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29 Dec 2007

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It's the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race that has grabbed all the headlines since 26 December, and rightly so too. The annual race ("turn right out of Sydney harbour") is not an easy trip south. Sailors have died in atrocious weather, boats have been damaged and sunk. But for many many Australian sailors it is a 'must do' event that keeps them coming back year after year. The crew on Wild Oats XI that has already taken line honours counts more than 200 Hobart races between them. Every year Bruce Taylor sails Chutzpah from Melbourne to Sydney for the race - a lot further than the race itself!

We know the Line Honours winner (Wild Oats XI), and Rosebud was looking good for a handicap win (Tattersalls Cup) at the last report, and the breaking news has been there day on day anyway, so in addition to race reports here is a selection of images from the race.

Sydney Hobart - more than a Zephyr to beat Rosebud
By Rob Kothe,
James Connell and Alex Brandon's Zephyr, a Farr 1020 is the probably the only boat that snatch the overall handicap victory from the USA's Rosebud, which crossed the line at 18:02:02 last night.... [more]

Bid to Re-argue Court Decision Lacks Merit
By Golden Gate YC Media,
A new motion lodged today by the Defender seeking to re-argue the New York State Supreme Court's decision lacks merit, the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) said today. “If these arguments were valid they would have been presented months ago,” Tom Ehman, the GGYC's spokesman said.... [more]

Hydrogen assisted Sailboat – the Making of a Dream
By Nancy Knudsen,
Jim Harrington is the very essence of an inventor – with an impressive history of electronic and mechanical product design in astrophysics, geophysics and oceanographic – but it took the experience of messing about on his 42ft ketch Morning Star to inspire this dream.... [more]

Rosebud tightens grip on Sydney Hobart crown
By Lisa Ratcliff,
Fort Lauderdale USA's Rolex Sydney to Hobart entry,Roger Sturgeon's STP65 Rosebud is tightening its grip on the Tattersall's Trophy this morning. Her most immediate challengers, Ray Robert's Quantum Racing, Geoff Ross' Yendys and Syd Fischer's Ragamuffin last night all failed to finish in the time required to edge out the American yacht.... [more]

Paprec-Virbac 2 damages rudder
By Barcelona World Race media,
Paprec-Virbac 2 hit an 'unidentified floating object' at high speed yesterday and damaged the starboard rudder. The incident shows how tenuous a grip the leaders have on their position at the front of the fleet. Although they've been able to take advantage of the stop by Hugo Boss to extend their lead, they know they're only one incident away from needing to stop themselves.... [more]

Francis Joyon approaches Cape Horn at full speed
By Event media,
Francis Joyon on IDEC2 is covering over 500nm each 24 hours as he approaches Cape Horn. As Joyon approaches the end of only his 35th day at sea he can expect to round Cape Horn and enter the South Atlantic during today, Friday.... [more]

More images from Sydney Hobart Race finishers
By Crosbie Lorimer,
It's been a very warm and sunny day in Hobart after a grey start, so the relative gloom that surrounded Wild Oats XI finish this morning gave way to conditions rather more conducive to photography.... [more]

Ichi Ban snaps port rudder blade
By Rolex Media Centre,
Matt Allen's Jones 70 Ichi Ban, which moved into third place when Skandia broke the top of its mast, suffered its own misfortune at 10.30am this morning when their port rudder blade snapped... [more]

Wild Oats XI makes it three in a row
By Lisa Ratcliff,
The Sydney maxi Wild Oats XI, skippered by Mark Richards, has made yachting history this morning, crossing the finish line of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race at 10:24am to secure her third consecutive line honours victory. Richards has been at the helm each time.... [more]

Sydney Hobart Handicap - Rosebud is the benchmark
By Lisa Ratcliff,
While Ichi Ban struggled in the river, Rosebud encountered its own zephyr a couple of miles from Iron Pot, the oldest original working lighthouse in Australia. With Tasmanian bowman Justin Clougher perched up the rig scouting for breeze, the US Farr STP65 finally picked up local '4pm sea breeze', the crew jumping to the rail for last 11 miles to the finish line.... [more]

Skandia breaks mast 160 miles from Hobart finish
By Sail-World,
Rolex Sydney Hobart 2007 -At approximately 02.30 this morning whilst under A2 spinnaker, sailing off Bicheno with 150 miles to go, the Skandia super maxi's mast broke between the third spreader and the forestay.... [more]

Shosholoza as Challenger of Record - Yeah Right!
By Sebastien Destremau,
Do you think Team Shosholoza being the new Challenger of Record is far fetched? Well, Well, Well ... Let's have a look at this very real possibility for a second. Sebastien Destremau could be wrong but it is certainly time to sit back, relax and watch the 33rd America's Cup reality show unfold in the New Year... [more]

Joyon closes on Cape Horn at record pace
By Event media,
Francis Joyon is this morning less than 1,000nm from Cape Horn. Joyon has been able to maintain his average at nearly 20 knots over the last 24 hours on a direct route to the Horn - After 33 days at sea Joyon is reporting some fatigue - 'I am only 80% of what I can do!'... [more]

Who has the Rum for the Weather Gods?
By Rob Kothe,
Yesterday morning in Sydney, at least two navigator-tacticians packed that extra little bottle of rum into their gear bags to pour into the ocean in Bass Strait as a gift to the Weather Gods, who will once again decide the Rolex Sydney Hobart race winner. We know that because we can see the Gods have left two weather windows ajar for Hobart handicap contenders.... [more]

More images from Hobart Race Start
By Crosbie Lorimer,
Here are some more of the images shot by Crosbie Lorimer on Boxing Day as the fleet passed the seaward mark at the start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.... [more]

Chutzpah and the ‘underdogs' in overnight lottery
By Crosbie Lorimer,
Words like ‘chutzpah' and ‘hubris' have that annoying and elusive quality that has you heading back to the dictionary time and again to remind yourself what they mean. Perhaps like me you had forgotten that chutzpah means gall, unmitigated effrontery or impudence. So when, like 26 time Hobart veteran Bruce Taylor, you name each of your six boats Chutzpah, you can reasonably expect to show so... [more]

Images from the Rolex Sydney Hobart start
By Sail-World,
All the excitement and action of the start of one of the world's greatest ocean races, captured by international photographer Andrea Francolini.... [more]

Wild Oats XI first to seaward mark again
By Crosbie Lorimer,
If consistency is anything to go by then the omens from the start of this year's Rolex Sydney Hobart Race are good for Wild Oats XI; the silver speed machine was first to the seaward mark for the third year in a row. Wild Oats XI led the fleet from the start in a light nor'easter holding the western shore before finally tacking away from the spectator fleet and crossing well ahead of City Index... [more]

Sydney-Hobart Boxing Day morning weather briefing
This morning's Rolex Sydney to Hobart Weather Briefing from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia can be downloaded here.... [more]

History of Rolex Sydney Hobart 1945 - 2006
By Peter Campbell,
The Rolex Sydney Hobart ranks historically, along with the Rolex Fastnet Race in England and the Bermuda Race in the USA, as one of the three great ocean passage races of the world. Over the past 62 years, the Rolex Sydney Hobart has become an icon of Australia's summer sport, ranking in public interest with such national events as the Boxing Day Test Cricket and the Australian Open Tennis.... [more]

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