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Daring Do or Dumbo Dangerous?

The way it ought to be....  .
The wonderful thing about cruise sailing is that there's always something new and exciting happening – a glorious adventure tale to tell, a salient lesson to heed, a new trick to learn; but just sometimes, there's also a dumbo spoiling the euphoria by doing something stupidly dangerous.

This week's Dumbo Award goes to a couple of rescued rowers and the skipper of the sailing boat they convinced to go looking for the rowboat, who all set off into a forecast of horrific weather.

In a story ably told by Sail-World Asia Editor Guy Nowell this week, they put many others' lives at risk, TWICE, and lost both rowing boat and yacht in the process.

The argument for always having a boom brake on a cruising boat was underlined this week when a long time South African cruising sailor was killed by a swinging boom in Australian waters; happier was the story of the Skipper who claims a rented EPIRB saved the lives of him and his three crew; There are also reports from the Blue Water Rally living it up in French Polynesia, Mariner Boating setting off for a Burgundy Barge Cruise next year, and a brand new rally from New York to Bermuda. It's more than enough to have your mouth watering....

On a more practical note, no matter how careful you already are, you might appreciate the article with a check-list of simple regular checks YOU can make to assure yourself of the integrity of your rigging; and if you can't bear to part with that faithful and beloved boat you SHOULD sell, we have a solution!

This week as every week, read on for more great sailing tales, news and information from around the world.

...and sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Pirate Zone Nations decide to Act
Steve Herman/Sail-World Cruising,
While the new organisation of Indian Ocean nations might be thinking more about oil shipments than about yachties trying to reach the Mediterranean from Asia, if the organisation is effective then sailing boats could be incidental beneficiaries... [more]

Alcohol Leading Cause of Boat Deaths
Sail-World Cruising,
Alcohol has been blamed as the leading cause of boat accidents which result in death, according to the US Coast Guard. While total deaths were down in 2007, total accidents were up. 90% of the 688 people drowned were not wearing life jackets, and 75% of the skippers of boats which had an accident had not had boating safety instruction... [more]

You Only Live Twice - rescued (again)
Guy Nowell,
Last week we reported the rescue of two oarsmen and their boat, Sunny, who had set out to row from Subic Bay (Philippines) to Hebe Haven (Hong Kong) to raise money for charity – and incidentally become the first people ever to make the 600 nm crossing in a rowing boat. That should have been the end of the story, but it wasn't - not by a long chalk... [more]

New Cruise Rally New York- Bermuda with Tania Aebi
BW Media,
On June 15, a brand new cruising rally will depart New York, heading for the sun. Just six days later, after a journey in company down the eastern coast, the rally is due to arrive in Bermuda on or about 21st June. Whether you have a boat with full crew, need crew, or even are a crew member who would like to join the cruise, you will be welcome to join the party.... [more]

UN to act on Somalia, but Pirate Issue Waits....

The United States and France have introduced a U.N. resolution that would allow countries to chase and arrest pirates off Somalia's coast, responding to recent attacks including on French yacht Ponant and Spanish and Japanese commercial vessels. While another resolution on Somalia was approved unanimously this week, the pirate resolution is still waiting approval... [more]

Newport in Spring - Recession? Global Warming?
Tom Meade/Sail-World Cruising,
Even with fuel prices at marinas approaching $5 a gallon in the coming season, it appears that big boat owners - at least around Newport Rhode Island - are insensitive both to the price of fuel or burgeoning global warmth.... [more]

6000 Adventurous Sea Miles into Limbo...
James Ellis, AsianYachting.com,
It all started in Malaysia at the beginning of March this year, and is still ongoing in Italy in May. A crew of four was hired to deliver the 14m sailing yacht Midnight Sun to Greece, and were redirected at the last minute to Croatia. The Canadian skipper Jim Ellis, French 1st mate, Malaysian crew Emmy and Thai cook were all excited about the work and the voyage.... [more]

New Zealand Sailors Win $25m. from Fuel Tax
Sail-World/Yachting New Zealand,
Because of the efforts of their representative organisation Yachting New Zealand, New Zealand boaters are to benefit by a cool $25,000,000 towards boating safety and education... [more]

South African Cruising Sailor - Boom Death in Oz
Fraser Coast Chronicle/Sail-World Cruising,
Cruising sailors in Queensland Australia are rallying to the assistance of a sailor whose husband was killed by the swinging boom of their vessel in rough weather - It was the trip of a lifetime that ended in tragedy.... [more]

Keeping your Mast Vertical AND in One Piece
Des Ryan,
How often do you personally check your mast? Every time you use the boat? Never? Do you leave it to the experts? Do you know what to check for? What can bring it down anyway? How can you tell the integrity of the stainless steel on your boat?... [more]

Model your Yacht and Have it Forever
Nancy Knudsen,
She's been faithful and never let you down... you've had wonderful moments with her and will miss her badly...you have to let her go, but can't bear to part with her...sound familiar? Well, there's a solution... [more]

'Rented Epirb Saved our Lives' says Skipper
The owner and captain of a 48-foot charter sailboat credits a rented BoatUS EmergencyBeacon (EPIRB) for helping save four lives when their boat struck a submerged object early on the morning of Tuesday, May 13, about 200 miles east of Brunswick, GA. The charter sailboat, the S/V Wolf, had been in transit to Bayshore, New Jersey.... [more]

Blue Water Rally Loves Tahiti and Moorea
Peter Seymour,
The Blue Water Round The World Cruising Rally allows cruising yachtsmen to realise their dream and to circumnavigate the globe in their own yacht. Aimed at crews sailing with families and friends, the Rally enjoys a 'club' atmosphere. Tahiti and Moorea proved to be great stopovers this year, and Peter Seymour here describes the stopover and some of the activities that the participants enjoyed.... [more]

Keppel to develop marina in China
Robert Carry, Asia Property Report,
Keppel Land Ltd has entered a joint venture with Sunsea Yacht Club (HK) Company Ltd to develop an integrated residential cum marina lifestyle development in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province of China.... [more]

Earthrace reports on Pacific Ocean Rubbish Dump
Biofuelled 78 foot trimaran Earthrace is heading into Hawaii on Day 24 of her 24,000 nautical mile round the world record attempt. She is more than 1800 miles ahead of the 1998 world record pace set by Cable & Wireless. Skipper Pete Bethune reports on the Pacific Ocean rubbish dump.... [more]

Fedor, First Antarctic Circumnavigator, Celebrates
Sail-World Cruising,
The first sailor to circumnavigate Antarctica along the prescribed 'Antarctic Race Track' has returned to Moscow to a hero's welcome, after celebrating his success in Albany, Western Australia. .... [more]

Burgundy by Barge 2009 with Mariner Boating
Maggie Joyce,
Trevor and I are in the Burgundy area of France where we are finalising the details of the canal barging event planned for early June in 2009. The delightful small villages in this traditional wine growing area look as if time has stood still since the 14th century.... [more]

Pest Sea Squirt found at Marsden Cove, New Zealand
The unwanted marine sea squirt ‘Styela clava' has been discovered during a routine sweep of the new Marsden Cove Marina by a dive team contracted to Biosecurity New Zealand. Biosecurity New Zealand (MAFBNZ) advised the Northland Regional Council yesterday that about 40 Styela clava (or clubbed tunicate sea squirt) had been found during the 29 April survey.... [more]

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