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31 Dec 2007                              To reply to this email click here

Editorial: December 30, '07.

Christmas, 2007 -Trust you all enjoyed the festive season. It's a wonderful time of the year, but on the down side it makes news gathering difficult- 'cause everyone's out on the water, except in southern Queensland and Northern NSW.
Just had a look at the liveCAM at Coffs Harbour, where the surf is breaking across the entrance.

Afloat, of course, all the hard news was confined to that stretch of water between Sydney Harbour and Hobart and our Sail-World team has been keeping you up to date on that.

Large numbers of powerboat owners at both ends grabbed the opportunity as always to farewell/welcome the fleet and we will see them again on Sydney Harbour tonight watching the fireworks.

News from Western Australia, where boats and fishing are now banned from the famous Kalbarri Blue Holes

We have an update on the American Superyacht that ran aground during a hurricane two years ago.

Bob Wonders -

From my end, I can tell you that there's nothing to report on the Mustang saga. I have maintained regular contact with receivers Ferrier Hodgson and it now appears it will be several days into 2008 before the deal is ‘stitched up' and we learn who will take the Mustang helm.

Up on the Gold Coast, Iain Murray's custom boat manufacturing operation, Azzura Marine, has entered into an agreement with The Riviera Group.

This week we are running the OCEAN Magazine article on Seafaris, the Australian designed and built, charter Superyacht.

However the latest news is there appears to be a problem with mooring permits for super yachts on the Great Barrier Reef, with operators claiming their 10-15 guest vessels have low impact on the reef but are being regulated as if they had 500 passengers. Some wealthy, high-profile people, among them Italy's fashion guru Giorgio Armani and the Crown Prince of Dubai are now avoiding the Whitsundays, because of the Superyacht regulations.

We will hear more on that in the New Year. Right now So Long, 2007, G'day 2008.

May the New Year prove happy and productive for all.

Stick with Powerboat-World for all the '08 news, you'll read it here as it happens, not several weeks (or months?) later.

If you've not yet entered our Musto Snug sweepstakes do it NOW!! - details below.

Happy New Year.

By Bob Wonders - Powerboat-world Editor

Superyacht Stuck Two Years, Struggles to Freedom
By Capt. Tom Serio, The Triton/Sail-World Cruising,
Last July, Sail-World Cruising published an bizarre story about the megayacht Legacy, marooned four miles off Florida's Key West since she was deposited there by Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. Owner Peter Halmos and the crew were onboard during the hurricane, and Halmos and his Captain have, incredibly, stayed on board or close in a houseboat ever since, trying to free the 160ft, $30million y... [more]

Ocean Safari in style
By OCEAN Media,
OCEAN Magazine- Australia's Luxury marine magazine recently featured Seafaris, the 40m high speed catamaran brings an international standard of luxury and finesse to the Australian charter market... [more]

Superyachts treated like cruiser ships......
By Bob Wonders,
Superyachts chartered by Giorgio Armani and the Crown Prince of Dubai turned away from the Great Barrier Reef. Millions of tourism dollars at risk and some superyacht owners planning on moving their vessels to foreign waters.... [more]

The Riviera Group and Azzura Marine expand......
By Bob Wonders,
The Riviera Group forms major link with Iain Murray's Azzura Marine.Azzura Marine to play primary role in the development and manufacture of Riviera's all new flagship, the 70' Flybridge Cruiser.... [more]

WA - Kalbarri Blue Holes named Fish Habitat area
By Regina Titelius,
The name Blue Holes refers to the inter-tidal pools within the limestone reef south-west of the town, which shelter marine life and provide a unique educational experience for the observation of aquatic life near to the shore. It is an easily accessible reef area almost half a kilometre long and between 130 and 140m wide.... [more]

Wild Horse's can't get Mustang Marine's news
By Bob Wonders,
Receivers Ferrier Hodgson do not expect to be in a position to reveal new owners of the boat manufacturer until the end of the first week of the New Year.... [more]

Winter Boat Shows - When you can't go sailing
By Des Ryan,
What do keen sailors do when they can't go sailing? Why they go to their local boat show! Who can resist the lure of looking at new boats, new electronic gadgets, new techniques and dreaming of next summer when the outside it is blowing a gale and the temperature is somewhere close to zero? So across the wintry world at the moment, it seems that everyone is having a Boat Show!... [more]

Film Director Awarded 'Yachtsman of the Year'
By Capt. Patricia Miller Rains, The Log,
Marina del Ray, Los Angeles - Two major boating groups have honored Bruce Kessler with their 2007 Yachtsman of the Year awards. - from the Pacific Coast Yachting Association and the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs.... [more]

Hydrogen assisted Sailboat – the Making of a Dream
By Nancy Knudsen,
Jim Harrington is the very essence of an inventor – with an impressive history of electronic and mechanical product design in astrophysics, geophysics and oceanographic – but it took the experience of messing about on his 42ft ketch Morning Star to inspire this dream.... [more]

YachtShare: pleasure without the pain of ownership
By Media services,
Summer is now here, but is there still a tin of anti-foul waiting for you in the garden shed? Your boat has spent the winter months on the mooring, but now the weather has lightened, you want to spend balmy summer days cruising, racing or just mucking about on the water with family and friends. But before you get out there the boat needs to be slipped, anti-fouled, costly repairs... [more]

IMCA Call for papers for 2008 conference
A call for papers has been published by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) for its 16th annual seminar. With the theme 'Global alignment in marine operations' the seminar will be held 5-6 November 2008 at the Hotel Nikko in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.... [more]

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