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14 Mar 2008

Diary Dates


Greener Sailing a Bright Future?-except Queensland

However in Queensland (which has just surpassed NSW as the biggest boat-owning state) after recently watching the hundreds of power boats and jet skis plow the water into an ear-splitting maelstrom on the Broadwater, I have to doubt there are any green attitudes on the Gold Coast. Queensland also has a new superyacht plan, so you can expect to be seeing more and more of these fuel ogres and pollution belchers in the sunny state.

Lots of ideas about where to sail next – and you don't even need to own a boat. One young ocean hitch-hiker tells his story of sailing across the Atlantic. Then there's a rally from Europe to the Amazon, glorious tales of sailing the Whitsundays and the opportunity of rally-sailing the Turkish coastline with occasional visits to Greek Islands along the way.

The Easter holiday season is almost upon us, and down in Sydney Harbour - distinctly greener since last weekend's power boats have gone – the Maritime Museum is promoting an evening on the Captain Cook's Endeavour, and the Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association (RANSA) is having a Pirate's Day for sailing boats – great for small kids and big kids (up to 80)

Two practical articles this week – how to safely rid your sails of mildew, and an infallible how to never miss that regular horizon check on a passage.

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Government Superyacht Plan for Queensland
Sail-World Cruising,
International growth in Super, Mega and Gigayachts is representing a multi-billion dollar business opportunity for Queensland, Minister for Tourism, Regional Development and Industry, Desley Boyle announced in Cairns this week. Ms Boyle said while the Caribbean had long been a haven for the international superyacht industry, Queensland had the potential to steal the mantle.... [more]

How to Never Miss a Horizon Check again!
Nancy Knudsen,
Whether you are out for a daysail to a familiar anchorage, or crossing the Atlantic Ocean, keeping a good watch is one of the prime rules of good seamanship. Whether it's because you're likely to fall asleep, forget, or have inexperienced crew, here's the clue on how to relax knowing you will NEVER miss a horizon check again – the Watch Commander.... [more]

Schooner Saves Crew from 'Pirate' Ship
Leonora LaPeter Anton/Sail-World,
For almost two years the 'pirate' ship the Treasure Seeker took day trips from its snug berth at the pier of St. Petersburg on the west coast of Florida, USA. Last month owner Ray Hixon and son Tripp headed in the ship for a new dream of tourist sailing in the Virgin Islands. But just south of the Turks and Caicos Islands, their dream ended when the 55-year-old ship sank in 7,000 feet of water.... [more]

Queensland passes NSW with most boat ownerships,
Queensland has passed New South Wales as the most popular boating state in Australia. By the end of January, total boat registrations equaled 219,643, more than any state or territory in the country.... [more]

Ridding Sails of Mildew - the Four Easy Steps
Andrew Dove, Area Manager, North Sails Caribbean,
Mildew is an integral part of our ecosystem. But where the keen gardener will apply copper sulphate to limit the destructive affect of mold on his precious plants, sails are an expensive purchase and their aspect a clear part of a boat's image. Certainly mildew stains on sails are a serious problem. Often the stains will appear after a period of stockage which will be the case for many sails durin... [more]

Pirates Day Fun on Sydney Harbour
Sail-World Cruising,
If you long for the romance and excitement of the days of Henry Morgan - and even have piratical ambitions yourself - you can live out the fantasy 'for real' on Sydney Harbour on March 30th. All young kids and old kids up to 80 will probably love it too.... [more]

Cruise the Med on a luxury crewed yacht
Maggie Joyce,
We spent only two amazing days in Istanbul where we sampled the grand bazaar with all the unimaginable colour, sights and sounds of the orient and some of the 'must do' attractions including Aya Sofia Museum and the Cistern. We could easily have stayed longer but as arranged we set off overland.... [more]

Sailing the Whitsundays - Clownfish Rush Hour
The morning sky is eggshell blue, no noise but the wind in the trees and the little plop! of surfacing fish. Sit in the breeze on deck as the morning sun comes over the hill, and have a fresh pot of coffee with toast, muesli and a freshly prepared fruit salad. Later in the day as you float into Nara Inlet on Hook Island an eagle might be soaring overhead.... [more]

Ice Sailing - Cool or Crazy?
Jeff Barr, Kalamazoo Gazette,
If someone says he gets a kick out of lying flat on his back cruising six inches off the surface of a frozen lake at 50 mph or so, please don't think he's crazy. I made the mistake of questioning the sanity of Commodore Randy Johnson and other members of the Gull Lake Ice Yacht Club on Saturday's frigid morning......Until I took a ride myself... [more]

'Green' Sailing ahead of Powerboating
Sail America Press Release,
As the recession in the USA starts to bite, it seems as if every headline in the marine trade press has the words 'boat sales down' in the title. But overall, sailing is holding up better than the powerboat sector. High fuel costs are the primary reason, but sailing is also more in line with today's cultural and social aspirations. Sailing is healthy, invigorating, exciting and, above all,... [more]

This Week's Featured Port - Port Fairy
Lisa Monk, Holiday Inspirations,
This fascinating town bears many reminders of its colonial past, including many white washed cottages, grand buildings, boarding houses and inns. Yet this is also a thoroughly modern port, home to one of the largest fishing fleets in Victoria and a great stopover for the recreational sailor.... [more]

World's Most Exotic Cruising Rally
Des Ryan,
There's an unusual scene at the mouth of the Amazon River right now – it's over thirty cruising yachts showing home flags from a variety of countries including France, USA, Britain and Australia. In one of the world's rarest sailing adventures, these boats have just sailed From Tenerife to the river so aptly called the 'Mighty Amazon.'.....and what they will do next is even more exotic...... [more]

Ocean Hitch Hikers – One Hiker's Story
Timesonline/Sail-World Cruising.,
In ports and harbours wherever long range cruising boats are preparing for their next ocean crossing, you find the ocean hitch hikers. There'll be a tap on the hull, a polite 'Excuse me...' and the inevitible question – 'Are you looking for crew?' Some are experienced, some have never been on a boat, but all are adventurous and willing to take a chance. Here, Mads Qvist Frederiksen, writ... [more]

Sailing with the Treleavens - WITH a Mast
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Monday we collected the mast from Fort de France Port where it was tied to our deck, no other way of transport possible, and then we motored back the 30miles to Marin Harbour. By Wednesday they have it installed and now our time of waiting is nearly over, we will be on our way north by Tuesday 11th after final modifications are made.... [more]

An Evening on Captain Cook's Endeavour
Sail-World Cruising,
Step back in time for an 18th century tall ship adventure with the National Maritime Museum's Evening on Endeavour from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm on Saturday 29 March. Bring the family or come down yourself to experience a special evening aboard the museum's full-scale replica of Captain Cook's HMB Endeavour – 18th century sailors dress encouraged!... [more]

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