Mutiny yacht found drifting...RPAYC rally pictures...Buizen Wins Boat of the Year... and much more...

29 May 2008

Diary Dates


Buizen takes the Honours!

Buizen Pilot House Yachts  Buizen
During the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show on the Gold Coast at the weekend the Buizen 48 was judged to be the Sailing Boat of the Year! We'll feature more about this very comfortable cruising boat next week. Talking of winners, you can be a winner this year by turning up at the Melbourne Boat show and buying a boat - a free boating course goes with every purchase

Amazing news just to hand is that a yacht which was abandoned after the crew mutinied against the Skipper and called for rescue, has just been discovered two months later, mast intact, still drifting off the coast of New Zealand.

Hesitant blue water sailors will love the story of Ann Waring's conversion from strictly coastal cruiser to sailing adventurer across the South Pacific – by sailing her favourite catamaran.

Read about the two powerboats that beached themselves near Mooloolaba recently – it's a cautionary tale for sailors headed for this popular river and harbour.

If some of this week's World Sailing News weren't so potentially serious, you'd have to fall off your cockpit seat laughing.

USA sailors are being asked to lobby their political representatives urgently so that leisure boaters will allowed to continue to let falling rainwater run off their boats into the sea. Yes, you read it correctly.

Across the Atlantic, French fishermen have been blockading British sailors who have come across to sample the wine and enjoy the baguettes. Instead of this (or maybe as well) they have been hatching escape plans, unsheathing their swords, and making runs at the barricades.

In the Eastern Med, yacht Midnight Sun, having just survived pirate waters and rough passages to get there from Asia, is having a much harder time surviving the bureaucracy of Europe, and there's a lesson or two here. As for bureaucracy, nothing can beat the Egyptians who virtually destroyed this year's Med Red Rally from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea with THEIR bureaucracy.

Ah, but you can escape from it all with idyllic tales from the Treleavens in the Caribbean, from Pittwater's Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club Rally in the Aegean, and you can't miss the engaging account of Henry Geerken's terrifying adventures as he and his crew go for a bigger boat and a bigger lake to sail on. Read on, read it all, have a great week, and....

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Mutiny Yacht Still Sailing after Two Months
NZ Herald/TV3/Sail-World Cruising,
The Skipper thought the yacht was sound. The three inexperienced crew thought they were in danger, so they mutineed and let off the boat's emergency beacon, which set in train events that led to the abandonment of the boat and the rescue of all four. When reported to the world, controversy raged as to who was right. NOW, two months later, the yacht has been found.... [more]

2008 Aussie Marine Awards - Buizen takes Honours
BW Media,
When you are thinking of investing in any product, information about what the 'experts' think is one factor to consider towards making your decision - not infallible, but probably a strong persuader. That's why no matter what kind of craft you hanker for, you'll be interested in the results in the Australian Marine Awards - especially the fact that the Buizen 48 has taken the honours.... [more]

Cat helps Coastal Cruiser become Blue Water Sailor
Rob Kothe/Sail-World Cruising,
How a strictly coastal cruiser became a blue water sailor – with a lot of help from her cat. Ann Waring strikes you as a gutsy sort of woman, good fun, take anything on – but blue water sailing wasn't one of the things she took on easily. She met with Sail-World's Rob Kothe on the Gold Coast during the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, and told the story of her conversion.... [more]

Picturesque start to RPAYC Aegean Rally
Lauren White,
The 2008 RPAYC Aegean Yacht Rally has begun. On the 8th May, twenty eight of us set off for Istanbul for an eight day tour 'The Terrific Turkey Trot' organized by Mariner Boating Holidays.... [more]

Good Crowds at Sanctuary Cove Day One
Bob Maxwell,
Perfect weather on Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show Day One, 455 exhibitors with a total of 891 boats and early results show visitor numbers at 10,887 for the first day, but that may be adjusted upwards.... [more]

Australian Customs and Guns - it's a NO NO!
Sail-World Cruising,
Customs investigators in Brisbane have arrested and charged an Australian cruiser after seizing a handgun and ammunition from onboard his vessel over the weekend... [more]

Beached Boats Tell of Care Needed near Mooloolaba
Rebecca Marshall, Sunshine Coast Daily/Sail-World,
The care needed by cruising yachts in the entrance and approaches to the popular stopover harbour of Mooloolaba were underlined this week when two powerboats were involved in separate serious incidents and grounded in the Point Cartwright area... [more]

Make the switch to 406MHz beacons by July 1st
NSW Maritime,
An amendment to the Boating (Safety Equipment) Regulation – NSW, under the Maritime Services Act, will require 406MHz beacons to replace any 121.5 MHz analogue beacons by July. Distress beacons are also known as Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs).... [more]

Buy the Boat, Get the Free Course
BW Media,
If you're thinking of buying your first boat in the near future and you can make your way to the Melbourne Boat Show in July, buy it there and get a free boat handling course to go with it.... [more]

Midnight Sun out of Limbo – eventually
Jim Ellis,
Last week we had a story (6,000 Adventurous Miles to Limbo) about what happens when the delivery turns to custard and the bureaucratic walls come down. Happily, Jim Ellis and his crew are now out of the woods. Here's the tale... [more]

Was it War? French Fishermen trap British Yachties
Nancy Knudsen,
This week over sixty British yachties were trapped in Cherbourg for a week, and attempts to flee were met with a barrage of flares and missiles from French fishermen who were protesting over the spiralling costs of diesel. In true British heroic style, escapes were planned.... [more]

First 'Big' Water - Sailing with Henry
Henry Geerken,
There comes a time in every lake sailor's life when wherever he is sailing becomes too small. Our 14' Rhodes Bantam had been a good boat to learn how to sail on because it wasn't very “forgiving.” If you let your mind wander you could get into trouble fast. We never won a race nor were we ever a contender for any award but I did stay married to my crew. (Diane).... [more]

Boating Term Dictionary - Can you find the errors?
an anonymous contributor,
Here is a dictionary of boating terms, some of which maybe have been written by the accountant - can you find why? Top prize goes to the reader who can identify the most errors... [more]

Free workshop to care for precious old photos
Australian National Maritime Museum Media,
Free workshop shows you how to care for those precious old photos, Sunday, 8 June... [more]

Egypt blamed for 'ruining' Med-Red Rally
Event Media,
Eleven yachts set sail from Tel Aviv on 11 May as part of the Med-Red Rally sailing event, during which they were meant to pass through Egypt's Suez Canal. However, Egyptian authorities delayed the yachts for over a week at Port Said... [more]

Treleavens in Caribbean - End of Sailing Season
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Whales, Dorado fish, turtles, turquoise bays, everything Caribbean, we are having the perfect sail south with Pip and Geoff Lavis on board. Grenada is 350 miles away with 14 or more islands to anchor. From island to island, bay hopping, swimming, eating and drinking are all very relaxing as we cruise back where we have been before.... [more]

Major Drama for Earthrace
Scott Fratcher/Allison Thompson,
The team is in full scramble mode attempting to ship a high pressure fuel injection line to the Marshall Islands. The 30,000 psi line burst earlier today forcing the crew to shut down one engine, slowing her speed significantly.<... [more]

Flanagan Finishes in Fine Form
World Records Academy/Sail-World,
Adrian Flanagan, solo sailor and now first vertical circumnavigator, arrived back into British port Hamble this week, broke, but but happy to have completed a dream he's had since childhood.... [more]

New Cruising Destination - Korea?
Nancy Knudsen,
If northerly climes are your thing and you're thinking of circumnavigating the Pacific instead of taking the pirate prone route to the Med, there's a new cruising possibility in the offing - Korea. With the development that's in the pipeline, maybe even a bareboat charter along these as yet unspoiled shores would be an exotic alternative... [more]

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