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Editorial, June 2, 08.

Another great week on the Boating and Boats scene.

This week we've continued the reports and pixs on the Formula I superboat series at Toukley last week and we sneak a look at the world's fastest offshore racer, Miss Geico, which has just smashed the Annapolis-Baltimore record.

Earthrace, that never-say-die Kiwi trimaran is still running on one engine, but is hanging in there as usual. We will have pictures from the stop-over in Palau later this afternoon, she is now heading for Singapore. Once again Powerboat-world is scooping the news with this round the world record attempt. - our reports are being picked up by news sources world wide.

Pete Bethune - photographer Caroline Gautron1  Earthrace Media
Check with us tonight for more Earthrace news as she limps around Malaysia and heads down to Singapore. You can listen to Aucklander Pete Bethune's latest sat phone reports here on

We also report on the Mustang Marine attitude to boat show – forget marinas, put the boats on a beautiful lagoon and throw a king-sized beach party!

Looks like a big fleet for September's Australian Offshore Challenge from Gold Coast to the Whitsundays and you'll be able to follow proceedings every day right here.

Powerboat P1 in Europe looks set to welcome one of the top American throttlemen and it probably comes as no surprise to learn that the boat he will join is from the famed Cigarette Racing Team.

And here's something unusual – it's a piece about big boats with bewildering pace, lots of money and, you guessed, drugs.

Why unusual! Well, this is one fast boat/money/drugs story that did not hail from Miami.

By the way, disappointed you may have missed seeing the latest boats at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show?

Well, don't worry about it, right here on as the industry readies itself for the Sydney International Boat Show (July 31-August 5) we'll feature a couple of previews each week of most interesting releases scheduled for Darling Harbour.

Just part of the Powerboat-World service.

BTW we continue to be pleased just how rapidly our online audience is growing, we are now well above 22,000 each week.

Notice that Rupert Murdoch says this week newspapers will have lift their game 'cause half day old news in newspapers is losing market share so badly to online news sources. Not rocket science really, none of us really want boating news that's weeks old either.

Bob Wonders

Big boats attract the big publicity....
Bob Wonders,
It's been said that inside every runabout driver there's a fellow busting to climb the ladder to his own fly bridgeowever, economies of scale show that small boats totally dominate their larger colleagues on the industry sales graphs. For every big boat sold there's a score or more of tinnies, inflatables, dinghies, kayaks, canoes, runabouts and ski boats sold... [more]

Australian F1 Superboats - pictures from Toukley
Bob Maxwell,
Last weekend, on a perfect winter's day - the Australian F1 Superboat fleet raced at Toukley on the NSW Central Coast. Images from [more]

2008 Australian Offshore Challenge
Roger Dickeson,
The second running of the Australian Offshore Challenge kicks off on Sunday 7th September and promises to build on the excitement established in the inaugural Bass Strait Rally of 2007.... [more]

Testing Time At Toukley for Trask
Trask TDC media,
Bob Trask was all geared up and set to run his F1 rig as was son Grant in his F2000 boat. “Dave was keen to race, but with four of our F1 GTR hulls overseas, we didn't have a spare boat in Brisbane available that was rigged to our world F1 specs,” Bob Trask said.... [more]

Tomlinson onboard Fantastic 1 Evolution class boat media,
John Tomlinson will take the throttles of the Cigarette Racing Team Europe's 10 Fantastic 1 Evolution class boat. Tomlinson has won 35 US and international powerboat titles and has broken 10 water speed records. British-based Powerboat P1 SuperSport class outfit Team Sunseeker are aiming to have their 11 Sunseeker Challenger boat back on the water in time for the Tunisian Grand Prix of the Sea... [more]

Earthrace strikes trouble on World Record attempt
Rob Kothe,
When the 24 metre bio-diesel fuelled Earthrace arrived in Kolor, Palau in the Micronesian island chain 800 nautical miles east of the Phillipines last night on Day 34 of her Round the World speed attempt, she was 2700 miles ahead of the World record pace, set by the British Cable & Wireless team in 1998.... [more]

Miss Geico breaks Annapolis to Baltimore record
Bob Wonders,
Another record-breaking run for Miss Geico, arguably the world's fastest offshore racer. She tips the scales at 4762kg and is powered by two refurbished Bell Cobra helicopter turbine engines that produce 3000hp.... [more]

Western Blue Groper protected at Rottnest Island
Department of Fisheries WA,
Fisheries Minister Jon Ford has announced a new measure to protect one of Western Australia's largest fish species, the western blue groper, in waters around Rottnest Island.... [more]

Earthrace straight lines ahead of World record
Scott Fratcher & Bob Maxwell,
The 78 foot (24 metre) biodiesel fuelled trimaran Earthrace is speeding across the western Pacific towards Palau. In the last 24 hours, she has powered another 465 nautical miles at an average of 23.5 knots and she is now 2,666 miles ahead of the 1998 Cable & Wireless World record pace.... [more]

Victoria wins big at Australian Marine Awards
Victorian marine manufacturers made a big impact at the 2008 Australian Marine Awards. Victorian winners ranged from big, established names to small new manufacturers, reinforcing Victoria's status as the leading marine manufacturing state.... [more]

Big fast powerboats - money and drugs
Bob Wonders,
Seroius allegations - sums of money mentioned before the court include ‘secret cash deals' on AUD$720,000 boats, the pair lived in a AUD$722,000 home in the seaside village of Lowestoft, Suffolk, and customs officers who raided the house discovered AUD$2,472,000 in cash hidden in various places.... [more]

Maritimo's Sanctuary Cove preview.
Bob Wonders,
More than 400 invited guests enjoyed a gala evening at Maritimo's Coomera facility on the eve of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.... [more]

Selio wants win at Grand Prix of Finland
Steve Michael Reporting,
Defending World Champion Sami Selio of the Woodstock Red Devil Racing Team can focus his full attention to his home Grand Prix as the 3rd Round of the U.I.M. F1 World Championship for powerboat racing turns north to Finland and the lovely city of Lahti with the arrival of the world's best drivers on water for the weekend of the 7th and 8th of June and the 4th Grand Prix of Finland.... [more]

Earthrace under pressure in World Record Race
Scott Fratcher & Bob Maxwell,
The 78 foot bio-fuelled Earthrace is now cutting across the vast empty area of the Pacific Ocean just north of the equator and again maintaining over 22 knots as she speeds from the Marshall Island toward Palau in Micronesia. Although Earthrace is once more holding her speed, there was another major drama today. The high-pressure fuel line that Chief Engineer Tino de Freitas changed so simply just... [more]

Images from F1 Superboats at Toukley,
Perfect weather for Round 2 of the Australian F1 Superboat series last weekend at Toukley NSW on Lake Budgewoi. Theo Spyker caught action aplenty. Here is a selection of his images.... [more]

Shane Vella triumphant at Toukley
F1 Superboat media,
A sensational weekend for Shane Vella and the Lindenvel F1 Superboat team taking the win for the round with Jon Tsaccounis 12 (XLR8 Home loans) second and Rhys Coles 14(Byron Bay Premium Ale) third.... [more]

Online advertising delivers your message
TIME IS MONEY. Especially when you're waiting for your product news to reach your audience.... [more]

Class 1 World Powerboat Championship 2008
The Class 1 World Powerboat Championship is an exhilarating spectacle....
For more details and news for this event, go to:

2008 Australian Offshore Superboat Championships

The Offshore Superboat Championships is Australia's ‘Formula One on water'....
For more details and news for this event, go to:


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