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Saddest Photo of the Week

Edward Rouvier and Jacinthe Croteau Mans watch as their sailboat sinks Photo By Robert Friedman  .
Where do you leave your yacht when winter approaches? Round the world yachties seem to find the warmest, cheapest, best service provider to care for the boat during non-sailing months. But now British sailors are heading to Scotland in droves!

Having stowed your boat for the winter, how do you spend your time? - why in boat shows of course. This month we have developed an itinerary which will enable you to cover most of the world's major boat shows in just a couple of months, and not too many crossings of the Atlantic.

A Hollywood film director has been made ''Sailor of the Year'', by not one, but two Californian Yacht Clubs. Meanwhile, down in the waters off the coast of Florida, the superyacht owner who just can't get his boat off a sandbank in spite of two years of effort, probably wouldn't get a nomination.

While Francis Joyon continues to make incredible speeds up the Atlantic, way ahead of Ellen MacArthur's record, his contemporary Thomas Coville is following behind at a lesser speed, and Heather Neill – that game little lady who wants to solo circumnavigate in a 24ft boat, hasn't even started – delayed by weather. Read the stories of all these.

Cherishing inventiveness at all levels, we profile a sailing inventor this week, who's trying to get a clean fuel hydrogen assisted electric outboard motor to a viable stage of development, and our product of the week is Ramarine's Life Tag.

AND don't forget to enter the Musto competition to win one of their fantastically warm and cosy snugs – all details below.

Finally, the prize for the saddest photo of the week goes to that of a French/Canadian couple watching their boat crash and sink on the rocks in Florida.

Read on, enjoy 2008, and

Sail Safe

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Francis Joyon -Seven Day Slash from Record?
Nancy Knudsen,
With less than 6000 miles to go before he finishes his solo round the world journey, Francis Joyon has the potential to take an incredible seven days from Ellen MarArthur's record, set just under two years ago.... [more]

Solo Woman - Start Delayed by Weather
Nancy Knudsen,
Heather Neill, the woman who was scheduled to depart yesterday to sail solo around the world in the smallest boat ever, has been delayed by weather. This morning she said ''It looks like gale weather warnings, high surf advisories, and hard freeze may delay departure even more''... [more]

Win a Musto Snug in the Sail-World sweepstakes
Media Services,
The popularity of the Musto brand was confirmed to us here at Sail-World when we recently launched the second annual Musto Sweepstakes competition. As soon as the competition was posted we received a flood of entries from readers all keen to get their hands on the prize of an ever popular Musto Snug. Enter top right side of this page... [more]

Tragic photo as crew watch their sailboat sink
Mitra Malek, Palm Beach Post,
The sailing boat Scarf had crossed the Atlantic, stopped in Venezuela and Tobago and endured two years of Quebec's arctic cold. Engineless for two years in the Caribbean, its captain had always kept it on course. But strong winds at the Lake Worth Inlet in Palm Beach Florida Sunday morning caused the demise of the 1968 Armagnac... [more]

Robot Boats to Hunt High-Tech Pirates
Eric Sofge,,
The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard have expressed interest in the 30-ft.-long Protector, a robot boat which comes mounted with a machine gun and could be retrofitted for commercial use.... [more]

Hydrogen assisted Sailboat – the Making of a Dream
Nancy Knudsen,
Jim Harrington is the very essence of an inventor – with an impressive history of electronic and mechanical product design in astrophysics, geophysics and oceanographic – but it took the experience of messing about on his 42ft ketch Morning Star to inspire this dream.... [more]

Product of the Week: Raymarine's Life Tag
SAil-World Cruising,
Raymarine LifeTag is your personal wireless man overboard system. Utilizing the very latest in radio frequency broadcast technology, LifeTag monitors up to 16 tagged crew members ensuring they are safe and sound onboard. Each LifeTag pendant broadcasts a unique identification code back to the LifeTag base station, telling it that its wearer is 'safe.'... [more]

Yachties Sail to the Bargains
Paul Kelbie, The Observer/Sail-World Cruising,
In Europe the smart money has the French sailing to Tunisia to take out cheap annual contracts in excellent marinas, in Australia the word is out about Scarborough, the Germans flock to Turkey for low-cost marinas with smiling faces, in the Caribbean Trinidad is a great solution, and now the English have discovered SCOTLAND... [more]

Winter Boat Shows - When you can't go sailing
Des Ryan,
What do keen sailors do when they can't go sailing? Why they go to their local boat show! Who can resist the lure of looking at new boats, new electronic gadgets, new techniques and dreaming of next summer when the outside it is blowing a gale and the temperature is somewhere close to zero? So across the wintry world at the moment, it seems that everyone is having a Boat Show!... [more]

Superyacht Stuck Two Years, Struggles to Freedom
Capt. Tom Serio, The Triton/Sail-World Cruising,
Last July, Sail-World Cruising published an bizarre story about the megayacht Legacy, marooned four miles off Florida's Key West since she was deposited there by Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. Owner Peter Halmos and the crew were onboard during the hurricane, and Halmos and his Captain have, incredibly, stayed on board or close in a houseboat ever since, trying to free the 160ft, $30million y... [more]

Film Director Awarded 'Yachtsman of the Year'
Capt. Patricia Miller Rains, The Log,
Marina del Ray, Los Angeles - Two major boating groups have honored Bruce Kessler with their 2007 Yachtsman of the Year awards. - from the Pacific Coast Yachting Association and the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs.... [more]

RYA wants your opinion on new Wind Farm plans
The Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform is conducting a consultation into the proposed scope of Strategic Environmental Assessment for a Draft Plan to for over over 4,000 wind turbines in offshore wind farms around the UK... [more]

YachtShare: pleasure without the pain of ownership
Media services,
Summer is now here, but is there still a tin of anti-foul waiting for you in the garden shed? Your boat has spent the winter months on the mooring, but now the weather has lightened, you want to spend balmy summer days cruising, racing or just mucking about on the water with family and friends. But before you get out there the boat needs to be slipped, anti-fouled, costly repairs... [more]

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