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19 Jun 2008

Diary Dates


Crazy, dangerous, heroic, fun - it's all Here

Somewhere idyllic - take a holiday and sail in Istanbul! - photo by J Vapillon  .
The cruising world of sailing is never boring. There's always someone doing something crazy, something dangerous, something fun or something heroic - or just cruising somewhere that sounds so idyllic you just want to take the next flight there..and, no matter how long you've been sailing, there's always something new to learn.

This week is no different. Another lost keel has meant another life has been lost, this time heroically in the Gulf of Mexico, and the reaction to this story even while sitting passively on the Sail-World Cruising site before this edition goes out has been dramatic. We've printed a sample couple of the letters at the bottom of the article, but it shows the level of disquiet at how long the safety of yachts has been ignored for lightness and speed. My own sympathies are with the rescuers who risk their own lives – maybe we should make yacht designers spend a year of their training serving in the front line of a rescue service?

This week we feature the Buizen 48, which is so good it has won the 'Yacht of the Year for 2008 at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Talking boat shows, the Sydney International Boat Show is coming soon. Sail-World is again organising the Sailing and Boating stage and this year its set to be a stunner. We will have some great sailors there including Tasmanian of the Year Ken Gourlay , who sailed around the world non stop last year, and James Castrission and Justin Jones, the two kayakers who crossed the Tasman in 62 tough days.

Over in California there's a sixteen-year-old who set out this week to solo circle the globe, and some crazy sailors have set off to sail for Hawaii on a raft made of plastic bottles. Amazing quadriplegic Hilary Lister has started her attempt to sail around the British Isles, and a couple who were improbably rescued from the South Atlantic just a few months ago are selling all to go sailing again.

Read about the major reforms coming for NSW boaters, new rules for VHF aerials, a new three-in-one antenna that should have been invented long ago, and don't forget the Ten Top Tips on how to save fuel in your boat.

O yes, and if you're thinking of transiting the Gulf of Aden any time soon, you'll find some French mercenaries there patrolling the region looking for Somali pirates.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Buizen 48, Series 3, Sailing Boat of the Year
Des Ryan,
When you climb over the transom you realise that a Buizen yacht is very different from most production boats, and when the Buizen 48 was awarded 'Sailing Boat of the Year' recently for 2008, it wasn't really a surprise.... [more]

Another keel, Another Death - How Long?
Nancy Knudsen,
This week five sailors spent 26 hours holding hands in the sea and singing. They had only four life jackets, and took turns to go without. The sixth sailor was missing. It would later emerge that he had sacrificed his own life for two of the others. Finally, only a small torchlight alerted rescuers to the position of the five, – and the cause? Yet another keel which failed and fell off.... [more]

Volunteers to help improve Boating Safety
Ursula Bishop,
The National Marine Safety Committee is asking boaties from around the country to volunteer for its National Boating Usage Study, the first long term diary study of its kind in the world.... [more]

One Antenna, Three Uses, New from Glomex
BW Media,
The more wires you have snaking up the main mast, davits or mizzen, the more potential problems there are. So an innovation which will service several pieces of electronic gear at once is at least worth considering. Even if you had multiples of these, they could act as back-ups for each other, rather than single use antennae. Naturally, you want the reception to be unimpaired.... [more]

Star attractions for Sydney Boat Show
Bob Wonders,
Young men who did the impossible and crossed the Tasman Sea in a kayak will tell of their adventure. They were to face every imaginable danger, 50 knot winds, roaring seas, sleep deprivation, muscle wastage and mental strain, but 62 days later, on January 14 2008, they landed at New Plymouth, New Zealand and wrote their name into history.... [more]

The True Long Distance Cruiser
Nancy Knudsen,
After many years of cruising, we've sussed out many of their quirks and we've found there are a few very important rules about how to be a TLDC (True Long Distance Cruiser). No matter how smart you were before you took to long range sailing, it's important that once you become a TLDC, you must look the part.... [more]

Major reforms in place for NSW boaters
NSW Government Media Dept,
Major reforms to marine safety laws are on the way following the approval of the Marine Safety Amendment Bill 2008 in the NSW Legislative Assembly tonight... [more]

VHF Masthead Aerials Mandatory from July 31st
Yachting NSW,
The current regulation 3.25.3ii requires that as from 07/2008 that VHF aerials are recommended to be at the masthead for masts 11 metres or more above the water.... [more]

Go Further with that Tank of Fuel: Ten Top Tips
BoatU.S./BW Media,
With the price of fuel shooting for the sky, and unlikely to level or fall any time soon, both sailing and power boats can take advantage of a few tips on how to get more distance from the same tank of fuel.... [more]

Watch out for whales making their annual migration
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority,
Take care around whales and abide by approach distances – that's the message from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA). Whales are regularly seen in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park from May onwards as they make their annual migration to the warmer waters of northern Queensland.... [more]

Dismasted, Saved - Sell all and go sailing again..
Packet Online/Sail-World Cruising,
They lost their mast in the remote South Atlantic in February. To their amazement they were rescued, but had to scuttle their uninsured yacht. Most people would have had enough, but the hardy and adventure-seeking Clelford's of Cornwall are now selling everything to go sailing again.... [more]

Californian Teen sets sail on Solo World adventure
Alex Chadwick/npr.com/SW,
Californian teenager Zac Sunderland sets off on his non-stop solo circumnavigation. The 16-year-old hopes to set a record as the youngest person to sail alone around the globe.... [more]

Beneteau to sell Wauquiez, goes for Grey Nomads
Sail-World Cruising,
In what appears a move to reflect the world's changing demographics, famed French boatbuilder is selling its high performance sailboat company Waquiez International to concentrate on the mobile home, residences and larger powerboat market.... [more]

Mariner Boating Holidays to Co-Sponsor CMR Series
Special Media services,
Leading Australian boating holiday specialist has announced co-sponsorship of the 2008 – 9 Club Marine Range Series run by Victorian Yachting in conjunction with the Royal Yacht of Victoria, Hobson's Bay yacht Club, Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron, Royal Brighton Yacht Club and Sandringham Yacht Club.... [more]

SWITLIK life raft full Safety Alert and Recall
Media Services,
If you are the owner of a marine life raft manufactured by Switlik Parachute Co., it may have a potential problem with the inflation system.... [more]

Solo Sailor Treads Water all Night, Survives
Vanessa Thomas, Buffalo News /Sail-World,
He had no life jacket and no safety line. The boom knocked the solo sailor overboard, stunning him. Automatically he trod water in the 66deg F (18deg Celsius) Lake Erie and went on treading all night long. Twelve hours later, he was rescued - his number just wasn't up. When rescuers plucked Epp from the waters, he was alert, talking, and suffering from mild hypothermia... [more]

Brave Sailor Hilary to Circle the UK
BW Media,
A smiling Hilary Lister slipped the lines in Dover this week, and started her historic journey to sail solo around the British isles. Historic? Surely many have done this before? The difference is Hilary is a quadriplegic.... [more]

French Mercenaries Sign E100m Deal with Somalia
AFP/Sail-World Cruising,
In a move that will be welcomed by sailors wanting to transit the Red Sea, a private French military firm has signed a contract with Somali authorities to boost security off the country's coast, plagued by high-profile piracy in recent years, the chief executive said Saturday... [more]

Sail the Bosphorus - Take a Class to See Istanbul
Turkish Daily News/Sail-World Cruising,
As Turkey's middle class explodes along with the country's economic growth, the newly affluent are discovering the sport of sailing. What was once widely considered a hobby reserved only for an elite class of Turks is becoming more and more widespread. In Istanbul, thanks to the city's sailing club, it is also extremely accessible... [more]

Plastic Bottle Raft Sails California to Hawaii
Sail-World Cruising,
They are now two weeks into their journey, and heading in ALMOST the right direction. The day of departure was a picture perfect day in Long Beach, California, as people milled around the harbour to see the 'vessel' called Junk, docked in front of Long Beach Aquarium. It was a raft of 15,000 plastic bottles built by Dr. Marcus Eriksen of the Algalita Institute and environmentalist Joel Paschal.... [more]

Boat owners survey with Musto Jacket prize draw
Clive Bartlett,
This survey is an effective way for us to assess and evaluate what our customers are thinking, and the incentive of winning a top quality ocean jacket worth $1500 we hope will encourage boaters to enter the draw.' If you are a boat owner you can be the prize draw. http://www.one.sail-world.com/sweepstakes_form_Mobilarm.cfm?SSid=28&CFID=1483017&CFTOKEN=58156856!Click_here_to_go_to_the_survey!new... [more]

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