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Editorial: German Sailors - A Month as Hostages

The German sailors kidnapped a month ago and held for ransom in the mountains of Somalia have been contacted by a German magazine through an unusual intermediary, and our lead news item this week is a round-up of the conflicting reports from all sources on the political intrigue that surrounds the case. It's a horrifying and heartbreaking account, and the stuff of nightmares for all long range cruisers. Sail-World will keep fires burning on the story in the hope that these cruising sailors will not be forgotten.

In lighter news, Sail-World writer Lisa Mylchreest had a flight of fancy when reading a press release about the English coastguard saving a French yacht. The result, particularly the response from the real-life Coastguard after the Chief Officer read the story, is hilarious. Vive les English – they always have had a fine sense of comedy, and are very good at laughing at themselves.

Good news from the fishing industry, which is moving towards using sails to keep their fuel costs down, and Russ George, President of Planktos Science has some bad news about our oceans, but some good news about possible solutions.

Lovely tales from Australians Ley and Neil Langford on Crystal Blues, cruising in Borneo; and a real lesson in 'How to Sail your Dream but Keep your Career' from an accountant in the UK.

On a practical note, if you have kids who spend time on your boat, consider a 'Nettlenet' which, apart from keeping away the things that go 'sting' in the water, may be a good way to keep the kids in check while swimming.

Then there's the online tutorial for DSC VHF radios – do you know someone who needs it?

...and so many more sailing stories, from the bizarre to the useful to the intriguing.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Somali Soldiers Search for Kidnapped Sailors
Sail-World Cruising News Roundup,
Conflicting reports are still coming in about the fate of the German sailing family who have now been in the hands of Somali pirates for a month. Here is a round-up of the latest news: Der Spiegel magazine has been in touch by mobile telephone with the two German cruising sailors who were kidnapped on 23rd June from their yacht when they were trying to reach Thailand from the Red Sea.... [more]

Oceans Death? Answer Should be Blowing in the Wind
Media Services,
Russ George is the founder and current President of Planktos Science, a privately held San Francisco-based eco-restoration and ocean eco-technology company, whose mission is the restoration of damaged habitats. Here he offers a lucid and alarming account of the real problem for the survival of the world's oceans as we know them, and, literally blowing in the wind, an approach to a solution:... [more]

UK Coastguard Intercepts French Radio Broadcast
Lisa Mylchreest,
A quiet moment in the Solent Coastguard radio room. 'Hey quick listen to this!' 'What? What? I'm drinking my tea - I'm on a break!' 'It's on the emergency channel, but they are speaking French!' 'French? In British waters?'... [more]

Caribbean and Cocaine - Inseparable Twins
Daily Herald/Sail-World Cruising,
Some are disovered because of their ineptness, some because of the superiority of the Drug Squads. Over the last few weeks, the US Coast Guard has netted over $200M worth of cocaine from three separate boardings of vessels in the Caribbean. However, it's the drug traffickers who can't navigate their way, coming to grief on reefs when the weather is clear and calm, that make the craziest stories.... [more]

Rewriting History: The Phoenician Expedition
Business Wire,
In H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, history is altered by a scientist who seeks his own epic adventure, traveling through time. Similarly, a group of present-day adventurers are seeking to rewrite history through their own amazing journey. The Phoenicia Expedition will circumnavigate Africa in an attempt to prove that the Phoenicians were the first people to conquer such a feat.... [more]

Crystal Blues - Tales from Borneo
Neil and Ley,
Crystal Blues is anchored on the Tulai River, near Bintangor in Sarawak, and onboard cruising couple Ley and Neil tell stories of their life with the local people. Seven weeks have passed since our arrival on the Tulai River. The first few weeks were frantic, including a wedding here at longhouse Rumah Lidam plus the Gawai Dayak celebrations.... [more]

Radio Techniques - Free Online Tutorial
BW Media,
How are your radio techniques? Are you sure that you are handling your VHF radio like a professional? How long ago did you do your radio course, and have the procedures changed?... [more]

Rainwater Runoff Okay after Boater Lobby
BW Media,
At last it's official. Recreational boats in the USA are permitted to allow rainwater to run off their boats into the sea, thanks to much seaweed-root support from leisure sailors. This and several other amazingly generous concessions are obliquely described and celebrated in the press statement:... [more]

Advance to the Past: Fishermen Start to use Sails
Jaspar Copping, Telegraph/Sail-World,
Commercial fishermen in the UK are reverting to wind power in response to soaring fuel prices, as skippers rig their boats with auxiliary sails to cut the amount of diesel they use. The move comes as a new generation of vessels is being developed that will rely almost exclusively on sails.... [more]

How to Sail your Dream but Keep Your Career
Southern Daily Echo/Sail-World Cruising,
Almost every day there's another cruising yacht setting off for the sail of a lifetime - some cruisers, mostly couples, just stay in their own ocean, some circumnavigate their own country, and a few circle the world. Many give up promising careers or save for years for the 'big one'. However, not all cruising yachties have had to give up their careers, as this story demonstrates:... [more]

Dinghy Man from Unmanned Yacht rescued
Shirlaw News/Sail-World Cruising,
Just a few days ago, Sail-World Cruising published a story about two sailors who left their boat on autopilot at the mouth of the Lymington River in the UK, remained below and didn't answer their VHF radio, causing an expensive rescue alert. Today's story demonstrates why Rescue Authorities cannot take the chance when it comes to yachts that appear to be unmanned.... [more]

Brest 2008 - a melting pot of maritime heritage
Kate Jennings – Expression,
The departure of boats is always laced with nostalgia but when it consists of nearly 2,000 craft, each with their own maritime heritage, culture and tradition, amidst an atmosphere resounding with sirens and horns in thanks to the whole of Brest for its warm welcome, the emotion as they cast off for new horizons is tangible.... [more]

Cabinet defers implementation of BVI harbor fees
Nancy Birnbaum -Cruising Compass,
BREAKING NEWS: Cabinet indefinitely defers implementation of British Virgin Island (BVI) harbor fees In a letter this week to the Cruising Compass and BWS Magazine, Steve Black, Director of the Caribbean 1500 Rally stated that Cabinet has decided to indefinitely defer the implementations of harbor fees for vessels entering or remaining in Territorial waters or those using a BVI Ports Authority fa... [more]

A Nettlenet Pool- also Keep the Kids Corralled?
BW Media,
Could this be useful for you? While it won't keep away sharks, these easy to use boat pools can be used to keep away stinging sea nettles or jellyfish, and also keep your young swimmers corralled, so they can't float away from the boat.... [more]

Is is a Sub?Is is a Warship?No,it's 'A' Superyacht
Russia Today,
Some lucky spectators in the German city of Kiel on the Baltic Sea have seen rather strange vessel cutting waves in the harbour. You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a freshly launched destroyer painted white just to intensify its stealth qualities, or a type of submarine. But the ship is, in fact, a new toy of reclusive Russian billionaire, 36-year-old Andrey Melnichenko, simply known as “A”.... [more]

Finding a Cure for the 'Coral Crisis'
ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies,
The management of Australia's Great Barrier Reef Marine Park has been hailed as a groundbreaking international model for better managing the oceans, in a leading United States scientific publication... [more]

Marine Electronics Singapore sales-service centre
Bob Maxwell,
Oceantalk, a leading Asia Pacific marine electronics distributor has opened a one stop marine electronics sales and service center in Singapore. Conveniently located in Sim Lim Square on Rochor Canal Road in central Singapore the new centre not only has full servicing capability but also a wide range of stock and brands.... [more]

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