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Welcome to another week of marine industry news.

This week, Grow Boating releases plans and details of the Task Forces which will implement the strategies in the areas of Marketing, Statistics, Retail and Product certification and Water access.

According to CEO of GBA, James Wilson, 'Task Forces are the engines driving the GBA initiative and they represent a catchment area for all stakeholders to participate. In this way we are truly industry led.' The organization is seeking willing contributors to take places on each panel and lend time, expertise and critical opinion, so if you're inclined, get in touch via

Also this week, Customs has a chance to respond to recent reports in Fairfax press about 'heavy-handed' tactics in Qld ports, apparently ‘costing Qld a fortune' and deterring boats from visiting the coast.

According to the locals in Bundaberg, where the tabloid article was set, these negative stories are much exaggerated. In fact, Customs' figures show that 99% of visiting yachties comply with the law and the overall satisfaction with its services is extraordinarily high.

We do a roundup of the Shows coming up, starting with the Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show, starting 15 May, then Sanctuary Cove next week – 'where business does business' – then for July/August, SIBS whose hard-working team is 'burning the midnight oil' in preparation, and PIMEX, Thailand's premier boat show, this year scheduled to coincide with the King's Regatta.

Apprentices here and abroad also feature. While BIA Vic welcomes the latest batch of graduates from that state's premier marine colleges, New Zealand is reaping the rewards for its decade of commitment to investing in the skills of young workers.

All these stories and plenty more, as well as new products and profile pieces on some of the industry's leading brands, updated daily as news breaks at

Hope to hear from you with your own news and product information. We welcome any contributions and your feedback.

Jeni Bone, Editor

Grow Boating: Seeking contributors for Task Forces
Jeni Bone,
Grow Boating is seeking industry leaders to contribute to Task Forces that will implement each facet of the strategy.... [more]

Sanctuary Cove - where business does business
Bob Wonders,
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is a Key Business to Business opportunity. Nearly 400 boats on the marina at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show which, if placed end to end, would stretch for 5.1 kilometres.... [more]

NZ Apprentices wanted worldwide
Waikato Times, May 2008,
New Zealand's boat building industry enjoys worldwide recognition, thanks to their legions of skilled workers and more than 10 years of investment in apprentice training.... [more]

BIA welcomes graduates to the boating industry
Jeni Bone,
The Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIA) hosted its second annual 'Welcome to the Boating Industry' to welcome new graduates last week at Marine House, BIA Vic Head Quarters. This year 20 apprentice boat builders and marine mechanics graduated from Melbourne's three main marine educational institutions.... [more]

Customs Clarifies Laws and Claims
Jeni Bone,
Recent reports of heavy-handed action by Customs 'costing Qld a fortune' and deterring boats from visiting the coast are much exaggerated, according to figures from Customs which show that 99% of visiting yachties comply with the law.... [more]

Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show
Jeni Bone,
It's time for NZ's biggest boat show - the retail event that draws 30,000+ 'hot prospects', the Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show.... [more]

PIMEX 2008: Phuket's boating showcase
Jeni Bone,
The Phuket International Marine Expo is taking exhibitor bookings for this year's event, predicting increased numbers.... [more]

Marine Marketing online – making it easier!
Online marketing is now an essential part of marine advertising. The heaviest Internet adult users are now the 18-35 and 50-65 age groups – two very important age groups. Now the online marine audience is much larger than traditional print media and it's much cheaper to reach audiences online. The Marine industry around the world is finding more and more consumers have done their on-line hom... [more]

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