First hand account from the Pirate Zone...Solo sailor Glenn Wakefield rolls, abandons attempt... Boat Asia 2008...and more...

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Meanwhile, from the world's oceans come tales of adventure and misadventure this week.

Two Englishmen doing a vertical circumnavigation by ski, hike kayak and sail are on their way from the Antarctic to Sydney on their last leg. Canadian Glenn Wakefield, seven months into a 10 month 'wrong way' circumnavigation has been forced tragically to abandon his attempt after a rollover; there's a sweet tale of two twin American girls circumnavigating with their parents giving their impressions of Australia; and British Adrian Flanagan is about to commence the last leg of his polar circumnavigation.

On a more practical level, there's important information about the use of ethanol in gas or diesel – are you sure about YOUR tank? Adam Loory gives an argument on the good uses of vertical battens in your self furling main, and there's a Heads Up on a new material, non-rusting mooring spring, especially good for when you want to leave your boat alone in a marina.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston finishes the Velux 5 Oceans in Bilbao  onEdition ©
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is in the news again, because his faithful ketch Suhaili, which took him to the world's first solo non-stop circumnavigation and world fame, is being refitted. His story is always inspiring, and worth retelling.

All this and more, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

SY Dolphin's Account: Transiting the Pirate Zone
Sail-World Cruising,
News Services have kept the world abreast of some recent attacks in the 'Pirate Zone' of the Gulf of Aden. However, by the following account, these news sources only touch the surface. This low key email forwarded to us by a reader of the horrors of multiple piracy attacks on a recent passage through the danger zone by Sailing Yacht Dolphin is all the more telling for its graphic simplicity.... [more]

Solo Sailor Rolls in Southern Ocean, Abandons
Nancy Knudsen,
Glenn Wakefield, Canadian sailing adventurer who was attempting to be the first American to sail 'the wrong way' solo around the world, has rolled his boat and - after several days - made the decision to abandon his attempt in the Southern Ocean on the approach to Cape Horn.... [more]

Boat Asia 2008 - at Keppel Bay Singapore
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
There is no doubt that Marina at Keppel Bay in Singapore is a very attractive location – a deep water harbour that used to be the Keppel Island shipyard, with waterfront condominiums just across the water on the site of the former dry docks, high-rise apartments on the drawing board and phase 2 of the marina to be completed by next year... [more]

UK Waters - So Many Submerged Objects!
Des Ryan,
We all knew that the United Kingdom had prodigious tides and amazing currents that are almost a bigger challenge to the sailor than the wind and seas, but what I didn't know was just how many submerged objects there are lying around in those very cold waterways.... [more]

It's the Mooring Spring that Saves the Boat
BW Media,
If you are leaving your boat for any length of time in a marina, it's the mooring spring that will protect the vessel in a high gale, when there's no-one there to check the moorings - or when the marina personnel are too busy retrieving boats in trouble to check YOUR boat... [more]

Sailing Twins reach Australia - a Cruising Family
Des Ryan,
For the last two years, while most pre-teens have struggled with new high schools and the social and hormonal difficulties of fitting into school regimes, two lucky twin girls have sailed the world with their parents. Still only 14 years old, they have sailed the via Panama, Costa Rica, Tonga, Fiji and a dozen other ports of call to end up in Australia on their 49ft cutter, Ruby Slippers... [more]

Piracy figures up by 20% for first quarter of 2008
International Maritime Bureau,
While it needs to be emphasized that by far the majority of piracy attacks in the world are on commercial shipping, cruising sailors who undertake long voyages to the mentioned areas should be aware of the issues and take note of the reporting procedures. The absence of any incidents at all in Indonesian/Malaysian waters is also noteworthy for leisure sailors.... [more]

Ethanol, Fibreglass, and Biodiesel-Check your Boat
Nancy Knudsen,
This week a Los Angeles firm has filed a class-action law suit against US oil companies on behalf of Californian boaters with fibreglass fuel tanks. The presence of ethanol in gasoline or methanol in diesel (biodiesel) is a hot and lasting issue for boat owners, be they sailing boats or powerboats.... [more]

Sailing with the Treleavens - Antigua
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
What a wonderful treat to be in Antigua for the Classic Yacht Regatta 2008, with over 60 vessels competing from 148ft down to 30ft. Our favourites ones are the vintage gaff rigged yachts built from 1890 to 1915.... [more]

Sir Robin's Suhaili to the Beautician
The Suhaili is going to the beautician. Yes, the valiant little 10 metre Indian built ketch, the first sailing boat to circle the globe non-stop, and sailed to victory by Robin Knox-Johnston in the 1968 Golden Globe race, is to have a major refit.... [more]

Last stop 22,000 mile epic – Pole to Pole
Bridget Kirkham,
This week the Kerguelen Islands welcomed two amazing young men on the last stop of an epic journey. On 'Blizzard', the Australian yacht, are Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper on their 'Pole to Pole – Manpowered' expedition. After summating Everest as the youngest ever westerners (at 19) they decided to ski, sail and bike from north magnetic pole to south magnetic pole, raising money for charity.... [more]

Yachtsman to complete vertical circumnavigation
Louise Flanagan,
Adrian Flanagan is about to set sail on the final leg of the Alpha Global Expedition. Success will see Flanagan become the first solo yachtsman to complete a 'vertical' circumnavigation of the earth. The last part of the voyage is a 1,600 mile stretch from Mehamn in northern Norway to The Royal Southern Yacht Club on England's south coast.... [more]

In-mast Furling: The Answer to Underperformance
Adam Loory,GM UK-Halsey Sailmakers International,
For decades, boats with in-mast furling mains have been sailing around with under performing sails. These hollow-roach sails are starved for power and the boats end up with leeward helm since the mainsail is too small to balance the genoa. BUT, the roller-furling mains are convenient for setting and stowing the mainsail. So what is the solution?... [more]

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