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Sailing the Black Sea - Why not?

Black Sea Sailing - Bulgarian coast  .
There are two kinds of individuals who live and sail close to the water. First, there are the subsistence dwellers by the sea, for whom sailing is as natural as walking and talking. Then, in the modern world, as soon as we earn a few spare bucks, we leisure sailors are lured back to our origins and the magic of the sea.

So it's natural that sailing and boating should be growing rapidly as the economies of the developing world catch up. What it means for the cruising sailor is that there are many more interesting places to cruise.

This week, two of them are featured – vast tracts of previously unexplored South East Asia, whose pirates have largely gone to ground, and Bulgaria on the Black Sea, with its wealth of history, culture and great sailing just waiting to be enjoyed.

On Sail-World Cruising we love to feature the stories of sailors who set out and just keep going, so there's always a new adventure starting, and one finishing. Share the spurting champagne this week with Ben Edelstein as he sailed into Galveston Harbour after a seven year circle of the globe.

Lots of other news – John F Kennedy's presidential yacht is up for sale; there's a tale of two tough cruising sailors who just didn't want to be rescued, setting a great example of seamanship; and the story of a sillier crew who depended only on the flaky signal from a mobile phone to save them from disaster.

On a practical note, read how you need to be careful if you use Yanmar's approved Biodiesel, Mastervolt has a new Chargemaster released, and there's a tribute to the value of using a Trailing Generator to boost your power at sea.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

CGC Chase assists Tough Sailing Couple
Sail-World Cruising,
With the world's oceans full of stories of sailors who have to be saved from tropical storms while leaving their boats adrift for the next yacht to worry about, the recent tale of a 'would-be' rescue by the US Coast Guard on Thursday off Central American coast was a breath of fresh galewind.... [more]

Trailing Generator - What a Beauty!
Nancy Knudsen,
Power generation is always a vexed question on a yacht – how much do you need? How will you generate that need? The modern sailing boat needs power – that is, if you want electronic instruments, computers, autopilots, as well as those items of personal comfort, refrigerators, deep freezes or microwaves. The trailing generator is a great power boost for the cruising sailor.... [more]

It's Greece, no maybe Turkey, or is it France?
BW Media,
It's Greece, no maybe Turkey, or is it France? - none of these, this chic looking marina 'Marina Dinevi' is in Bulgaria! It's the biggest in Bulgaria at the moment, but it is only the sign of things to come, so next time you're wondering about a new cruising ground, think of Bulgaria and the Black Sea..... [more]

Manitou, Classic Yawl and Remnant of History
Des Ryan,
If you have a couple of million US Dollars to spare, one of the world's most prestigious classic yachts could be yours. Aristotle Onassis tried to buy her twice, but the original owner bought her back. For a time she was the USA's 'Floating White House', and the world's most vital secrets of the day were whispered in her salon. She's Manitou, John F Kennedy's Presidential yacht.... [more]

'Almost unintelligible' Cell Saves Dismasted Yacht
Fred Caygill/Sail-world,
A 'near miss' SOS from an almost unintelligible mobile phone 'illustrates only too well the value of being properly equipped and checking radios, before and during a passage.' according to the Coastguard that saved four people on a yacht off the UK coast. 'If they had drifted another mile or two offshore there would have been no communications at all and the outcome could have been different.'... [more]

Another Circumnavigation, another Dream Completed
BW Media,
Almost every day there are cruising sailors setting out for parts as yet unknown. They set out from Sweden, or maybe Turkey, from Australia, or maybe Florida. Some are on modest journeys, some just don't know how far they will get, some start determined to sail the world or around it.... and almost every day, there is a sailor who finishes.... [more]

First Female Circumnavigator - Where is she now?
Nancy Knudsen,
Where is she now? It's just 20 years since Australian Kay Cottee became the first woman to circle the globe by sailing solo non stop and unassisted. There have been many since - Ellen MacArthur and Dee Caffari to name the most famous - and they have continued in the racing scene, both competitively and as a business. But where IS Kay Cottee now, 20 years later? What do such record setters do?... [more]

Last Call USA: $1000 Environment Leadership Award
The deadline is rapidly approaching to honor an environmental leader in the boating community. BoatU.S. Foundation's Environmental Leadership Award recognizes a group, organization, company, marina or individual who has made a significant contribution towards advancing clean boating and educating boaters on minimizing their environmental impact... [more]

Sail the seas of Southeast Asia,
Until recently, luxury yachting and exclusive high-end regattas were rarely considered a pastime, much less an investment opportunity, in Southeast Asia. The Gulf of Thailand was known for its colorful sea gypsies; the Andaman Sea, for its pirates. China, despite having 10,000 miles of coastline, had no previous interest in yacht clubs.... [more]

US Visa Waiver - except for the Cruising Sailor
Sail-World Cruising,
Recent difficulties experienced by anonymous and embarrassed sailors have underlined the necessity for cruising sailors entering the USA to obtain a visa BEFOREHAND. The visa waiver for citizens of many countries does NOT apply to cruising sailors (or cruising aviators, or anyone not arriving by conventional modes of transport like airlines or cruise ships.)... [more]

ChargeMaster - Charges 3 batteries simultaneously
BW Media,
Mastervolt's range of battery chargers for the marine market is strengthened with the introduction of their brand new generation of chargers the ”ChargeMaster”. The range consists of six robust and reliable chargers, especially developed for all battery systems onboard medium-sized yachts. These compact chargers can charge three battery sets simultaneously with a charge efficiency of over 90%.... [more]

Yanmar:YES to B5 Biodiesel but BE CAREFUL!
BW Media,
Yanmar Marine has approved B5 Biodiesel fuel for use across most of its recreational marine engines, as part of the company's continuing efforts to encourage environmentally friendly boating.However, Yanmar Marine warns boat builders and other customers that biodiesel blends can adversely affect certain metal, rubber and plastic components of engine fuel supply and return systems... [more]

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