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21 Feb 2008

Diary Dates


Put Lifejacket on when BOARDING says Safety Man

In the UK, there were an average five MOB calls every week of 2007  .
The sea safety manager of the UK's Royal National Lifeboat Institution made a memorable safety point this week.

In the wake of a 25% increase in Man Overboard rescues in 2007, he suggested that a crew should put their lifejackets ON when they board a boat, and then decide when to take them off, saying 'experience tells us that in an emergency there is not always time to make sure your lifejacket is securely and correctly fitted'.

With the complicated structures that comprise many life jackets, even working out which way is UP could be a challenge in an emergency – food for thought.....

Should power boats in Sydney Harbour have an exclusion zone? Bob Wonders discusses it this week, and Sunsail has plenty to crow about – six gorgeous new craft for the Australia fleet, and the company has plenty of enticing destinations as well as the Whitsundays.

Jimmy Cornell, that innovative guru of long rangers cruisers, and writer of thirteen books on sailing, has now published his first memoirs – but no ordinary memoirs, as you would expect. Dedicated to the highest quality, as always, he refused to go along with his publisher's more modest ideas, and published it himself, full colour and glossy throughout. The result is a spectacularly beautiful, if expensive, production – and the content lives up to it. Read my review.

A wide range of subject matter this week - Wacky and serious sailing tales, new products to make your sailing life easier, and some excellent advice on furling genoas.
Read on, enjoy, and

Sail safe

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

7834 People Rescued, but 'too many MOB's'
Sail-World Cruising,
In 2007, a whopping 7,834 people were rescued by the UK's Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeboats, and over half the rescues were to leisure craft, but the worrying figure is the 25% increase in Man Overboard Rescues. .... [more]

Four Australian Sailors Rescued off Noumea
ABC News,
In New Caledonia, four Australians have been rescued after their yacht, Idle Vice, was caught in bad weather 550 kilometres west of the capital, Noumea... [more]

Sunsail adds six new yachts to fleet
Infront Communications,
The world's leading sailing holiday company has plenty to shout about as it welcomes six new boats to its Australian fleet.... [more]

Sydney Harbour Powerboats need an Exclusion Zone!!
Bob Wonders,
Last Sydney International Boat Show, NSW Ports Minister Joe Tripodi and NSW Maritime announced that Sydney Harbour, normally the domain of the sailing clubs would for two days of the year feature big boat power boat racing.... [more]

Never run out of Fuel or Water again
A product that can assure you of never running out of fuel or water again, or warning you about a full septic tank, has just won the Accessory of the Year Award at this year's Helsinki International Boat Show in Finland.... [more]

Blue Water Rally visits the Galapagos
Peter Seymour,
Following a trouble-free and timely transit of the Panama Canal, the next destination for the Blue Water Rally is the Galapagos Islands – Darwin's Enchanted Isles. Now Blue Water Rally crews on the 30 yacht fleet will be brought face-to-face with Darwin's experience and observations as they visit the Islands.... [more]

Hamilton Island Race Week Accommodation
Kristie Kaighin,
Have you booked your accommodation for Hamilton Island Race Week yet? Race Week runs from 22nd - 30th August. Self contained and very sought after: www.whitsundayholidays.com.au Full range of private apartments, villas and houses on Hamilton Island. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 bedroom options available. All include buggy and island airport or marina transfers. Get in early for Race Week 2008.... [more]

'A Passion for the Sea' - Jimmy Cornell
Nancy Knudsen,
Some books entertain, some books educate. We look for some books to entertain, we look for others to educate. No-one more than the cruising sailor yearns for the best information at times, and the best entertainment at others. Jimmy Cornell, in his superbly (and therefore expensively) presented latest book, gives both in large helpings, richly served - together... [more]

NSW Maritime opens new Batemans Bay office
NSW Maritime,
NSW Maritime – the State boating regulator – has relocated its former Batehaven Office to Batemans Bay... [more]

Marine Website Awards
Does it drive you CRAZY when you can't find something simple on a website? - when you are sent in unending circles? when the graphics are great but the information you want is missing? Winners of Marine Industry Web Awards have just been announced in Miami. No doubt you should ENJOY consulting these websites........ [more]

Furling Genoas - What You Should Know
Andrew Dove, Area Manager, North Sails Caribbean,
Today, a majority of cruising boats have furling Genoas, hence as a sailmaker I am daily asked about these. I would like to give some broad basic tips on this subject to give thought about this basic ‘work horse' that often we furl away and forget about.... [more]

World's largest Sailing Ship - Coming Soon
Sail-World Cruising,
Marjorie Merriweather Post Close Hutton Davies May (started with two surnames, married four times) is surely smiling in her grave. She succeeded once in besting her competitors by building the largest yacht in the world – larger than JP Morgan's Corsaire, larger than Vanderbilt's Defender, even larger than Walter Gubelman's The Seven Seas – now it seems, she will do it again, at least in name... [more]

Boating Safety with Kids
Laurie Lowther - YachtShare NZ Ltd,
Every parent's concern when boating is the safety of their child at sea. When we at YachtShare are approached by potential clients with children, we have a lot to discuss to allay their fears and to ensure the client has enough practical knowledge to assume command with children on-board.... [more]

Changing the face of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
VietnamNetBridge/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailors en route Hong Kong-Singapore or just cruising Asian waters should stop to take a look at the spectacularly beautiful Ha Long Bay area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but by the sound of plans in the making by Vietnam, they should do so as soon as possible!... [more]

Some days you shouldn't get out of bed......
W Hoover & E Aguiar,Honolulu Advertiser/Sail-World,
Some days, you just shouldn't get out of bed in the morning. What began as a leisurely ocean cruise Wednesday afternoon ended with Jim Dobson's 54-foot yacht running aground at Poka'i Bay, on the big island of Oahu, Hawaii, and the destruction of the very expensive craft after yesterday's wave surge left it sitting on the beach at the Wai'anae.... [more]

Sailing Duo rescued by tanker in South Atlantic
BBC News,
A Cornish couple have been rescued from their yacht in the South Atlantic after emailing Falmouth Coastguard. Mike, 51, and Iris Clelford, 52, asked for help after their yacht Brilliance sustained mast damage 500 miles from the island of Tristan da Cunha.... [more]

Charter World - Last minute boating adventures
Charter World Brook Felsenthal,
Charter World offer last minute availability on two fantastic sailing adventures in the Mediterranean at bargain prices. Book by the berth or cabin from $3960 per person (for 14 nights sailing aboard a Beneteau 50). No experience is necessary as a fully qualified sailing instructor is aboard to assist you and help you gain qualifications if desired.... [more]

Croatia 2 Week Charter - Mariner Boating Holidays
Special services,
Croatia is a stunning sailing destination, sail into intact medieval towns and cities which lie peacefully beside crystal clear seas. Mariner Boating Holidays is offering a special Croatia 2 Week Charter - Sail one way Dubrovnik to Split.... [more]

Devastation at Airlie Beach and Cannonvale
Bob Norson,
Strong northerly winds with heavy rain, ripped through the exposed and crowded anchorage off Airlie Beach and Cannonvale, leaving much of the fleet on the bricks and many others damaged by collision with dragging boats.... [more]

17 Qld Skippers Found Drink-Driving
SEVENTEEN boat skippers were caught drink-driving in Queensland waters in a blitz over the summer break, Queensland Police Minister Judy Spence revealed yesterday.... [more]

Sell Saddam's Yacht? 'O no you don't' says Iraq
Des Ryan,
Saddam Hussein ordered it in 1981, and it was built in Helsingor, the city of Shakespeare's Hamlet, by Danish shipyard Helsingor Vaerft. But curiously Saddam never took delivery of it. It was in the second year of the Iran/Iraq War, and maybe he had other things on his mind... [more]

Nine New Innovation Awards at Miami Boat Show
A liferaft suitable for inland waters, AirBattens – those pump-up battens that can make life easy on a boat, a new comprehensive navigation system, even a LED cleat light for your jetty: these are just some of the products that have just won innovation awards at the Miami International Boat Show.... [more]

Sundried tide — silent, natural disaster
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Australian researchers have studied and documented the effect of the 'sundried tide', a force of nature that can silently wipe out coral reefs. Just like cyclones and other natural disasters, these severe ‘sun-dry tides' rarely occurred since they relied on the alignment of numerous natural extremes.... [more]

Exhibition: Bateaux Jouets Toy boats from Paris
A remarkable exhibition coming to the National Maritime Museum in March presents 100 years of beautifully-made toy boats… a century of childhood for everyone to enjoy.... [more]

U.K. equity firm buys Oyster Marine
Susan A. Baird (http://www.pbn.com/),
Oyster Marine Ltd., a U.K.-based yacht builder with shipyards in Ipswich and Newport, has been acquired by U.K.-based private equity fund Balmoral Capital for an undisclosed sum.... [more]

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