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14 Feb 2008

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Brickbats and Bouquets after Whitsunday Rescues

Dozens of minor incidents at Airlie Beach, photo by  .
High winds continued to batter the east coast last week and cause the need for multiple rescues. Many yachts broke moorings, with dozens of minor incidents caused by the high seas. And now for the post mortems....

In Queensland it's bouquets to the three policemen who may receive bravery awards for rescuing a family including four children, the youngest of whom was two, when their yacht foundered off rocks near Airlie Beach.

However, in the aftermath of another incident, the brickbats are coming in. Individuals who were part of a party of 32 back-packers rescued when their 23m schooner foundered on rocks on Hook Island, are reported to be complaining. American tourist Dave Lubneck, has accused Captain and crew not knowing safety procedures and allowing panic on board. South African tourist Richard Hassan, said the rescued passengers had been forced to leave their back-packs, including money and passports on board, and the tour operator has been of no assistance in providing clothes, accommodation or any other assistance back on shore.

Sail-World Cruising has a brickbat of its own. A man has been rescued in a five hour operation from his sinking 7.6m yacht after it began taking water in Bass Strait near Flinders Island. In this incident, reported by, the lone sailor, sailing in one of the most notorious patches of water in the world, was not carrying a liferaft on the boat.

A magazine bulging with news today - there are two reports from the Antarctic: the Commitment is at the Horn, and Fedor Konyukhov is circling the icy continent. In the tropics, the Treleavens are enjoying the Caribbean while they wait for their new mast, and Prince Charles is also heading for the Caribbean – read about his version of 'being Green'.

You'll be impressed with the newest innovative 'Green' Cat, you'll benefit from Adam Loory's advice on headsail block positioning, and you'll definitely want to copy my serious advice on how to shower on a boat.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Sailing at the Horn - with Commitment
Team Mowbray,
Down there in Penguinland, Tony Mowbray and his crew on Commitment are experiencing the unsurpassed beauty of the incomparable Chilean Fjords, hidden inlets and coves inaccessible to large ships, and sailing to the edge of that precipice known as 'The Horn'.... [more]

Sanctuary Cove Confirms International Status
Kate Duryea,
The 20th anniversary Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show will be a celebratory event with numerous world launches. The stylish event is staged each May at Sanctuary Cove on Queensland's Gold Coast. More than 400 exhibitor applications have been received for the May 22-25 event since bookings opened in October.... [more]

How to Shower on a Boat
Nancy Knudsen,
There's no doubt about it. Showering on a boat is an art form. After sailing many thousands of miles while trying to placate an unreasonable Skipper who seems to want to give the water in three of our four water tanks a free trip around the world, I have now refined the art of showering with a ridiculously small amount of water, and I want to share this great achievement with you.... [more]

Lowrance's marine radio line-up expand
Sandman Media,
Lowrance has announced an all-new line of marine VHF radios which will soon be available in Australia.... [more]

Tributyltin - going, going, almost gone...
Nancy Knudsen,
Tributyltin, going going gone....Finally the end is in sight for the environment destroying substance that some yachts and ships still use as antifouling paint. Are YOU compliant? 17th September, 2008 is the deadline.... [more]

Sailing with the Treleavens - Caribbean Carnival
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
The Treleavens continue enjoying the Caribbean while waiting for their new mast to arrive: Salines Beach on the southern end of Martinique is the perfect crystal clear seas we keep returning to, with an arc of long white sand, palm trees and some perving for the men. Friends of son Ian come and go and we pass our days snorkeling, swimming and Creole Restaurants in the evenings.... [more]

Sydney's Rozelle Bay - New Magnet for Superyachts
Des Ryan,
In the near future Sydneysiders may notice a greatly increased number of superyachts sliding under the Bridge and disappearing on past Darling Harbout. Where will they be going? To Rozelle Bay, that waterway past the Anzac Bridge and beside the dog heaven of Jubilee Park.... [more]

African Green Cat Begins to Purr
Sail-World Cruising,
Every week we hear of new innovations by independent scientists, inventors, and commercial organisations to cut down our fossil fuel emissions and cool the planet. As difficult as the issue is, it's encouraging to know that in every developed country of the world independent companies are making small steps of progress, and they need to be applauded... [more]

Fedor Konyukhov on his icy way
Sail-World Cruising,
While you're sitting somewhere warm and dry reading this, spare a thought or two for Fedor...... [more]

Prince Charles Sailing to Save the Planet
Hello/ Des Ryan,
It's good to know that Prince Charles is seeking to coming up with solutions to limit his impact on the environment. With Greenness like this, you'd hardly need Al Gore, and, in fact, you could measure how Green your next holiday is by using the following story as a benchmark.... [more]

Protect Sails, Go Faster-the Lead Block's the Key
Adam Loory,GM Sailmakers UK-Halsey International,
No cruising sailor will deny wanting to get the best (comfortable) speed out of a boat, but, more important by far, to use the sails so they will last longer and won't let the boat down when away from home. These two goals need not be in conflict. Adam Loory, General Manager of Sailmakers UK-Halsey International, here describes how to position your lead block for the best all-round outcome... [more]

43 Rescued from Foundered Yachts
Two yachts ran afoul of heavy seas pounding the Australian coast in Queensland Tuesday, forcing the rescue of 43 people from the foundering luxury vessels... [more]

BoatU.S. Annual List Of Top Ten Boat Names
Boat names can reveal much about the personality, lifestyle, passions or experiences of a boat owner. For 2007, the BoatU.S. list of Top Ten Most Popular Boat Names is particularly revealing:... [more]

How to Sail and Celebrate St Valentine's Day
Sail-World Cruising,
Can you sail and celebrate St Valentine's Day at the same time? Sail-World Cruising looked at Valentine's Days round the world to find out how those with a bent for an aqua experience could fare. it's understoon that nothing beats having your own sailing boat at the end of the jetty or moored nearby somewhere, but maybe a different experience is apt for St Valentine's Day.... [more]

101 Years on – the Larchmont Tragedy
Carol W. Kimball,,
Today, any skipper in a sailing boat would be reckless to assume that a motor powered vessel, whatever size, would give way under the old 'power gives way to sail' tradition. 'Might is right' will always prevail, and there's no question that in a collision, the sailing boat would probably come off worst. But this was not always the case....... [more]

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