2008 Top Yachts announced...Vanished Sailors Search Off...Dee Caffari's yacht dismasted in Atlantic crossing...For sale - Saddam Hussein's yacht... and more

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Vanished Canadian sailors - read their story  .
There's a lot happening to talk about on the world's oceans this week.

The stars of ocean sailing are in the news as Frenchman Francis Joyon – with fellow competitor Thomas Coville in his wake – going well to break Ellen Macarthur's round world record, Russian Fedor Konyukhov, trying to set a world record for circumnavigating Antartcia, has had to pit stop in Cape Town, and Dee Caffari off the coast of Spain has lost the mast from Aviva, the valiant yacht that helped her break the ''wrong-way'' solo circumnavigation record.

This week UK-Sailmakers offer some excellent advice on how to make your sails last longer, and you'll want to read the Five Top Tips to make sure YOUR sailing boat doesn't sink!

That hero of the Southern Seas, Pete Goss, who earned the admiration of the world when he saved his fellow competitor in a life raft in horrific conditions in 1998, is setting sail again, but what a contrast!

If you're interested in stopping global warming, you'll enjoy the story about how merchant ships can use sails to save about 30% of their fuel costs.

As winter approaches, read how Californian sailors celebrate with their Light Parades, and if you're already thinking of next summer's sailing, and want to know who the experts think are the best new boats on the market, read the list of finalists in the 'European Boat of the Year 2008'.

Finally, sadly, the search has been called for some ,Canadian sailors who are two months overdue on a Hawaii-Vancouver sail, but they could still be there!

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail safe!.

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Dee Caffari's Aviva Dismasted
Dee Caffari, whom the world watched in her ''wrong way solo circumnaviagtion which set a world record, has been dealt a cruel blow in the final stages of a trans Atlantic race. Her yacht Aviva lost her mast in over 45 knots of wind. The boat is drifting in two knots of current off the coast of Northern Spain... [more]

Search off for Vanished Canadian Sailors
Ethan Baron, The Province/Sail-World,
Chris Malchow, 31, of Victoria, and Courtenay Steele, 27, of Saltspring Island, set out Sept. 8 to sail from Hawaii to Victoria, and vanished. They were due to arrive Victoria BC in Canada on October 16... [more]

Ocean Hero Goss - off to Oz in a wooden boat
BBC/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailor and adventurer Pete Goss - the sailor who attracted world-wide admiration in 1996 (both for heroism AND ability) for turning his 50ft boat , designed for running, into a hurricane force wind in the Southern Ocean and beating back to windward to rescue his competitor, French sailor Raphael Dinelli - is getting ready to hit the water again; But...... [more]

Leech Lines and How to Make your Sails Last Longer
Charles Ulmer , UK-Halsey Sailmakers,
Right leech line handling can add years of life to your sails - Adam Loory this week shares some secrets... [more]

Why Sailing Boats Sink and 5 Tips to Prevent Yours
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
The results from a BoatUS study on boat sinkings could be funny if it weren't so pitiful. Half the boats recorded sank while still beside a dock. and only 4% of all boats sank because of storms or knockdowns. However, the good news is that BoatUS offers Five Tips to prevent sinki... [more]

Sailing kite saves 30% fuel–whales, dolphins happy
Jesus Diaz,
The SkySails system, a huge computer-controlled kite that can tow cargo vessels and superyachts, reducing their fuel consumption by up to 30%, has been successfully tested this weekend... [more]

Pass the Parcel – Saddam's Superyacht for Sale
Des Ryan,
Saddam Hussein ordered it in 1981, and it was built in Helsingor, the city of Shakespeare's Hamlet, by Danish shipyard Helsingor Vaerft. But curiously Saddam never took delivery of it. It was in the second year of the Iran/Iraq War, and maybe he had other things on his mind.... [more]

Africa addresses the Somali Pirate Problem
Leo Odera Omolo, API/APN /Sail-World Cruising,
While piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Bab el Mandeb continues to target commercial fishing and cargo ships, holding them for ransom and looting their cargo and personal possessions, the existence of this criminality in the region makes transiting cruising sailors very very nervous. The following release by Africa Press is therefore welcome news:... [more]

European Yacht of the Year 2008 - Nominations
yachtsoftheyear.org /Sail-World Cruising,
How do you decide which new yacht to buy? The manufacturer won't tell you the disadvantages of their product, the yacht broker maybe only wants to make the sale, how do you discover the real story? Watching the Annual Awards is one way... [more]

Second sailor sets out to beat MacArthur's Record
Des Ryan,
While Francis Joyon is almost/more than half way round the world on his Ellen MacArthur record breaking attempt, another Frenchman is chasing in his wake. Thomas Coville crossed the official start line of the single-handed round the world record attempt yesterday at 18 hours 43 minutes and 21 seconds UTC.... [more]

Frenchman half way to breaking MacArthur Record
Nancy Knudsen,
Every hour that passes allows Francis Joyon to bite farther into the solo round-the-world record set by Ellen MacArthur. In his giant red trimaran, IDEC II, with ever-present petrels and the occasional albatross following in his wake, Joyon has been eating up oceans like they were morsels... [more]

ARC correction to statement on Thompson's death
Avocet has completed the course of the ARC and arrived in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia the crew of Avocet have asked that the true circumstances of the accident onboard that led to John Thompson's tragic death, be circulated.... [more]

Russian solo sailor pit-stops in Cape Town
Solo Russian sailor Fedor Konyukhov has pulled in to Cape Town to repair his 27m monohull Trading Network Alye Parusa after experiencing problems during his single-handed delivery voyage from Falmouth to Albany, Western Australia.... [more]

California Yachties -Time to Celebrate
Des Ryan,
Yachties, like normal people, like to celebrate. At this time of year the excuse is the arrival of the festive season – traditional Christmas and the heralding of the New Year. But nowhere in the world do they do it more spectacularly or expensively than in California.... [more]

Merchant ships and superyachts - the age of sail?
Roger Boyes,
The age of sail could be staging something of a comeback as part of an attempt to cut greenhouse gases on the high seas. German engineers have devised a way of tugging merchant vessels and superyachts along with huge, computer-steered kites, known as SkySails that catch the ocean winds.... [more]

Dockwise Announces New Routes
Sail-World Cruising,
Buying a boat in a foreign country has never been easier thanks to Dockside, the ever expanding company who will transport it home for you - or you can ship your boat easily to a new playground. Easier and Easier as they introduce new routes.... [more]

The 22nd ARC is marred by tragedy
Rodney Bay,
John Thompson, a lawyer from Bangor, Northern Ireland, sustained serious head injuries in an accident onboard his yacht late on Friday 7 December 2007. The Directors of World Cruising Club express their deep sorrow at the death.... [more]

Ouzo Incident: Ships and Yachts-What's the Answer?
Steven Morris, Guardian Unlimited/Sail-World,
What are your strategies on a yacht for avoiding collision with ships? Do you keep strict watch 24 hours a day? How do you avoid the problem of the dozing watchkeeper? Do you have an AIS? What would your strategy be if you lost engine and wind at the same time and were on a collision course with a ship?... [more]

Ouzo- Ferry Officer Not Guilty of Manslaughter
Sail-World Cruising,
In a case that caught the imagination of the world wide public in August last year when three sailors were drowned off the coast of England when their yacht sank, a ferry officer has been found not guilty of the manslaughter of the three.... [more]

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