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Adrian Flanagan  .
When Adrian Flanagan set off in October 2005, aiming to be the first person to do an unassisted non-stop solo 'vertical' circumnavigation of the globe, he would have had some idea of the potential calamities which could befall him.

While engaged in my own – much simpler – circumnavigation, and then from the comfort of my home port, I have followed Adrian's progress every nautical mile of the way, empathising with the extremity of the conditions he often faced.

Beset by many unexpected gear problems, he was first forced to let go of the 'unassisted non-stop' part of the goal. Then, squeezed out by Russian bureaucracy which for too long refused him permission to transit their waters and then crunched by ice which refused to clear in the summer, he twice had to over-winter the boat in the Arctic. Finally, he had missed the last weather window to return last summer.

His achievement, once he reaches his home port in Britain in the near future, will be phenomenal, and a tribute to his skill and seamanship, but mostly to his stoicism.

As always, this week we bring you wide ranging news from the world's oceans, some closer-to home practical information articles, and simple tales of those out enjoying their passion for sailing.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Vertical Circumnavigator 'almost home'
Blackwattle Studios,
Englishman Adrian Flanagan left Britain two and a half year ago aiming to become the first person to sail a 'vertical circumnavigation' - via both poles - and is now nearing the completion of his dream, having arrived in UK waters from Norway.... [more]

Discover Beautiful Sailing in Ireland
Claire Kennard,
Ireland has a lot to offer sailors, with dramaitc scenery, picturesques fishing ports and sheltered waters. Global Yacht Training have places left on RYA yachtmaster courses starting in June where you can explore this fantastic and undiscovered sailing area.... [more]

Enjoy Fiji, but avoid isolated Tailevu
BW Media,
'Avoid that isolated anchorage, as there is no security,' is the advice from Fijians after an attack in Tailevu. However, Fijians have responded strongly to suggestions that the pristine waters and snorkelling paradise of Fiji have become dangerous for cruising sailors.... [more]

The Caribbean Canter 2008
Maggie Joyce,
The Antigua police band wheeled onto the quadrangle in front of the 17th. Century officer's mess in Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua to the tune of It's a Long Way To Tipperary, stopping in front of the Australian and New Zealand flags flying crisply on the cross trees of the dockyard flag mast in the balmy Caribbean trade wind.... [more]

Crew-less Sailing Boats to cross Atlantic
BW Media,
In October this year, a Transatlantic sailing race of historic proportions is to take place – but none of the world's famed sailors will be there – not Ellen, not Sir Robin, not Dee and not even Frenchman Francis Joyon or Russian Fedor Konyukhov. That's because, on the eight sailing boats taking part, there'll be nobody on board!... [more]

Titanic to the Rescue
Benjamin Strong/Sail-World Cruising,
Next time when sailing at sea you see a large ship and they are difficult to avoid and more difficult to contact, and you are about to curse all the large ships in the world, spare a thought for the Titanic... [more]

Watch out for Floating Diamonds
KCBS/Sail-World Cruising,
It pays to keep your eyes peeled while sailing. A San Francisco youth struck gold - or rather diamnonds - when he retrieved a small box from the water beside his boat while assisting in a yacht race for the local yacht club.... [more]

Quick MOB recovery with new MOBILARM technology
Tracey Johnstone,
Mobilarm has introduced the revolutionary VPIRB which successfully marries existing marine safety technologies to make the recovery of man overboard victims far quicker and more effective. Mobilarm's VPIRB is a fully-automated Marine Survivor Locating Device specifically designed for the marine environment. It is small, light-weight, easy to use, competitively priced safe alternative to a pers... [more]

How to film yourself sailing, in one easy lesson
Sail-World Cruising,
Asking a passer-by to photograph you when you pose for an instant in front of the Eiffel Tower seems simple enough. Asking a passer-by to film the family plus young Fred blowing out his birthday candles is a tad more difficult. But asking a friend to follow you for the day to film you in all your different modes of sailing might be pushing the friendship a little far - but there IS a solution.... [more]

Singapore Lost – to the Cruising Sailor?
Des Ryan,
Singapore's recent Boat Asia 2008 , held at the new Keppel Bay marina was blessed by hot sunshine and blue skies, and judged successful. However, avid sailors regret the passing of the era when large numbers of sailing yachts made Singapore a stop on their way through Asia... [more]

The Remotest Sailing Club in the World
BW Media,
Sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking that your own Home Club is the centre of the sailing world; but the sport of sailing is loved with a passion in all communities where there is an expanse of water and a little money to buy a sailing boat – sometimes not even the latter, borne out by the number of people who have built their own boats and then sailed them around the world... [more]

Treleavens' Sailing - Antigua Sailing Week 2008
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Interesting word ‘cruising' , but what does it really mean? Our line up for the 1st race has Ian in the front row, 'I will show them!'? It's nearly over before it starts. We have entered the cruising division, which Ian assumed would be a casual start. Not so as we just get out of jail. With rules being quoted as we reach the top mark in 2nd place we now realise this isn't ‘cruising' ...... [more]

Lively Lady - Doing it again after Forty Years
Nancy Knudsen,
This week a valiant small wooden yacht has made it to the luxurious Abu Tig Marina in Egypt after completing the challenging transit of the Red Sea.... [more]

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