Indonesia
Rebekah Cavanagh, NT News/Sail-World,
Customs officers boarded the 120 vessels in a Sail Indonesia Rally when they arrived in Kupang last week from Darwin. The officers slapped a sticker on each boat saying they could not leave the port and if they did they could face a fine of more than $17,000.... [more]

Lively Lady- Past, Present and Future?
Event media,
In 1968, not long after Sir Francis Chichester's historic circumnavigation, fellow Englishman Sir Alec Rose completed his own circumnavigation in 354 days in his modified Transatlantic racing boat, Lively Lady, in a journey that caused great rejoicing in England on his arrival, and earned him, like Sir Francis Chichester, a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. Now Alan Priddy has repeated the feat... [more]

The Last Polynesian Kingdom
Margaret Roebuck,
Edwardo swooped into the dimly lit room with cape swirling, feet stomping and guitar strumming.... [more]

US Teen Solo Sailor Update - in the Marshalls
Ventura County Star/Sail-World,
Zac Sunderland, the teen who is aiming to become the youngest person to sail around the world alone, is spending his days and nights alone thousands of miles from home, surrounded only by an endless blue tropical sea, but expects to arrive the Marshalls soon. David Dicks, an Australian from Fremantle, now holds the record - he completed the trip in nine months when he was 18 years and 41 days.... [more]

Provisioning - Tips for that Longer Cruise
Nancy Knudsen,
Careful provisioning is an important part of the preparation for any trip. Running out of food isn't much fun, and forgetting the coffee can really spoil the tempers on board, no matter how wonderful the cruising. If you enjoy your food, and intend to stay away for longer than usual, there is much good information you just shouldn't be without.... [more]

The Tale of the Loss of Yacht Elsewhere
Lisa Vorderbrueggen/Sail-World,
The loss of one's yacht on a remote reef is the stuff of nightmares for sailors. Yet somewhere on most days, there is a boat lost. Sometimes the stories have good endings, sometimes they end in mysteries, always they are harrowing. This is the story of the loss of the yacht Elsewhere when her steering failed at a critical moment, and the luck that followed them to bring them safely home.... [more]

World ARC Rally Yacht Strikes Reef
BW Studios - News round-up,
The two crew of World ARC yacht Asolare have been successfully evacuated from the yacht, an Amel 54, after it struck a reef approximately 200nm from Cairns Australia in the early hours of Sunday 3rd August. Both Skipper Peter Turner and crewman Tim Wood are safe and well following their helicopter rescue and have now arrived in Cairns.... [more]

Ghost Ship Kazz II inquest
Rob Kothe,
A coronial inquest into the disappearance of three West Australian sailors in mysterious circumstances on the Great Barrier Reef in northern Queensland, begins in Townsville in far north Queensland today.... [more]

Experience Sardinia-Corsica - Last Minute Specials
Maggie Joyce,
Two weeks charter on Beneteau Cyclades 43.4 (3 cabins and 2 heads) based in Portisco, Sardinia. 30th August to 13th September - Euro 4,995.00 One week charter on Beneteau Oceanis 473 (4 cabins and 2 heads) based in Portisco, Sardinia. 30th August to 6th September. Euro2,995.00... [more]

Cruising for 200 Days - Reflections
Mark Wheeler,
Mark and Susan Wheeler and their children Amy and Marshall have left Idaho and conventional life to afford the children - and themselves - a not-to-be-missed opportunity. Starting in Panama, they are cruising the Caribbean and will keep cruising 'until we get tired of it'. After 200 days sailing, Mark ruminates on the value of cruising, dreaming, and the effects of the experiences on their kids... [more]

Pete Goss's Spirit of Mystery Sea Trial Success
Stuart Elford, Formedia,
Sailor and adventurer Pete Goss has given a big thumbs up to his Cornish Lugger Spirit of Mystery after initial sea trials. The first photos of the stunning 37-foot wooden vessel under sail were released today and Pete says that he is ecstatic.... [more]

Last chance to win Musto Ocean Jacket
Lorraine Hammacott,
If you fancy winning yourself a top of the range Musto ocean jacket, then you'd better complete the boating habits survey being run by Mobilarm before it's too late! Closing date is midnight Tuesday 5 August 2008... [more]

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