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24 Dec 2007                              To reply to this email click here

Editorial: December 24 – 07

Sailing boats, rag tops, those slow things that won't get out of the way. Not a slow as you think ... the sailing speed record, remember no power plant, is a not too shabby 48+ knots.

Now an Australian project could push that speed up to 60 knots and if they do, the ramifications for all kinds of marine craft from offshore powerboat racers to naval war craft will be huge.

Graham Wood, the CEO of the Queensland based is funding the project, he was approached to sponsor it but looked at the technology and could see the general marine applications.

Wot Rocket uses phenomena called ‘supercavitation' – the Russian Navy uses it to drive torpedoes at 200 knots. You heard it first on
The team and boat - Wot Rocket_unveling  Crosbie Lorimer

Mustang - there that word again. This was the week I was quite sure we would be revealing the new owner(s) of Mustang Marine, but it was not to be. Nonetheless, we are doing our level best to keep readers up to date with what's going on. There is lots of other good news about.

Plenty of smiles in the head office of Mercury Marine, with the company's Team Verado claiming the Australian Fishing Championships for the first time.

Equally happy and content is popular industry identity John Hogan. John's company, Superior Jetties, was the successful tender for a $5 million upgrade of the marina at the Townsville Motor Boat and Yacht Club.

The Riviera Group finished 2007 in a very positive frame of mind and it was a similar tale across the road at Maritimo. Riviera unveiled many of the company's results, but Maritimo's Bill Barry-Cotter prefers a much lower profile. He'll only admit that Maritimo's 2007 results were 'above and beyond our expectations.'

A marquee event planned for 2008 is the ‘Quintrex Offshore Relay'. It will see a Quintrex 670 Offshore Series take on the waters from Brisbane to Melbourne. The event is scheduled for the winter months, so hopefully sea conditions will be favourable with prevailing westerly winds keeping things quiet. During the event, the Quintrex will make stops at 17 major ports along the way.

At Powerboat-World we take this opportunity to extend our warmest wishes for a safe and Happy Christmas and express the hope that all our readers, together with the boating industry at large, experience an enjoyable and productive 2008.

By Bob Wonders

Earthrace set for second World Record attempt
By Rob Kothe,
Pete Bethune, New Zealand skipper of the 78 foot wave piercing trimaran Earthrace, has announced his second challenge to break the round the world speed record, beginning from Valencia in Spain on 1st March 2008. Throughout her visit to London (18 Dec – 1 Jan), Earthrace will be open for visitors to go on board and meet the crew at the QEII Pier, Greenwich... [more]

Quintrex to take on the eastern seaboard
By Bob Wonders,
Brisbane to Melbourne aboard a Quintrex 'tinnie' with stop overs at 17 major ports along the way. The Quintrex Offshore Relay will comprise a crew of three passing the boat on in relay style from Quintrex dealer to Quintrexc dealer all the way down the east coast.... [more]

Verado powers Team Mercury to inaugural victory
By Bob Wonders,
Mercury's New Generation Verado helps Team Mercury to its first win in the 5th annual Australian Fishing Championships. Four-stroke. supercharged outboard air freighted from the United States to ensure it would arrive in time for the AFC.... [more]

World Speed Record - aiming for 50kt - Wot Rocket
By Rob Kothe,
Built to break through the 50 knot barrier, the nine metre, purpose built Atlantic proa style looks like a cross between Macquarie Yellow Pages and a foiling International Moth and a sailplane/glider.... [more]

'Winterizing' the Boat - Take it Seriously!
By BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
Do you take the 'winterizing' of your boat seriously enough? BoatUS has found that, of all the states in the US, it is sailors in balmy California who claimed more on insurance during the winter than any other state., including those states well known to be 'deep freeze' states.... [more]

Mustang Marine, the saga (soap opera?) continues
By Bob Wonders,
Ferrier Hodgson says it's doing its absolute best to achieve Mustang Marine sale as going concern despite the passing of an agreed deadline.... [more]

BIA says new Lease policy is exciting
The Boating Industry Association of NSW (BIA) and it's divisional body, Marina Association of NSW have welcomed a new Commercial Lease Policy announced by the Hon. Joe Tripodi, Minister for Ports and Waterways.... [more]

Navico Australia to establish direct distribution
By Sandman Public Relations,
Navico Australia is to expand its distribution strategies to supply Simrad and Northstar products directly to all Australian dealers and boat builders from its Sydney logistics centre.... [more]

Riviera to deliver 36 new luxury vessels by Xmas
By Denby Browning,
Australia's largest luxury boat builder, Riviera, has wrapped up another successful year, both nationally and internationally, and is working around the clock to finish and deliver 36 new luxury vessels for their eager owners in time for Christmas.... [more]

Musto Sweepstakes sweeps all before it
By Media Services,
You'd be forgiven for thinking that Musto gear was compulsory attire on the water this year. Whilst there has been a recent explosion of new brands and products onto the market Musto clothing and most importantly the new improved HPX range have swept all before them... [more]

Sailing kite saves 30% fuel–whales, dolphins happy
By Jesus Diaz,
The SkySails system, a huge computer-controlled kite that can tow cargo vessels and superyachts, reducing their fuel consumption by up to 30%, has been successfully tested this weekend... [more]

Superior Jetties wins $5 million tender.
By Bob Wonders,
State-of-the-art, 152 berth marina for the Townsville Motor Boat and Yacht Club. Superior Jetties to employ proven TM Elite concrete marina system for all new Townsville marina facility.... [more]

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