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Yacht Mutiny - Should it have happened?

What do YOU think?  .
Have you ever been on a sailing boat when a mutiny took place? No? Pretty hard to imagine in the 21st Century, but that's what happened down in the Tasman Sea last week.

90 miles off the coast of that home of excellent sailors, New Zealand, three self-admittedly inexperienced crew mutinied against their Skipper and Captain,set off an Epirb and were lifted off by helicopter. The Skipper won't talk, but when you've read the crew's version, tell me what you think!

It's official. The Manson Supreme is the world's best anchor, according to the Lloyd's Register, who have recorded the Supreme as the only SUPER high holding powered anchor in the world.

The third and final Part of Dave Abbott's rivetting information about how the cruising sailor can deal with heavy weather is in this week's edition, with practical information on how to strengthen your bow to take a sea anchor safely.

News from all the world's oceans about what's going on for sailing adventurers. The Blue Water Rally has just arrived in Nuku Hiva in the remote Marquesas; that tiny hero of world sailing Dame Ellen MacArthur has been awarded yet another honour – by the French; Russian Antarctic sailor Fedor Konyukhov is still down there fighting the ice - and two inspirational sailors in their 80's and 90's who are still out winning sailing championships are profiled.

...and more, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

In their 80s and 90s, still Sailing to Win!
So you love sailing – what do you think you will be doing when you're 80 or 90? Sailing? Maybe? - but do you imagine yourself still winning races? National Championships? No? Then your imagination might be limiting you, because there are at least two (that we know about) inspirational 80 to 90 year olds, Gordon and Ernie, still winning championships at that age.... [more]

It was Certainly Mutiny, but was it Justified?
Nancy Knudsen,
It's not often in the 21st Century you hear of mutiny on the high seas, and more rarely on a yacht. However, a recent mutiny on a yacht in New Zealand waters raises interesting questions. When is a mutiny justified? If a crew mutinies because they are afraid for their lives, is that justified? Maybe yes. But if very inexperienced, maybe they are just panicked landlubbers without understanding?... [more]

Rescue 21 – Rolling US Upgrade Reaches Florida
Sail-World Cruising,
Northeast Florida is a safer place for boaters in 2008 than it was in 2007, thanks to the recent installation of Rescue 21 there.. With it, rescuers will now be able to talk to boats at sea in places they never could and determine where they are - even when the mariners themselves don't know or can't give their location.... [more]

Storm Management for Cruisers - PART 3
Dave Abbott,,
This third part of Dave Abbott's rivetting article tells what to do if you DO get caught in a storm, including the use of Parachutes, drogues and sea anchors.... [more]

Single Sailor?What Better Holiday than with Others
Des Ryan,
Where does a single sailor go to have a holiday? Why on a Singles Sailing Journey of course! You can choose between Greece, Turkey Thailand and even the waters of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.... [more]

Blue Water Rally arrives in Nuku Hiva
Peter Seymour,
Coming at the end of a 3000-mile passage across the Pacific Ocean, the high, green mountains of the Marquesas are always a welcome sight for our Blue Water Rally yachtsmen. Although some crews will visit other islands first, their main destination is Taiohae Bay in Nuku Hiva.... [more]

Safety Changes for Tall Ship after Fatality
Nancy Knudsen,
On December 06, 2006, 25 year old Laura Gainey, crew member on the Cook Islands registered tall ship Picton Castle, was swept overboard to her death by a rogue wave. She was not on watch at the time, but nevertheless was on the deck of the three-masted barque, which was sailing in the Atlantic about 450miles east of Cape Cod. Laura was not tethered, nor was she wearing a life jacket.... [more]

Manson's Supreme Anchor-'Super' Status from Lloyds
Nancy Knudsen,
If you believe the Lloyds Register of Shipping, the Manson Supreme is the best anchor in the world. It is the only production boat anchor that they have awarded the status of 'Super High Holding Power', in place of the 'High Holding Power' status of more commonly known anchors such as CQR, Delta, Bruce, or Bugel.... [more]

Yacht Sunk by Barge - Search for Bodies
Tom Smith, Times Daily,
Search and rescue efforts continue in an effort to locate a yacht that collided with a barge Thursday evening in the US state of Alabama. Divers from the Florence Police and Lauderdale and Colbert county Emergency Management Agencies were deployed back to Wilson Lake around 7 a.m. in an effort to locate the boat, which has been described as a yacht, that sank after being stuck by an eastbound t... [more]

Green Ellen MacArthur Gets French Legion of Honour
Ali Walsh, Derby Telegraph/Sail-World Cruising,
World-record-breaking yachtswoman and Green Advocate Ellen MacArthur has received a top award from the French president. The Derbyshire sailor was presented with the Legion d'Honneur by Nicolas Sarkozy at the Old Royal Naval College, in Greenwich, yesterday... [more]

Fedor becalmed: Surrounded by sea of ice
Robert Williams,
Fedor Konyuhhov is pleasantly surprised to find himself almost totally becalmed in the Roaring Forty latitudes of the South Atlantic, mid way between Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope.... [more]

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