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21 Jan 2008                              To reply to this email click here

Editorial January 21, 08.

Sydneysiders, you're in for a treat. Mark the weekend of March 8 and 9 in the diary now, for the highlight of Sydney Harbour Week will be the spectacle of awesome offshore racers belting down the harbour at speeds in excess of 220km/hr.

Last week ‘Maritimo', with Tom Barry-Cotter at the wheel and crew chief Peter McGrath on throttles, gave officials a taste of the excitement to come.

Also this week I ask Powerboat-World readers to offer their thoughts on who in the boating industry has earned true legendary status.

The idea behind this piece stemmed from an article in a US publication which named 10 legends of the US industry.
I'm asking for help in establishing a Powerboat-World Hall of Fame.

Now, here's a word I did not think I'd be writing again so soon – Mustang.

This time, however, it's more positive than negative and has nothing whatsoever to do with receivers.

Read on, we give brief insight into Mustang Marine's future plans, which may include a move into new premises.

Don't forget the popular boat show, designated the ‘Summer Clearance Show', arranged by the Boating Industry Association of NSW and scheduled for Rosehill Gardens on February 22/23/24.

Looking to snap up a bargain? This is where you'll do it.

I'll be there hunting up the news for Powerboat-World and I'll probably be at least partly ‘punch drunk'.

For I'll be flying down to Sydney only the day after flying home to the Gold Coast from Sydney after having flown in, via Los Angeles and Denver, from the Miami International Boat Show.

As they say, life's tough, if you don't weaken.

By Bob Wonders Powerboat-World Editor

Sight-seeing on Sydney Harbour at 220km/hr.
By Bob Wonders,
As many as 17 of the world's fastest offshore racers will come together in the highlight event of Sydney Harbour Week, the Sydney Superboat Grand Prix, destined to showcase the harbour city to international sporting audiences.... [more]

Win a Musto Snug in the Sail-World sweepstakes
By Media Services,
The popularity of the Musto brand was confirmed to us here at Sail-World when we recently launched the second annual Musto Sweepstakes competition. As soon as the competition was posted we received a flood of entries from readers all keen to get their hands on the prize of an ever popular Musto Snug. Enter top right side of this page... [more]

Mustang Marine - 200 boats a year and a new plant?
By Bob Wonders,
Standard Bank Asia has made its first move in detailing plans for Mustang Marine's immediate future. The new owners hope to expand Mustang Marine range and has sights set on a new production facility within the Gold Coast Marine Precinct.... [more]

Satellites Rescue 353 in USA alone in 2007
'Don't leave home without your PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) but make sure it is a 406' - that's the message from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), whose satellites located 353 people for rescue organisations in 2007 - in the USA and its surrounding waters alone.... [more]

Australian Boating Hall of Fame Nominees
By Bob Wonders,
From Arch Spooner, regarded as 'the father of the industry' through to living legends like John Haines and Bill Barry-Cotter, there are many 'red hot' candidates for inclusion in a Powerboat-World Hall of Fame.... [more]

Crossing the English Channel in amphibious cars.
The BBC's Top Gear, a car show attempt to break Sir Richard Branson's record by crossing the treacherous English Channel in a fleet of amphibious cars.... [more]

New 8-in. OneTouch Winch Handle from Lewmar
By Julie Turne,
Like the original 10-in. version, the smaller winch handle has the same patented 'OneTouch' mechanism to allow sailors to squeeze the release lever (which runs the entire length of the handle) and pull to unlock in one quick, easy motion.... [more]

Aust Marine Sector Increases Profile in Dubai
By Kate Duryea,
A large contingent of Australian companies are represented at the Dubai International Boat Show 2008 this March through a strong presence by the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX). AIMEX Chief Executive Mary Anne Edwards said the group had taken increased exhibition space reflecting significant interest in Australian marine products and services in the UAE.... [more]

Dredging improves Broadwater access
By Queensland Government,
Around 12,500 cubic metres of sand is being dredged from the Gold Coast's heavily used North Channel to improve access from the Gold Coast seaway to northern parts of the Broadwater... [more]

$60million floating dock started for AMC WA (AUS)
By Federal Government Media Office,
Construction of the local component of a $60million floating dock at the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) in Henderson began today, two months ahead of the original schedule.... [more]

Sydney Classic & Wooden Boat Festival
By Shirani Aththas,
More than 12,000 visitors are expected to attend this bright harbourside celebration at the Australian National Maritime Museum on the weekend 8-9 March.... [more]

GBR P1 Pilots applaud the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes
By Powerboat P1 Press Office,
Last week's London Boat Show announcement by P1 Management Ltd that the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes, one of the great endurance events in powerboating history, will once again feature within the summer sporting calendar was met with great enthusiasm... [more]

Moreton Bay Marine Park Draft Zoning Plan
By Queensland Government,
Details now available on Moreton Bay Marine Park Draft Zoning Plan. Acting Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation, Desley Boyle, said staff from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be available to talk to people in detail about the plan.... [more]

UK Motor Boat of the Year Awards - The Winners
By www.ibinews.com,
Motor Boat of the Year Awards took place in London on Monday, to coincide with Collins Stewart London Boat Show at Docklands. The awards are designed to reward the best motorboats on the market, taking into account aspects from design to value for money... [more]

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