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17 Apr 2008

Diary Dates


French Rescue,Gold Coast Threat, No! to Superboats

Bringing them home! Crew of the Ponant  .
The biggest news of the week was the dramatic rescue of 30 crew, mostly French, from the yacht Ponant which had been hijacked by pirates for a ransom ten days before.

This was obviously good news for the crew and their families, but for cruising sailors, the best news of all is that as a result of the incident increasing attention is now being paid to the problem of piracy in the region, opening the way in the future to more safety for cruising sailors on their way to the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.

Rescues were really in the news this week – there's one slapstick comedy of a story about the rescuers who had to be rescued, it finally taking seven boats to bring all to safety, and another unique tale of a solo sailing married couple who circumnavigate the world separately, only meeting in ports. They were in the news this week because one had to rescue the other in a 10 day drama in the South Pacific – without outside assistance.

If you have ever enjoyed visiting the Gold Coast while sailing, you'll be saddened, if not angered, to know that the only two good anchorages in the Broadwater are to be taken over by a cruise ship terminal (Wave Breaker) and a superyacht marina (Bum's Bay) - that's unless the protests are too great!

In what could result in an impending clash of the Titans, Yachting New South Wales has declared that the Superboat Grand Prix held recently on Sydney Harbour, preventing all other activities for the day, was dangerous - dangerous words, Yachting NSW, but true ones, witness the accompanying fatality.

Do you love your lifejacket? - Some handy tips about keeping it in good order. Yearn for a second steering wheel? You'll like the story about how to have a second steering wheel when you don't have a second steering wheel.

As for sailing opportunities, OceansWatch – that volunteer organisation which brings the skills of sailors and home-based marine scientists together to protect our reefs – is searching for crew to sail the South Pacific; there are some good offerings by Sunsail this year in Australia's Barrier Reef Waters; and if you're wanting to leap out of the crowd and do a circumnavigation but don't know where to start, why not consider joining the next World ARC Rally in 2010 – there's still enough time to plan!

...and many other stories from around the world, so read on, enjoy and...

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Solo Sailor Wife Rescues - Solo Sailor Husband
Nancy Knudsen,
When two solo sailors cross paths during their separate circumnavigations, meet in New Zealand and then get married in the Solomons, it makes for a very special marriage, especially when they both continue to sail solo. So when, Tony Curphy's clipper Galennaia was in trouble in the Southern Ocean off the coast of New Zealand, he didn't radio a Mayday, he phoned his wife, Susanne Huber-Curphey!... [more]

Sailing with the Treleavens
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven continue their tales of sailing through the Caribbean: While we shelter under Ilet a Cabrit waiting for the big seas and winds to abate, Liz and Heinz sail back to Pointe a Pitre in atrocious conditions to return the yacht to the charter base before flying back to France... [more]

France Jubilant as Ponant Crew Comes Home
Agence France-Presse,
President Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed back the crew of a French yacht held hostage for a week by Somali pirates, as Paris prosecutors open an inquiry into the affair. Le Ponant's 30 crew -- 22 French, six Filipinos, a Cameroonian and a Ukrainian -- were freed on Friday following negotiations that ended the standoff peacefully.... [more]

World Arc 2010 - Entry Open Now
Peta Stuart-Hunt,
Thinking of cruising the world, but would like some company? World ARC, the flagship event in the global portfolio of World Cruising Club (WCC) rallies, is building on the success of the current 2008 Rally with the announcement that the entry list has opened for a second edition, the 2010 World ARC Rally.... [more]

Experienced crew needed for South Pacific Voyages
Jane Pares,
OceansWatch the newly formed Trust connecting sailors and divers with marine conservation and humanitarian projects, needs crew for two yachts this coming season in the South Pacific region. Among those needed are are crew members who can sail and dive, a Skipper, a Marine Biologist.... [more]

Superboat Grand Prix 'dangerous' says Yachting NSW
Peter Campbell,
Yachting New South Wales says the consensus it has received from the sailing fraternity is that Sydney Harbour is not an appropriate place to stage the Sydney Superboat Grand Prix.... [more]

Gold Coast Yacht Anchorages under Threat
Peter Gleeson,
The only two yacht anchorages in the Broadwater on the Gold Coast - Bum's Bay and Wavebreak Island - are under consideration for a Superyacht Marina and a Cruise Ship Terminal respectively.... [more]

The Swinging Pedestal - Making life easy
Des Ryan,
When the boat is heeling past 30 degrees and you're steering by you toes or stretching uncomfortably, have you ever longed for a second steering wheel? But the boat's too small? Well, have we got a deal for you! Danish company Jefa have developed a swinging pedestal system, which seems too simple to be true – but isn't that so with all the best ideas?... [more]

Who to Rescue the Rescuer?
Maritime And Coastguard Agency/Sail-World,
In what must have looked like a comedy of errors for any watchers nearby, some rescuers and their rescuees had to be all rescued in Poole, UK, this week. When the tender sent to rescue a yacht heading for rocks got into trouble itself, they both had to be rescued. One life boat, two Police vessels and a tug later, the two craft and their occupants were safely delivered from cata... [more]

Last stop 22,000 mile epic – Pole to Pole
Bridget Kirkham,
Today the Kerguelen Islands welcomed two amazing young men on the last stop of an epic journey. On “Blizzard”, the Australian yacht, are Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper on their “Pole to Pole – Manpowered” expedition. After summating Everest as the youngest ever westerners (at 19) they decided to ski, sail and bike from north magnetic pole to south magnetic pole, raising money for charity.... [more]

Ghosts that Sailed the High Seas
Nancy Knudsen,
This week will mark one year since the 12 metre sailing catamaran Kaz II was found drifting in the Pacific 80 nm off the east Australian coastline, with no sign of its West Australian crew of three. On board the engine was running, the table was set for a meal, fishing lines were set, a computer was open and running. But she is just the latest mystery in what has become a ghostly tradition...... [more]

Olin Stephens 100 years old - a few designs
Trevor Walkley,
April 13 marks the 100th birthday of American design doyen Olin Stephens. Olin retired from the design business in the 1980's, after designing over 2,000 boats, including eight America's Cup winners, in career lasting more than 50 years. To celebrate the work of this designer with few peers has put together a few pictures covering some of his major design successes... [more]

Loving your Life Jacket
BW Media,
You probably have one, you may even wear one, but do lavish the regular maintenance on your lifejacket that sailors typically do on other parts of the boat? Crewaver have published an online manual to help make sure you are safe at sea which contains all the information you need to fit, service, and re-arm your jacket.... [more]

Escape to Whitsundays with Sunsail - get 15% off
Infront Communications,
For those people who have dreamt about sailing the Whitsunday Islands there has never been a better time to escape to the tropical aquatic playground off the coast of North Queensland and Sunsail is offering a 15% discount.... [more]

Hempel Paints: the choice of a sailing legend
Helen Hopcroft/Tracey Johnstone,
As far as famous old salts go, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is legendary. The first man to complete a solo non-stop circumnavigation in his Bermudan ketch Suhaili, a past winner with Peter Blake of the Jules Verne Trophy for the fastest circumnavigation in 1994 and, at age 68, the oldest competitor in last year's VELUX 5 OCEANS race. Never one to rest on his laurels, Sir Robin is currently overseeing t... [more]

Elan Cruiser/Racer -traditional spirit of sailing
Gael Moldan,
Response at the helm is much the same as getting behind the wheel of a refined sports sedan - you can feel the real difference in the control and the response in both cases. On the water that translates into real sailing enjoyment and that exciting feedback is what sailing is all about. The Rob Humphreys' designed Elan yachts give the sailor and family much more than ‘space on water'.... [more]

SLAM Warehouse Sale - Last Chance
SLAM will open its warehouse to the public this weekend to clear previous season's stock. All garments will be priced to sell. Save 40-60% off regular prices. Large selections of footwear, casual and technical wear to choose from.Wet weather sets from $250.00, dingy smocks $80.00, short from $40.00 plus shoes, snugs and accessories. Sale hours: Friday 11th 2pm -6pm and Saturday 12th 10-3pm... [more]

Simrad GB40 – navigation, safety and entertainment
Sandman Media,
Aside from navigation the easily interfaced via Ethernet and/or USB connection to an autopilot and other instruments, the plug-and-play capability of the GB40 even allows the vessel's onboard entertainment system to be controlled at the touch of a button.... [more]

Canada Tightens Boat Safety Rules
Nancy Knudsen,
Leisure craft on Canada's waterways will be safer this year, if the Honorable Minister for Transport has his way. No less than five million Canadian boaters who do not currently have a licence - a 'proof of competency' - must get one before they take to the water, or risk a $250 fine.... [more]

Gas Prices and Downturn Hurt US Boat Owners
Keith O'Brien, Boston Globe/Sail-World,
Martin Fernandes from Massachusetts is selling his 26-foot Sea Ray because, he said, 'In times like these, having a boat isn't the best idea.'... [more]

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