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Editorial: Hero Dog against Venezuelan Pirates

Hero dog - shot and stabbed while protecting owners  .. .
Piracy is again in the news this week, with the focus shifting to the Caribbean, as a British couple were attacked and robbed on their way to Trinidad off the coast of Venezuela. It was the dog who proved the hero (pictured).

Meanwhile Canada has announced that three of its warships are headed for Somali waters after the UN gave nations a six month period to combat piracy in the area. No word still on the German cruising sailing family who have been hostages in Somalia since June 23.

Going on a sailing holiday? Get smart with a packing guide that will have you enjoying your sailing – and your holiday buddies enjoying your company – much more.

Rallies are a great way to enjoy your cruising and have someone to share a sundowner with, not to mention the security of those daily scheds on the radio. There are two of them in the news, one in Croatia, one in South East Asia – can't join either? Then enjoy the stories....

In UK waters this week, there's a lot of unnecessary - and expensive - searching going on for sailors who didn't have a problem at all, one incident up Shetland way, the other in Hampshire....some interesting reading here. What do YOU think?

Have you, or do you know anyone who has ever collided with a whale while sailing? If so, marine scientists need your help.

Lots more too, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Caribbean Pirate Attack and the Hero Dog
Jonathan Petre, Daily Mail,
Two British cruising sailors have told how they were attacked and robbed by armed pirates as they sailed about two miles off the coast of Venezuela heading from the Venezuelan island of Margarita to Trinidad, on a round-the-world adventure - and how their dog defended them.... [more]

Across the Atlantic in under Six Days - New Record
Sodeb'O website/Sail-World.com,
In thick fog, Frenchman Thomas Coville onboard his maxi trimaran Sodeb'O has crossed the Lizard Point finish line after completing his solo crossing of the North Atlantic. His new record stands at 5 days, 19 hours, 29 minutes and 20 seconds... [more]

Crewless or Clueless?-UK Rescuers Rush-for nothing
Julian Robinson, Southern Daily Echo/Sail-World,
Coastguards have slammed two UK sailors who used an auto-pilot system to steer their boat, remained out of sight inside their cabin, and failed to respond to radio calls. Lifeboat crews launched a £5,000 rescue operation after what looked like an unmanned yacht was spotted near the mouth of Lymington River in Hampshire.... [more]

Lost and Found - No comms causes Mayday Relay
Shetland Marine News/Sail-World Cruising,
TWO Faroese yachtsmen were found safe and well after a huge air and sea search over the weekend around the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland, leaving coastguard officers confused about how they evaded detection for so long. Coastguard officers are now asking why they could not be contacted.... [more]

Zac Sunderland stops in Hawaii on circumnavigation

Zac Sunderland is currently in Ala Wai Boat Harbor, Waikiki. He is currently sailing across the Pacific Ocean attempting to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world alone by yacht. Read Zac's latest blogs below.... [more]

Pomp and ceremony for Bastille Day at Brest 2008
Kate Jennings,
Swept by around 5-8 knots of WSW'ly, Brest 2008 has proved particularly popular this Bastille Day. Naturally, given this commemoration of the French uprising, today's guest of honour at this maritime extravaganza is the French Navy and what better opportunity to bring out the big guns?... [more]

The Dummy's Guide to Packing for a Sailing Holiday
Nancy Knudsen,
Going bare boat chartering? Taken a berth on an sail-adventure holiday? Invited to go sailing with friends on their yacht? Well, unless that yacht is a superyacht complete with uniformed crew and vases filled with fresh flowers, you'll need to pack appropriately to enjoy the sail. Here are Seven Hints to help enjoy it better:... [more]

Whale Collision Survey - You can help!
Nancy Knudsen,
YOU can help in research towards the preservation of whales and dolphins in their natural environment. www.noonsite.com!Noonsite!new, the favourite resource of the long-range cruising sailor, is cooperating with http://www.m-e-e-r.org/typo3temp/GB/7c3b85d6ca.png!MEER!new (Mammals, Encounters, Education, Research),a Berlin-based non-profit organisation, to record collisions between vessels and wh... [more]

Rescue - Going Hi-Tech
BW Media,
As sailing boats are getting more and more high tech, so are the rescue boats, with much more sophisticated capabilities every year - which should make coastal sailors more comfortable about how long a rescue might take, if ever there were need.... [more]

Quad Sailor Hilary Lister Visits Olympic Site
Cailah Leask/Sail-World Cruising,
Inspiring quadriplegic Sailor Hilary Lister, on Day 29 of her ‘Round Britain Dream' solo sail in her specially adapted Artemis 20, is currently making a stop-over at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA), venue for the 2012 Olympic sailing events, and set on the stunning Jurassic Coast, the only World Heritage Site on the UK mainland.... [more]

New Mobilarm VPIRB device making waves
Mobilarm PR,
The innovative, life-saving Mobilarm V100 VPIRB Man Overboard device is starting to make an impact following its launch in May 2008. This unique new device, which uses VHF DSC and GPS to dramatically reduce the possible rescue time during a MOB incident, has been featured in many marine magazines and websites, including Sail-world.com... [more]

Why the Sea Stallion is in Portsmouth
Lars Normann,
Portsmouth is an outstanding maritime and historical centre and is the only town on the southern coast of England that the Viking Ship Museum has made a definite agreement with for the Sea Stallion to call at.... [more]

Brest 2008, Around the world in a week!
Kate Jennings,
A melting pot of boats, cultures and maritime heritage from all around the world, the quaysides and the numerous craft open to the public are absolutely heaving with people at Brest 2008... [more]

Canada to the Rescue - to Chase Somali Pirates
Matthew Fisher, Canada.com/Sail-World,
While kidnapped German cruising sailors wait for rescue in the mountains of lawless Somalia, Canada has taken action on the pirate crisis in the Gulf of Aden. Canada has sent three warships to help thwart swarms of modern-day Long John Silvers and Jack Sparrows who have been terrorizing maritime traffic in the area... [more]

Olin J.- 100 Years and Sailing On - A Tribute
Des Ryan,
S&S – a name associated with the best in sailing almost ever since it became a sport popular with those who had leisure and the means to obtain a boat, rather than a cargo delivery method. The firm is, of course, Sparkman & Stephens, and Olin J. Stephens, one half of the legendary duo, celebrates his 100th birthday this year.... [more]

Darwin to Ambon Rally - Growing in Strength
Nancy Knudsen,
When civil unrest grew threatening in Ambon in 1999, it stopped the Darwin to Ambon rally, the hugely popular yacht rally which attracted up to 100 participants every year. But now it's restarted!... [more]

Cynthia Woods Fatal Capsize - the Suing Starts
Des Ryan,
'Keels don't fall off boats. They should be built so they don't fall off.' - In this seemingly innocent statement to the Houston Chronicle by the widow of the safety officer who died saving crew members of the Cape Fear yacht Cynthia Woods when it capsized during a race in the Gulf of Mexico, she has summed up the feelings of a growing number of sailors, both cruisers and racers.... [more]

MHYC Croatia Yacht Rally 2008
Trevor Joyce,
Middle Harbour Yacht Club members and friends enjoyed the rally format developed by Mariner Boating Holidays which combined a lot of carousing with a little racing during two weeks in Croatia this June. The race day/lay day format allows time to explore the islands and ports of this incredible coast.... [more]

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