Blackwattle heads for Pittwater

28 Feb 2008

Diary Dates


Heading Home to Pittwater

Getting away - Gold Coast and its marinas  BW Media
As I write this Blackwattle has broken away from her weather-enforced anchorage jail on the Gold Coast (see story below), and is scheduled to arrive in our home port of Pittwater just north of Sydney Harbour on Sunday morning, 2nd March, finishing the final leg of her round world journey of five years.

The traditions are strong for circumnavigating boats – like many of our cruising friends before us, we shall be tying together our courtesy flags from all the countries we have visited and flying them proudly from the mast as we make our final port entry.

We've been reporting the tragic boat damage that the recurring gales have brought to the east coast, especially at Airlie Beach, and now you can read how the insurance industry is responding.

Cruising tales from almost all the world's oceans this week – Crystal Blues tells stories of visiting the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal; the Treleavens are doing it tough without a mast in the Caribbean; Fedor Konyukhov, busy trying to circle the Antarctic, is half way to Cape Horn; the home-built Tin Can by that 'never-say-die' sailor David Vann has already had to return to port – and seasickness has put paid to a woman's effort to circle the globe four times non-stop.

OceansWatch is an organisation any yachtie with a love for our watery environment would love to help, and in this edition we tell you why. This week's new product is something the less hardy of us will love (includes me) – a Bow Tent to keep you dry when the waves are big and the dinghy trip long.

Finally worthy of mention, last week I reviewed Jimmy Cornell's new book and memoir!A_Passion_for_the_Sea!new. This week he has offered to send signed copies of this fabulous coffee table production to Sail-World Cruising readers. To take advantage of this offer - it would be a great present for any keen sailor - email

....and lots of other stories - I have hardly scratched the surface, so

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Waiting for Weather in Sailors' Hell - Blackwattle
Nancy Knudsen,
The noise is driving us crazy. 'I am going crazy!' says the Skipper Ted. 'We have to leave here!' 'We can't leave,' I say patiently, for the fifth time in an hour, 'the weather won't let us.'... [more]

Club Marine team to the rescue
Jeff Megahan,
“Club Marine came to the rescue,” says Stephen Pyke. At Airlie Beach, the monsoon's “ground zero”, boat parts, fibreglass and timber lay scattered amidst debris that covered the expanse of the foreshore. Phil Johnson, Club Marine's National Claims Manager, arrived at Airlie Beach on February 14.... [more]

Classic & Wooden Boat Festival 2008, Coming Soon
Sail-World Cruising &,
With a fleet of more than 150 wonderful boats, craft demonstrations and displays, a variety of food stalls and a non-stop program of live entertainment, this year's Classic & Wooden Boat Festival at Darling Harbour in Sydney promises to be the brightest ever.... [more]

Aussie Boat Sales scores Buizen
Aussie Boat Sales has been appointed the southern states' authorised agent for pilothouse yacht marque Buizen Yachts.<... [more]

Need a boat loan? More about boat financing
Jardine Media,
Last month we spoke to Mark O'Donoghue at specialist boat finance company Finlease about the common problems boaties face when looking for the perfect boat loan. Finding a boat you want to buy is rarely a problem, however funding the purchase often can be. Now we'll continue by outlining two popular finance packages that you may like to investigate if you're about to buy a boat.... [more]

Sailing with the Treleavens - Exploring Martinique
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven, on their yacht Finisterre, after crossing the Atlantic, are waiting for their mast to be replaced. In the meantime they are motoring in the vicinity of the French Island of Martinique in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean... [more]

GME to relinquish Garmin distribution in Australia
Media Services,
Standard Communications Pty Ltd, the manufacturer of GME marine and land communication products and Australasian distributor for Garmin recreational and marine products has today announced the mutual cessation of its distribution agreement with Garmin International Inc.... [more]

Explore the Aeolian Islands on a new Lagoon 500
Maggie Joyce,
Two cabins with en-suite are available on a departure in September 2008. In conjunction with the one week cruise on board Mariner Boating Holidays is offering one week overland in Sicily. Travel by private minibus and explore this intriguing destination on a well researched tour with pre-booked accommodation including breakfast.... [more]

New Product of the Week - the Bow Tent
Sail-World Cruising,
Tired of getting splashed and wet in your dinghy when you're a long way from shore? Now a simple addition can keep your clothes - and you dry - in the windiest anchorage. NauticsEurope offer you the 'Bow Tent'... [more]

Yachtmaster Certificate Stolen from Facebook
Rosie Tapping/Sail-World Cruising,
'Don't put your Yachtmaster Certificate on Facebook' says the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) after a UK woman successfully chartered a yacht with the Yachtmaster Certificate she had photocopied from Facebook... [more]

Kochi to be Cruising Hub - What a Change!
Nancy Knudsen,
The news that about $4 million is to be spent this year on a 2.5 acre sailing village in Kochi (Cochin) India for the Volvo Race, will put Kochi in a prime place in the Indian Ocean as the hub of leisure sailing and cruising – this will be a far cry from our own sailing experience there just a few years ago:... [more]

Images of Groupama 3: Return to Dunedin
Martin Balch,
Grouparama 3, giant trimaran participating in the Jules Verne round the world race, capsized recently south of New Zealand, with all crew rescued. Martin Balch took these images of Groupama 3 as she returned to Dunedin this afternoon... [more]

Caribbean to Welcome Carbon Conscious Prince
R. Kay AND G. Levy, Daily Mail/Sail-World,
The superyacht Leander, one of the most luxurious yachts in the world, is now in excited preparation to welcome Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles to the Caribbean. According to Clarence House, the Prince of Wales has chartered the yacht not for reasons of comfort, but to minimise his carbon footprint... [more]

Cruising the Andamans with Crystal Blues
Ley and Neil Langford,
Australians Ley and Neil Langford on Crystal Blues have reached the Andaman Islands, and send this tale back of their experiences in this remote group of islands owned by India in the Bay of Bengal south of Burma, and begin with the Indians' renowned love of cricket.... [more]

Seasickness Cuts Voyage after 300 Days
Sail-World Cruising,
Seasickness is a curse for those who suffer from it, and nearly a year into a three-year voyage around the globe, seasickness has finally got the better of American sailor Soanya Ahmad, who was trying to circle the globe four times without stopping.... [more]

Home built TinCan turns back from circumnavigation
David Vann,
Builder David Vann tells his own story - Well, I had to turn back. The crossbeams that hold the three hulls together are a complicated structure that I have worried about ever since the initial stages of planning and building. I wanted a ladder-like design that would have low wind and water resistance and light weight.... [more]

Lagoon 420 Scoops Top Environmental Award
Sail-World Cruising,
The inaugural Royal Thames Mansura Trophy competition has been won by the Lagoon 420 hybrid-powered catamaran from French shipyard, Constrution Navale de Bordeaux, and the runner-up for this year was the Sydney Solar Sailor passenger ferry in Sydney Harbour.... [more]

Konyukhov half way to Cape Horn - Antarctica Cup
Robert Williams,
Fedor Konyukhov sailing his 85ft (27m) yacht Trading Network Alye Parusa is now half way to Cape Horn from his starting point on the Antarctica Cup Racetrack at Albany, Western Australia.... [more]

Charter or BYOY to join Scottish Coast Rally
Peta Stuart-Hunt/Sail-World Cruising,
You can charter a local yacht, or take your own, but sailing the west coast of Scotland in a rally of yachts from a wide range of countries is an experience not to be missed, especially when it is combined with sampling the locally made classic malt!... [more]

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