Australia Day - time to sail and celebrate...'Near Miss at Port Macquarie...'incapacitated by fear'-rescued sailor...wind a Musto Snug...and more...

24 Jan 2008

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Australia Day - Sail and Celebrate!

Australia Day - sail and celebrate!  .
Australia Day celebrations, nothing better than celebrating on the water, which thousands of Australians will do. Have a great day sailing and celebrating! Read here below details of the changed protocols for Sydney Harbour for the celebrations.

Have you visited the Solitary Islands off the coast of NSW? If not, you're missing out on something fantastic....

The 21st Century – love it or hate it, there is nothing more vulnerable to the onslaught of 6.6 billion people than the world's oceans. We tell this week the story of the first Americans to cross the North West passage, and how easy it was because global warming had melted the ice, and down in the Gulf of Mexico the fish are dead because of, believe it or not, the production of ethanol, that so-called Global Warming problem solver.

On the other hand, thanks to the advancement in sailing technology, this year satellites enabled 353 rescues in the US - which doesn't include the yachtie who called his local pub when he was in trouble in the middle of the Atlantic – and Francis Joyon was able to cut 256 days from the solo round world time since the constantly honoured Sir Robin Knox-Johnstone did it 40 years ago. (This is meant to take nothing away from the feat of Joyon, who had little sleep during his 57 days, had to climb his 32 metre mast four times, and averaged an amazing 19 knots during the journey, some of it through icefields)

On a practical note, there's an interesting article by Edwin Fischer about the value of having a permanently installed preventer. This invention describes something like a cross between a boom-brake and a conventional preventer, would not stop flogging, but may be an excellent solution for some cruising boats.
Andrew Dove also offers words of wisdom on fully battened mains.
Lots of other news – a 'pirate' attack in Venezuela, 'Ocean' has been jailed in South Australia, and Fiji is in uproar about a new three month limit on yachts because of 'drugs and prostitution' on board yachts....

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

'I was incapacitated by fear' - rescued sailor
By Saskia Konyneneburg,
As 12-metre waves smashed over his up-turned yacht off the Northland coast of New Zealand, Steve Crawford feared he was down to two options - and both ended in death. 'I was incapacitated by fear. I thought I'd either be swept out to sea and drown alone or get trapped in the cabin and go down with the boat.'... [more]

Take care on Australia Day on Sydney Harbour
By Penny Robins - NSW Maritime,
Australia Day is one of the biggest days out on Sydney Harbour with more than 2500 spectator vessels expected to take part in planned events. NSW Maritime Chief Executive Chris Oxenbould has urged skippers of more than 2500 vessels expected to take to Sydney Harbour this Australia Day to act safely and responsibly.... [more]

Solitary Islands Have it All
By Sail-World Cruising,
If you're a water enthusiast, Solitary Islands has everything — diving, snorkelling, swimming, surfing, beach walking, whale watching, birdwatching. The marine park shelters over 280 species of fish, four species of turtle and around 90 species of coral - and there are moorings for sailing boats... [more]

Port Macquarie Bar- another 'Near Miss'
By Port Macquarie News/Sail-World Cruising,
A near-miss on Port Macquarie's bar highlights the need for boaters listening, watching or trawling for weather reports on the internet. All this week, warnings have been given that the bars along the Australian east coast are disturbed. THREE men were trapped under the hull of their overturned boat yesterday in the third boating incident at Port Macquarie's bar in 10 days.... [more]

Sydney Classic & Wooden Boat Festival
By Shirani Aththas,
More than 12,000 visitors are expected to attend this bright harbourside celebration at the Australian National Maritime Museum on the weekend 8-9 March.... [more]

Ocean Jailed for Four Years
By Sail-World Cruising,
HIS affinity with the sea prompted him to change his name to Ocean, but the former David Robin Douglas is just a maritime menace, according to the judge who jailed him for four years yesterday.... [more]

Sailing OK but the Fish are Dead -Ethanol to Blame
By Nancy Knudsen,
Go sailing in the northern Gulf of Mexico, you'll probably love it, but don't expect to catch a fish, and this situation is getting worse because of the growing world demand for ethanol fuel. Soung crazy? Read on...... [more]

Celebrate what's great, just don't go overboard
It's a sobering thought; statistics show that 70% of fatalities in boating incidents are due to a person ending up in the water, and the third highest contributing factor of those fatalities is alcohol or drugs. We're all aware of the dangers of driving under the influence, so should it be any different if you're cruising?... [more]

Win a Musto Snug in the Sail-World sweepstakes
By Media Services,
The popularity of the Musto brand was confirmed to us here at Sail-World when we recently launched the second annual Musto Sweepstakes competition. As soon as the competition was posted we received a flood of entries from readers all keen to get their hands on the prize of an ever popular Musto Snug. Enter top right side of this page... [more]

Permanently Installed Preventer - The Case For
By Edwin G. Fischer, MD,
The incidence of injury from accidental or premature jibes is unknown but the problem is not insignificant...I have assembled an incomplete list of 18 fatal head and/or neck injuries that occurred on “offshore” yachts during accidental jibes.... [more]

Moreton Bay Marine Park Draft Zoning Plan
By Queensland Government,
Details now available on Moreton Bay Marine Park Draft Zoning Plan. Acting Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation, Desley Boyle, said staff from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be available to talk to people in detail about the plan.... [more]

Joyon Arrives Brest to Hero Welcome
By Sail-World Cruising,
With flares in hand aboard his reborn IDEC trimaran, Francis Joyon sailed into the port of Brest, France this morning and set a new solo round the world sailing record of 57 days, 13 hours, 34 minutes and 6 seconds. Well wishers who gathered to celebrate Joyon's achievement included previous record holder, Ellen MacArthur herself.... [more]

Fiji Yachts 'drugs, smuggling and prostitution'
By Harold Koi, Mereseini Marau,Fiji Times,
Fiji Finance Minister yesterday said yachts were becoming a highly suspected source for drug peddling, smuggling of contraband goods and even endangered species of flora and fauna, and prostitution.... [more]

Fiji's Turnabout a Warning – Stay away Yachts.
By Timothy Naivluwaqa/Sail-World Cruising,
Shock waves continue. The action by Fijian Authorities in changing, without notice or discussion, the length of time yachts are allowed to stay in Fiji is a warning to visiting yachts and to the whole marine industry that stability cannot be relied on. Yachts are now only allowed to stay three months instead of the previous six with a simple extension plan.... [more]

Satellites Rescue 353 in USA alone in 2007
'Don't leave home without your PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) but make sure it is a 406' - that's the message from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), whose satellites located 353 people for rescue organisations in 2007 - in the USA and its surrounding waters alone.... [more]

North West Passage Adventure, but 'It's Warming'
By Mike Kilen, Desmoines Register,
David Thoreson was a member of a sea-weary crew of six, halfway into the 73-day trek on the edges of the Earth, trying to become the first American yacht to travel east to west through the Northwest Passage. Thoreson, surprised by the lack of Arctic ice, knew they had made it.... [more]

Yachstman thanks pub 'rescuers'
By BBC News,
A British yachtsman who was rescued after a bad fall during a solo Atlantic crossing has thanked the people in his local pub who helped raise the alarm. Alan Thompson of Chichester, West Sussex, had to abandon his uninsured, new £50,000 yacht in the ocean.... [more]

New 8-in. OneTouch Winch Handle from Lewmar
By Julie Turne,
Like the original 10-in. version, the smaller winch handle has the same patented 'OneTouch' mechanism to allow sailors to squeeze the release lever (which runs the entire length of the handle) and pull to unlock in one quick, easy motion.... [more]

Dredging improves Broadwater access
By Queensland Government,
Around 12,500 cubic metres of sand is being dredged from the Gold Coast's heavily used North Channel to improve access from the Gold Coast seaway to northern parts of the Broadwater... [more]

Attack on Yacht in 'Wrong Bay' in Venezuela
By Nancy Knudsen,
The International Maritime Bureau, in its Weekly Piracy Report, has reported a new attack on a yacht in Bahia De Robledal, Isla De Margarita, Venezuela. Five pirates armed with guns boarded the yacht. They assaulted the crew and demanded from the crew all their property. One crew was shot and injured. Incident reported to local authorities who undertook an investigation.... [more]

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