Somali Pirates being trailed by French Navy...Man Overboard? - 5 Tips...Captain Calamity's Banned... all you need to know on coral reefs...and more...

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Pirate Hijack Drama Continues

Aerial view of Le Ponant from a helicopter  .
The most compelling story of the week is that of the luxury yacht with 30 crew on board that has been hijacked in the Gulf of Aden by Somali pirates.

The crew is reported to be in good health, while as you read this an elite French combat force has been called, a French Navy ship is traiiling the yacht's movements at a distance, and the French government has had contact with the pirates. The sailing world tensely waits

Last week's story of 21st Century mutineers who called a rescue against their Captain's orders, brought a strong readers' response, a selection of which were printed as comments at the end of the article. While some readers had criticisms of the Skipper, notably for taking an all-rookie crew, the general consensus was that the totally inexperienced crew, on a sound boat in scary conditions, simply panicked.

This week there was an even more extraordinary sequel – the three mutineers paid the Rescue Organisation for their rescue. A sign of things to come? Let's hope so. It's less sure that they will be paying the Skipper, who was claiming payment for his lost sailing boat.

In the meantime, a certain 'Captain Calamity', who has been rescued more times than the local rescue organisations like to remember, has finally been banned by the local Harbour Master from sailing in local waters. Is this a first?

Apart from these stories, there is a welter of news from many quarters of the world - some of sailors in alluring destinations, humorous stories of sailing blunders, tales of great adventures, and some practical articles to assist you in your sailing or make your next sailing holiday enjoyable.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sail safe

Nancy Knudsen

Kidnapped Crew on yacht Le Ponant Alive and Well
BW Media,
All 32 crew members on board a luxury French yacht captured by Somali pirates at the weekend are alive and being well treated, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday citing the country's embassy in France... [more]

Mutineer Sailors Pay - Rescuers Surprised Cruising,
Mutineers airlifted off a yacht off the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand a fortnight ago have paid for their rescue... [more]

Man Overboard?- 5 Tips to Get you back on the Boat
Falling off your boat can be deadly, and the best solution is to make sure you stay there. But that doesn't mean you don't take precautions that will help you get back on the boat once you've fallen over. BoatU.S. Foundation has tested 11 boarding ladders for small boats.... [more]

Coral Reefs - All You Need to Know
Chrystal Lawrence and Vince Kerr (images),
Will you be going sailing any time soon in the tropics? If you are, there's a pretty good chance you will be swimming, maybe snorkelling, maybe even scuba diving. If so, make sure you are equipped with a little information to enrich your experience and maybe even help the reefs' survival.... [more]

Sweden Considers Mandatory Sailing Boat Licences
Adam Cox and Emma Bengtsson, Reuters/Sail-World,
In a move that could be raising a flag for the rest of the world to salute, Sweden is considering the introduction of mandatory boat licences for both power and sailing boats. In a world of increasingly busy waterways, and increasingly busy rescue organisations, boating is the only remaining largely unregulated environment.... [more]

Captain Calamity Banned from Sailing-A Precedent?.
Sail-World Cruising/Paul Lewis, the Guardian,
It's finally happened – in the UK, Newquay harbourmaster Derek Aunger has banned Glenn Crawley, skipper of a yacht appropriately called Mischief, from sailing, until he can prove competency. Sail-World Cruising has previously run stories of Glenn Crawley's penchant for getting rescued...... [more]

Fedor -passed Icebergs and Cape of Good Hope
Fedor Konyukhov has safely cleared the area of greatest iceberg intensity and has crossed longitude of Cape of Good Hope, second time in navigation season (previous crossing was 16 of December 2007). .... [more]

Adrift for 23 Days – 'Never again'
Fiona Govan/BW Media,
How would YOU feel if you had spent more than three weeks adrift in the ocean? Earlier this year two Israeli pleasure sailors drifted in a life raft in the Indian Ocean for 11 days after losing their boat, but said later they would be back on the water 'as soon as possible'... [more]

Sailing through Life with my Crew
Henry Geerken,
In this engaging article, multi-award winning Henry Geerken confesses hilariously about how he learned to sail with his Crew - his (obviously very patient) life partner Diane... [more]

Caribbean Yachting World Shocked by Attack - Updat
Nancy Knudsen,
The yachting world in English Harbour, Antigua, and the wider Caribbean is reeling from the vicious attack on well known yachting identity Mike Rose last week.... [more]

Treleavens' Sailing - Guadeloupe Iles des Saintes
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
The Caribbean has not been exempt from the strange weather that the rest of the world has been experiencing. Also, my photographic days are over for a while as Ian lost concentration, went swimming with the camera and ended up black and blue - read on....... [more]

Cruising Holiday -Seven Days on Raja Laut-Thailand
Maggie Joyce,
I could get used to this – no provisioning, no cooking, no dishes, no mixing drinks, no cleaning the galley or restocking the fridges! Meals served on deck under a massive awning three times a day while we read, swim, snorkel, dive, site see and chat.... [more]

You think you've seen High Seas? THIS is High Seas,
You think you've seen some high seas? Look at this video, submitted by one Charles Daniel from a commercial container ship to Entertainment, with the comment: 'The seas I could deal with. Same goes for the pitching of the vessel. I don't know about those flexing passageways though...'... [more]

Sailing into Pirates Day
Des Ryan,
There's nothing more associated with sailing than the romantic notion of Pirates, and so when a Pirates Day is held for the raising of money for a good cause, there's bound to be a fantastic roll-up.... [more]

UK's Free Online Boat Registration - a Good Idea?,
A new online boat registration service that allows owners to register their vessel for free, track their stolen property and assist in its recovery has been launched by Boat Register in the UK - According to Boat Register, the total number of tenders stolen between 2006 and 2007 has doubled... [more]

Trivia Corner: Icecream Stick Ship Sets Sail
Catherine Hornby, Reuters,
A Viking ship made from ice-cream sticks set sail for England from the Netherlands on Tuesday. The 15-metre (50-foot) long ship, named after the Norse god Thor, is made from 15 million recycled ice-cream sticks glued together by U.S.-born stuntman Robert McDonald, his son and more than 5,000 children... [more]

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