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Sailing for the Love of Sea

Sailing for the love of the experience, rather than winning, has never seen such popularity. From every corner of the globe, reports are that cruising sailing is overtaking racing in growth.

There are two world rallies underway at the moment, the Blue Water Rally and the World ARC, both in the vicinity of the Panama Canal right now. Down in Australia, the popular Brisbane to Gladstone Race has just added a simultaneous 'Rally of Discovery', new marinas in faraway places such as India and the east coast of Malaysia tell the story as well, and recently released numbers in the USA are corroboratory.
For this lover of oceans and its wildlife, it's all good news – sailors rarely survive as cruisers for long without becoming greener and saner.

Skysail saving fuel on commercial ship  Jesus Diaz
In Green News, that splendid new-ish organisation Oceans Watch has been gifted a yacht after the sad diving death of a young cruising sailor, and the first commercial ship ever to carry a Skysail has just left Germany for Venezuela.

If you live somewhere where the tides govern your comings and goings, then you'll love being able to get them off-line on your mobile phone; there's a great gift idea for the meticulous boat owner – or someone with a dirty boat - and what about building or restoring your own classic boat? You can learn how, and combine it with a great experiential holiday!

Lots of other news this week, from the fascinating to the bizarre to the zany.

...and what about joining Oceans Watch?

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Ghostly 'Message in Bottle' from Vanished Schooner
By PerthNow/Sail-World Cruising,
One of the South Pacific's greatest sea mysteries was the disappearance of the Patanela, a 19-metre steel schooner, which vanished without trace while approaching Sydney Harbour in November 1988. Now, just under 20 years later, a ghostly 'message in a bottle' has been found from one of the crew on a beach in the Great Australian Bight by a beachcomber.... [more]

ARC Yacht Rescues Fisherman after 20 days Adrift
By World Cruising Club/Sail-World,
In a grim reminder of how easily things can go wrong at sea, World ARC yacht Tillymint, an Oyster 82 taking part in World Cruising Club's round the world rally, has been involved in the dramatic rescue of a stranded Caribbean fisherman whilst on route to Panama. Three other fisherman were lost in their last tragic efforts to be saved after 20 days drifting at sea.... [more]

Baby Boomers et al - Learn Classic Boat Building
By Nancy Knudsen,
Do you love messing around building boats? Maybe you have an old classic boat you'd like to restore, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you're looking for a career change. Whatever your reason, why not consider visiting Newport Rhode Island, one of the most charismatic yachting ports of all time, and do a short or long course with the International Yacht Restoration School?... [more]

New product- Accurate tides on your mobile phone
By Nancy Knudsen,
If the tides where and how you live mean that knowing the tides are important to you, how fantastic you would feel to know you can access them on your mobile phone, accurately, without even being able to connect to a mobile cell! Now you can do it!... [more]

Bird of Paradise Lost, Now for the Trimaran.
By Sail-World Cruising,
The picture to the left was taken from the dinghy, and shows the last tragic moments of the elegant Bird of Paradise. Images at the end of this article show the full pictorial story of the sinking. Yes, he's already lost one boat, the lovely Bird of Paradise, to the ocean. Now, he is working hard to complete a trimaran to go sailing again... [more]

Rescue of Reluctant Skipper off Malta
By Times of Malta,
Three crew members aboard a French-registered yacht were yesterday rescued from the rough seas after making a distress call while battling the waves about 90 miles off Delimara Point.... [more]

Blue Water Rally transits the Panama Canal
By Peter Seymour,
One of the highlights of the Blue Water Rally voyage around the world is always the transit of the Panama Canal. The transition from the Caribbean to the Pacific and the doors (really the lockgates) closing behind them signifies that Rally crews have really begun to “sail the dream”.... [more]

Roundworld Sailing:From 313 Days to 57 in 40 Years
By Adam Turinas,
Frenchman Francis Joyon in his trimaran IDEC has just set a new world record for the fastest solo 'downhill' time around the world, besting British Ellen MacArthur's record by an amazing 14 days. Here, Adam Turinas compares Joyon's feat with the that achieved by the much venerated Robin Knox-Johnston when he set the first record of a solo round the world journey in 1968... [more]

Try a Motor Sailer holiday in the Whitsundays
By Deni Linforth,
Following a recent visit to the Beneteau factory in France , the Whitsunday Rent A Yacht team are very excited about their latest acquisitions, the ultimate in luxury, space and comfort in charter boats, the Beneteau Lagoon 420 motor sailer catamaran, the first of which joins their existing large fleet of yachts, catamarans and motor cruisers in the Whitsundays, in September 2008.... [more]

Sailing with the Treleavens - The Grenadines
By Andrea and Ian Treleavens,
For the past two weeks with our mast removed we have motored south from Martinique to the Grenadine Islands and back again. With our son Ian and Nicola on board, its time to forget our repairs, go and enjoy the islands. Day time trips between the islands is very pleasant and with plenty of wind from the NE it could have been wonderful sailing.... [more]

Back to the Future with SkySail-Power?
By Sail-World Cruising,
A cargo ship has set off from Bremen to Venezuela to gain first-hand experience being towed partly by wind power. The newly built cargo vessel was towed by wind propulsion for the first time in the North Sea this month. The 160m2 SkySail supported the main engine of the 132m long Carrier MS “Beluga SkySails” of the Bremen-based Beluga Shipping with approx. five tons of tractive force at a low wi... [more]

OceansWatch is Gifted a Yacht
By Jane Pares,
Alice Sowerby, sister of the late Tom Sowerby, has gifted the use of his Sweden Yacht 340, Magic Roundabout, to OceansWatch Tom, who was only 23 when he died, loved the sea and the cruising life and was a skilled yachtsman and diver. His death in a free diving accident in Bora Bora last year was a shock to all who knew him.... [more]

World ARC Sails Off
By World Cruising Club,
41 yachts including 6 multihulls gathered this week on the 'start line' for the World ARC, the new circumnavigation rally organised and managed by the UK-based cruising rally organisers from the World Cruising Club (WCC), best known for their annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. The fleet set off from Rodney Bay, St.Lucia on Wednesday to begin a 15-month cruising adventure of a lifetime.... [more]

This Week's Gift Idea for the Boat Owner
By Sail-World Cruising,
Don't know what to give your sailing friend for their birthday? This idea may be a little like giving a friend a bar of soap for a present, but no real friend would take it as a hint that their boat is dirty – or would they? No, the Swobbit Deluxe Cleaning Kit will go to the heart of any boat-proud sailor.... [more]

GME MT410G GPS PLB in NZ doctor's prompt rescue
By Media Services,
It just goes to show that the old Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” is as relevant today as it was in 1908 when Baden Powell first coined the phrase. Just ask New Zealand doctor Colin Jones, who having recently received a GME Accusat® Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) as a Christmas gift.... [more]

Taboos 'help stop pirate fishing'
By ARC Centre of Excellence,
Reinforcing traditional management of coral reefs and fisheries may help to tackle the root causes of ‘pirate' fishing in Australian waters, a leading coral researcher says. But these traditional controls are facing intense pressure from the encroachment of the modern world, the high prices paid for increasingly scarce seafood and the spread of urban society – and need help to keep them in place.... [more]

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