What Sank Daisy?...Fiji Announces 9 months stay for yachties...Mike Harker in 11 month circumnavigation...Life Jacket loaner programme appeal...and more

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Fiji Welcomes Cruising Sailors Again

Fiji has quickly reversed its earlier decision to reduce the allowable stay for yachts – it's now a generous nine months. The Island Cruising Association is offering a rally to cross that infamously nasty lump of water between New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific, and it's excellent news that on both sides of the Pacific HF weather reports will continue, at least for the next few years.

In that other alluring sailing destination of Thailand, in a move that is likely to aggravate freedom-loving visiting sailors, the Phuket authorities are thinking of 'tagging' yachts, so they can be traced all the time they are in Thai waters.

Lots of other news – an article questioning what happened to Daisy, the sailboat that tragically disappeared and sank during an afternoon race in San Francisco Bay, lovely moments in the Leeward Islands with the Treleavens, new circumnavigator Mike Harker's account of his scary entry into Little Harbor in the Northern Bahamas and Dave Abbott continues with the second part of his advice on Storm Management for Cruisers.

Finally, with the approach of the prime sailing season in the northern hemisphere, US organisations are getting active about sailing safety. The US Coast Guard, already involved in one fatality and another life threatening rescue, is appealing for every sailor to take common sense safety measures before venturing out on the water. In the same vein, BoatUS is appealing for money to support expanding their loaner programme for kids' life jackets at popular boating outlets across the nation.

Want to go sailing in the Greek Islands? There may be an offer you can't refuse in this edition.

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Fiji Yacht Stay Extended to Nine Months
Des Ryan,
South Pacific cruising sailors will be delighted to know that the Fijian Cabinet has approved the extension of the allowable yacht stay period in Fiji from three months to nine months. Some months ago, the period was reduced from six months to three, with 'security' widely believed to be the reason. The Fijian marine industry, heavily dependent on visiting yachts, was aghast.... [more]

The Island Cruising Association opens gateways
Jane Pares,
The Island Cruising Association is the gateway for New Zealanders or any sailor in New Zealand for cruising in company from New Zealand to the islands of the South Pacific... [more]

Mike Harker, 11 Month Circumnavigator, in Abacos
Nancy Knudsen/Mike Harker,
Mike Harker, charismatic adventurer and intrepid sailor, has just completed a circumnavigation of the globe in his Hunter 49, Wanderlust III in just under 11 months, thus adding to his long list of inspirational achievements. Why inspirational? Read on...... [more]

US Kids Life Jacket Loaner Program Looks to Expand
Sail-World Cruising,
The United States' only program that lends kid-sized life jackets for free to boaters is looking to grow. The BoatUS Foundation's Life Jacket Loaner Program, which offers infant, toddler and children's life jackets at over 350 nationwide locations has launched a campaign to raise $50,000 in additional funds... [more]

Storm Management for Cruisers - Part 2
Dave Abbott, www.maxingout.com,
Breaking Seas, Non-breaking Seas, Black Holes, and Moitessier's Plan: Inexperienced mariners need to understand that in non-breakings seas, water doesn't move horizontally. It moves vertically. There is no horizontal displacement of the water in a non-breaking wave.... [more]

Easy Check-in? Or Big Brother? Phuket Tags Yachts
Nancy Knudsen,
Phuket in Thailand, long the centre of some of the world's finest cruising waters, wants to put a 'tracker' on visiting yachts to know where they are at all times. They've called it 'better security', and 'streamlining procedures', but it begs the question of how cruising sailors will react to having a 'chip' attached to their yacht so that authorities know where they are at all times... [more]

HF Weather for Pacific Sailors – Safe for a While
Nancy Knudsen,
Until at least 2010, sailors in the Pacific Ocean will have access to vital weather broadcasts, owing to both Australia and the United States agreeing to continue services in the interim... [more]

Coast Guard to the Rescue, then Pleads for Safety
Sail-World Cruising/Lt JG Lauren Kolumbic,
Following the tragic loss of the Daisy in a charity race from San Francisco last week, the US Coast Guard's early Spring response to a stricken vessel off the Northern California coast has caused them to plea for boater safety in the coming summer boating season... [more]

The Wind-up Torch - Never go Boating without one
Des Ryan,
There's nothing worse when boarding a boat to find that all the batteries are flat, all the rechargeables need recharging and you need a TORCH RIGHT NOW! This is where the dynamo wind-up LED torch is the life-saver... [more]

What Sank Daisy?
Jim Doyle, Sfchronical.com/Sail-World Cruising,
The cause of the sinking of Daisy, the 31ft sailing boat that 'disappeared' with the loss of two sailors' lives during a recent race in San Francisco Bay has investigators baffled, but they believe it was 'catastrophic'. Preliminary investigations of the underwater remains of the boat tell only that the boat was dismasted and the cabin separated from the hull. The boat sent no distress signal.... [more]

New Boat Law: No Rainwater Runoff Allowed
Sail-World Cruising,
In the United States allowing rain to run off your boat into the sea, or allowing seawater from your diesel engine to escape into the sea could be against the law after September 30th this year. Unbelievable? Read on...... [more]

Sailing with the Treleavens - Leeward Islands
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Ian and Andrea Treleaven, those veterans of 'Letters from the Med', have now sailed their lovely new yacht Cape Finisterre across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Some bad luck meant that they waited for many weeks for a new mast, but have finally had it replaced and are headed off to enjoy sailing the Leeward Islands... [more]

Mykonos Santorini in Reduced Sailing Holiday
Des Ryan,
On May 4th there's an eight day specially reduced sailing holiday available for a 20% reduction, selling at just A$668 (plus local payment of 150 Euro), which includes some of the finest gems of the Greek Islands. It starts in fabled Mykonos and ends in the lovely Santorini.... [more]

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